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UK performances by legendary NICO
(Ex color 60 mins.)

Herb Alpert & the Tijuna Brass 5 songs(6/25/64 BBC TV)
Rolling Stones (Mike Douglas 1965)
2 live songs and 2 lip-sync plus interview
Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs (Mike Douglas 1965) 4 songs, all live plus interview.(EX quality ~ B/W)

Shirley Ellis (4 songs Mike Douglas 9/9/65
Neil Diamond (5 songs French TV 1971)

Mike Douglas
Rolling Stones (1965)
2 live songs and 2 lip-sync plus interview
Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs (1965)
4 songs, all live plus interview.(EX quality ~ B/W)
Saturday Prom (11/26/60) NBC TV
(30 mins. B/W fair quality)

A TOUS VENTS (French TV) 11/20/66
Jacques Dutronc
Guitars Unlimited
More.........(Super sharp quality from master B/W 30mins.)

"A Tous Vents" (French TV) 1/15/ 67
Dave Berry, les Koobas, Eric Charden
More .........(Super sharp quality from master B/W 30mins.)

John Lee Hooker and Furry Lewis
Early 60's solo studio performance footage.
Complete songs with artist commentary (45 mins. EX B/W)

Arthur Lee and LOVE (1991 Documentary)
Lot's of live footage and candid interviews with Lee
(60 mins. Color , Good , not broadcast quality)

LA and San Francisco archive film footage
LA Sunset Strip riots, Hippie "Be-ins", communes, hippie jams
(Good ,Color, not broadcast quality~ APPOX 90 mins.)

The Rolling Stones - "In Exile"
Recent BBC doc concerning the recording of "Exile on Mainstreet"

Live footage, interviews, EX quality (60 mins.)

You Tube videos features 6 videos by the
Cocktail Slippers, a current all woman band
from Norway.
Five Americans
Deuce is Wild
Swingin' Playboys
More....... (50 mins.)

Look Mom, I'm on Youtube
More ultra obscure sixties vids from YOUTUBE
Music Machine (WTAI)
Dean Kohler & Soft Light
18th Addition
Regents & Mel Gains
The Lost Tribe
The Pack
Graf Zepplin
More........... (Approx 50 mins.)

THE DOORS - "When You're Strange"
New Doors doc with unseen footage and interviews.
An overview of the Doors explosive history. (90 mins.)

"FRANK ZAPPA & the Mothers of Invention in the 60's"
New doc concerning the insane early history of the Mothers.
Interviews, clips. (90 mins.)

The Video Show, Australia TV Episode (1974)
Steve Miller Band
Glayds Knight and the Pips
Uriah Heep (8 quality, Color 51 mins.)

Hits A Go Go, Complete Episode ~ German TV ~(1968)
The Nice, German Pop singers
Tommy James promo (Color, slighty compressed looking 40 mins.)

Fly Wrinklys Fly (1971) Aussie TV
~Otis Redding, Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs Wings, Steppenwolf, Steve Miller Band etc.
(8 quality~ Aprox. 140 mins. B/W)

Spotlight, Australian TV Show Episode 22.10.1972
Curved Air, Acid
Looks like GERMAN TV to me.......(EX quality ~ color 90 mins.)

South Bank Summer - LWT UK (1970)
~Deep Purple, Mud, Blue Mink
Color, kinda compressed looking (53 mins.)

Steve Miller Band - Video Anthology (1970 - 1982)
Nice menu, (excellent quality, Color, 2 hours 21 mins.)

Steve Miller Band - Live Rarities: 4 (1970 - 1982) (2 DVD's)
Color, mostly very good quality, 4 hours

BP AUSSIE TV SUPERSHOW - Trini Lopez 3/20/68
B/W Ex. 60 mins.

Restored Stereo sound!
67 Mins.B/W and color

Garage Junkie VOLUME 2
More cool obscure sixties vids from YOUTUBE!
Link Wray - "Rawhide" (American Bandstand)
Split Ends - "Woman" (Happening '68)
Bare Facts (Happening '68)
Southwest F.O.B. - "Smell of Incense" (with interview) (Larry Kane)
Emenee Toy commercial (great!)
Young Arisocracy - "Don't Lie" (slide show)
Pink Floyd - "Arnold Lane" (BBC restored sound version) (not from YOUTUBE)
Pat Paulson - "Hey Jude"
The Who - "Leaving Here" (slide show)
Thomas Group (WTAI)
October Country (Great psych-folk slide show)
Berkeley North - Max's Tavern, Eugene Oregon ~ Motorcycle Party (2001)
with Electric Flies. More...45mins.)

Andy Wiliams Show (2/5/67) with Kingston Trio
Millie Small-What am I living for +2 from MILLIE SPECIAL "65
Paul Evans-7 Little Girls Sitting in the Backseat "57
Nino & April (2) on L. Thaxton '66
Donna Loren (2) on Red Skelton '66
Los Bravos - Going Nowhere (promo)
Cilla Black (2) Spanish Tv & Finnish t.v.
Bobbie Gentry touch w/love Moorecambe & Wise '69
Zephyrs-Something about you
Mamas & Papas- I Call Your Name (Bandstand 66)
J. DeShannon -Til you Say You'll Be Mine (HAGG)
Sandy Posey-Throw Caution To the Wind (Action)
(color and B/W good quality~ Aprox 90 mins.)

30 Great songs, beautiful sound and video
Includes interview (EX ~ color 90 mins.)

LOVIN' SPOONFUL "Do You Believe in Magic"
Recent doc; includes 10 complete videos and John Sebastien
reminiscing on the Lovin' Spoonful's career.
(Color / B/W ~ approx. 90 mins.)

HOLLIES - "Look Through Any Window"
Excellent doc. with tons of full song videos
and interviews (Ex. color and B/W 120 mins.)

Don Kershner's Rock Concert (1975)
Chuck Berry
Johnny Rivers
Ringo Starr
(Ex. color, graphic on screen 75 mins.)

Kinks Kollekted 1964-83

TV appearances and promo clips. Most are from the 1960's.

PICTURE QUALITY: Really quite good for the most part. A few of the early ones are a bit scratchy, but still very watchable. (The first half are the original black and white clips.)

DVD is Region 0 SOUND: Superb throughout!

TRACKS: 1. You Really Got Me 2. Tired Of Waiting For You 3. A Well Respected Man 4. Till The End Of The Day 5. Sunny Afternoon 6. Dead End Street 7. Mr. Pleasant 8. Waterloo Sunset 9. Death Of A Clown 10. Autumn Almanac 11. Susannah's Still Alive 12. Wonderboy 13. Days 14. Starstruck 15. Plastic Man 16. Lola 17. Apeman 18. Sitting In The Midday Sun 19. Come Dancing 20. Don't Forget To Dance


Dave Davies - Kinkdom Come BBC broadcast 15 July 2011 about 75 mins

Dave Davies, the legendary guitarist of the Kinks, relives his tumultuous life and times amidst the serenity of his Exmoor sanctuary. Walking across the moors that have fascinated him since childhood, Dave takes us back to life with Brother Ray in an extended working class family amidst the austerity of postwar London. Bringing to life its deprivations and triumphs, he reveals the profound sense of community and family bonds which underpins the extraordinary story of the Kinks. From their formation at a North London Secondary Modern, through time spent as backing band to an upper class crooner at debutante balls, Dave tells how the Kinks career as Searchers sound alikes was almost over before it began.

That all changed though when Dave attacked his amp with a rusty Gillette razor blade in the front room of their semi detached house in Muswell Hill. Slashing the speaker, he produced the distorted, barking dog guitar riffs which powered their first hit, You Really Got Me, catapulted the Kinks to worldwide fame and in the process rearranged the sonic architecture of the 1960s. Finding himself at the unlikely age of 15 enshrined along with Brian Jones and Keith Moon as one of the three undisputed Kings of Swinging London, Dave trailblazed the rock 'n' roll lifestyle. As he puts it, Dave did the partying and Ray wrote about it. In America Dave's shoulder length hair and subversive sexuality on stage drove teenage TV audiences wild whilst scandalising the Rat Pack generation.

Dave explains why The Kinks' refusal to compromise who they were resulted in them being banned from America at the height of their fame. For the next four years, while the Beatles, Stones and Who went onto global megastardom, the Kinks re-invented themselves as the quintessential English group with timeless hits such as Sunny Afternoon, Waterloo Sunset and Days. With disarming honesty, Dave reveals how the burning glass of fame caused the sibling rivalry between him and Ray to explode into violence on stage and mental cruelty off it. He tells how, by the end of 60s, the breakdown of the relationship between the warring brothers and his own surfeit of girls, drink and pills led to the mother of all rock 'n' roll meltdowns. Following the failure of his briefly successful solo career, Dave finds himself locked in a New York hotel room, listening to voices telling him to jump.


The Kinks at the BBC Broadcast 15 July 2011
Sky Satellite transmission>DVD recorder>VideoRedo(edit)TMPGEnc3(author) Menu with tracks according to songs.

01. Got Love If You Want It (The Beat Room 1964) 02. You Really Got Me (The Beat Room 1964) 03. Sunny Afternoon (The Whole Scene Going 1966) 04. Days (Pop Go The Sixties 1969) 05. Lola (TOTP 1970) 06. Apeman (TOTP 1971) 07. Have A Cuppa Tea (OGWT 1972) 08. Till The End Of The Day (At The Rainbow 1972) 09. Waterloo Sunset (In Concert 1973) 10. Village Green Preservation Society (In Concert 1973) 11. Well Respected Man/ Death Of A Clown (OGWT 1977) 12. Come Dancing (TOTP 1983) 13. Scattered (The Late Show 1993) 14. The Informer (Later... with Jools Holland 1993) 15. To The Bone (RD Later... with Jools Holland 1996) 16. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion (RD Electric Proms 2007) 17. Days/ This Time Tomorrow (RD w/ Mumford and Sons 2010)


"Swing in mit Neil Young" documentary by Dutch filmmaker Wim Van Der Linden
includes part of concert from 1971-01-22, Shakespeare Theatre (Late show), Stratford, Connecticut and interview material filmed on Neil's ranch on 1971-02-09. first broadcast: 23.04.1971 re- on 11.06.2011 1Festival about 60 mins

Tell Me Why Heart Of Gold , Out On The Weekend, and more filmed on Neil's ranch Helpless Interview, filmed on Neil's ranch Old Man Journey Trough The Past The Needle And The Damage Done Ohio Don´t Let It Bring You Down Cowgirl In The Sand A Man Needs A Maid Heart Of Gold Down By The River 50:39

This is a lossless dvb-s recording, Audio: MPEG-1 Layer 2, 48000Hz 192 kb/s, Mono



Donovan ... spielt in "Der Rattenfänger" (Pied Piper) 28:23 German Documentary 1971 color (7.5) This is a German documentary featuring Donovan in the film the Pied Piper' showing behind the scenes clips and interviews. The film the Pied Piper was a 90 min 1972 British production with a French director shot in Germany and starred Donovan in the title role. He acted, wrote the music and sang 3 songs.

Bouton Rouge May 21, 1967 - French TV (7.5) 16:49

Sand and Foam (solo acoustic) Sweet Beverly Hey Gyp Guinevere The Tinker & The Crab (w/ Harold McNair flute) Season Of The Witch

POP 2 French TV Nov. 21 1970 Olympia Paris Nov 16, 70 (7.5) 15:11

Interview (French translation v/o during interview) Isle of Islay Sailing Homeward Hurdy Gurdy Man

Popside 1965 - Swedish TV B&W (7-7.5) TC top right corner 13:50

Interview in a boat on the ocean Sunny Goode Street Bert's Blues Celeste Guinevere


The Tubes

Oakland Auditorium Oakland, CA August 24, 1979 2 camera shoot with one being out of focus on songs 4-18 B&W 7.5 95:26

1 Getoverture 3:24 2 Turn Me On 4:04 3 TV Is King 3:43 4 Be Mine Tonight 4:00 5 Don't Touch Me There 4:50 6 No Mercy 3:49 7 Only The Strong Survive 3:58 8 Stage Banter / Song Intro 0:31 9 I Want It All Now 5:04 10 What Do You Want From Life? 9:39 11 No Way Out 3:49 12 Telecide 8:06 13 Intro 0:51 14 Love's A Mystery (I Don't Understand) 3:31 15 Tubes World Tour 7:44 16 Stand Up And Shout 10:00 17 White Punks On Dope 12:26 18. Baba O'Reilly/The Kids Are Alright 5:4


Easy Listening Hits At The BBC

1. Intro 2. Andy Williams - Can't Take My Eyes Off You 3. Herb Alpert - What Now My love 4. Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 - Mas Que Nada 5. The Seekers - Georgy Girl 6. Jose Feliciano - Sunny 7. Noel Harrison - The windmills Of Your Mind 8. Aretha Franklin - I Say A Little Prayer 9. BJ Thomas - Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head 10. Perry Como - Magic Moments/Catch A Falling Star 11. Carpenters - Close To You 12. Roberta Flack - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 13. The 5th Dimension - Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In 14. Glen Campbell - By The Time I Get To Phoenix 15. Johnny Mathis - Misty 16. Barry Manilow - Can't Smile Without You 17. James Last Orch. - Penny Lane 18. Mike Flowers Pops - Wonderwall 19. Norah Jones - Don't Know Why 20. Michael Buble - Save The Last Dance For Me 21. Rumer - Slow 22. Burt Bacharach & BBC Concert Orch. feat Adele - Baby It's You

Total Time : 59:48 First eight clips are B/W last thirteen are colour

Broadcast BBC 4 Digital 28 05 2011 BBC 4 Freesat Digital-->Humax Foxsat HDR--> TS file USB to PC-->Video ReDo-->TMPGence Video Author 4-->Video TS Folder Video : 720 x 576 16:9 PAL 25fp/s 4301kb/sAudio : 256 Kb/s MP-2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Gordon Lightfoot

In Concert '72 BBC4 rebroadcast from March 2011 No menu or song chapters 65 mins EXC-

songs include Summer Side of Life, Saturday Clothes, That's What You Get For Loving Me, Affair on 8th Avenue, If I Could Read Your Mind, Steel Rail Blues, Ten Degrees and Getting Colder, Early Morning Rain, Me and Bobby McGee, Minstrel of the Dawn Canadian Pacific Trilogy.

Gordon Lightfoot- vocals, guitar Red Shea - guitar Richard Haynes - bass


Kinks & Everly Brothers biography docu.

Kinks - A&E biography..includes interviews with all 4 original members.. More interview times is spent with Dave Davies than the others. (2008) 43 mins

British Invasion bonus disc 150 mins (commercial release part of British Invasion set)
16 performances Dusty Springfield, Hermans Hermits + 90 mins of cutting room interviews wtih Noone, Marsdenm Simon and Madeline Bell, Jones & McLagan


Beach Boys Largo MD 1/21/ 77

Pro shot color 134 mins (3-4) some glitches quality sucks standalone dvd recorder no menu or chapters features Charles Lloyd on tenor sax and flute Brian and Dennis are pretty out of it (wasted)

Juke Box Rhythm film (1959) 81 mins B&W (8)

Jack Jones in the lead role w/ performances by Johnny Otis, Earl Grant, Treniers, Nitwits

Ramones Live Brixton Academy London UK Dec 20 1992 54 mins
No menu automatic chapters every 2 mins (6.5-7) parital show but complete from British TV from Super channel broadcast the disc includes station promos and commercials about 2 mins each after #4, 9, 14 includes interviews with Joey and C.J.)


Tim Buckley

Boboquivari Show KCET PBS September 15, 1970 30 mins NTSC

Menu with song titles listed, but no access to them from menu or on disc and no chapters. This is not that big of a loss since each song flows into the next so is one continuous performance. Quality is only about a 6 out of 10 but still very watchable.

Boboquivari a PBS TV series produced and broadcast on station KCET in Los Angeles. this episode features Tim Buckley and his band performing before cameras on a small Los Angeles soundstage. Tim Buckley in the middle of his Starsailor era, evolving even the music from that album and throwing in a largely improvised song entitled "Venice Beach (Music Boats In The Bay). Most of the songs are executed differently, with lyrics largely interpreted by Tim himself in different ways

01 - I Woke Up 02 - Come Here Woman 03 - Blue Melody 04 - Moulin Rouge 05 - Venice Beach 06 - Jungle Fire

Tim Buckley: vocals, acoustic guitar Lee Underwood: electric guitar Jon Balking: electric bass Maury Baker: drums Bunk Gardner: trumpet


Frank Sinatra Higiya Park, Tokyo Japan April 20, 1962

TV broadcast... menu with 3 chapters there's a slight pause during transition from chapter 1 to 2 and from chapter 2 to 3 B&W Fair-Good (4-5) from multi gen tape 55 mins

1. Announcer intro 2. Too Marvelous For Words 3. Imagination 4. Moonlight In Vermont (a glitch) 5. Day In Day Out 6. Without A Song 7. Moon Was Yellow 8. I've Got You Under My Skin 9. I Get A Kick Out Of You 10. At Long Last Love 11. My Funny Valentine 12. In the Still Of the Night 13. Embraceable You 14. Night & Day 15. April In Paris 16. The Lady Is A Tramp 17. All the Way 18. Chicago 19. I Could Have Danced All Night 20. Announcer outro

Accompanied by the Bill Miller Sextet (Sinatra's pianist w/ top LA studio musicians) Bill Miller (piano), Irv Cottler (drums), Al Viola (guitar), Ralph Pena (bass), Harry Klee (alto sax, clarinet and flute), Emil Richards (vibes)

Supremes Ultimate collection vol 1

Nice authored menu but only lists chapter #s and not song titles almost all the songs on the disc are live 171 mins

1. My Heart Can't Take It No More (Motown Revue Apollo theatre) (12-62) TC B&W (5-6) 2. When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes (Carre 10-4-64) B&W (7) 3. Run Run Run (Tami show 10-28-64) B&W 7 4. Where Did Our Love Go (Steve Allen show 9-24-64) B&W 7.5 5. Baby Love (Shivaree 3-13-65) B&W 7.5 6. Come See About Me (Ed Sullivan 12-27-64) color 7 7. Stop! In the Name of Love (It's What's Happening, Baby! 6-28-65) B&W 7 8. Back In My Arms (Mike Douglas show 11-3-65) B&W 7.5 9. Nothing But Heartaches (Hullabaloo 9-13-65) B&W 7 10. I Hear A Symphony (Mike Douglas show 11-3-65) B&W 7.5 11. My World Is Empty Without You (Ed Sullivan 2-20-66) B&W 7.5 12. Eight Days A Week (Shindig 2-2-65 ) B&W TC top right 6.5 13. I Can't Help Myself (Hullabaloo 9-13-65) B&W 7 14. I Feel Fine (Hullabaloo 5-11-65) B&W 7 15. Somewhere (Hollywood Palace 10-22-66) color 7.5 16. You Can't Do That (Shindig 2-2-65) B&W TC top right 6.5 17. You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You (Hullabaloo 5-11-65) B&W 7 18. Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart (Ed Sullivan 5-1-66) color 7.5 19. You Can't Hurry Love (Ed Sullivan 9-25-66) color 7.5 20. You Keep Me Hangin' On (Hollywood Palace 10-22-66) color 7-7.5 21. Love Is Here and Now You're Gone (Andy Williams show 1-22-67) color 7 22. The Happening (Ed Sullivan 5-7-67) color 7.5 23. The Lady Is A Tramp>Let's Get Away From It All>The Lady Is A Tramp (Hollywood Palace 9-26-67 color 7 24. Reflections (Hollywood Palace 9-26-67) color 7 25. In and Out Of Love (Ed Sullivan 11-19-67) color 7.5 26. Stop In the Name of Love and You Keep Me Hangin' On (TCB NBC special 12-9-68) color 7 27. Forever Came Today (Ed Sullivan 3-24-68) 7.5 28. Love Child (Ed Sullivan 9-29-68) color 7.5 29. I'm Living In Shame (Ed Sullivan 1-5-69) color 7.5 30. Now Matter What Sign You Are (Ed Sullivan 5-11-69) color 7.5 31. Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Hollywood Palace 10-18-69) TC top right color 7 (Mary Wilson singing lead) 32. Someday We'll Be Together (Ed Sullivan 12-21-69) color 7.5


"Where the Action Is" ~ 3 complete episodes
12/1/66 - Raiders, etc.
12/15/66 - Music Machine , Raiders
12/28/66 - Raiders, more.....
Ex quality B/W 22 mins. each

"Where The Action Is" 10/17/66
Tommy James and the Shodells
Count V
Paul Revere and the Raiders
Neil Diamond
Billy Williams
Wilbert Harrison - "Kansas City"
Royal Teens - "Short Shorts"
Paul Anka - "Puppy Love"
Johnny Horton - "Sink the Bizmark"
Johnny Preston - "Running Bear"
Hollywood Argyles - "Alley Oop"
Freddy Cannon - "Talahassie Lassie
Frankie Avalon - "Dee Dina"
Dion and the Belmonts - "Where Or When"
Duane Eddy and the Rebel Rousers - "Rebel Rouser"
Coasters - "Charlie Brown"
The Champs - "Tequila" (Live version!)
Bobby Rydell - "Voluire" / "Wild One"
Bobby Freeman - "Do You Wanna Dance?"
Bobby Dairan - "Splish - Splash"
The Browns - "Three Bells"
The Choardettes - "Mr. Sandman" / "Zorro"
Frankie Ford - "Sea Cruise"
(60 mins. B/W ~ 8, RARE!)

French TV Rockenstock shows (30 mins. each, high quality from the INA vaults B/W)
12/02/1972 Henry Shifter, T.Rex
03/06/1972 Bob Dylan, John Lennon & Yoko Ono
01/07/1972 Matching Mole, Pete Brown & Piblokto
09/12/1972 Bill Withers, Billy Preston
22/05/1973 Dick Rivers, Flaming Groovies, MC5
24/04/1973 Au bonheur, Flaming Groovies, Gary Glitter

12 O'Clock High Vols 1 and 2
Pussy Galore
Savage Republic
Crime and the City Solution
Thin White Rope
Selektion Optik
Live Skull
Flaming Lips
Tall Dwarfs
American Music Club
Dinosaur Jr.
Soul Asylum
Nice Strong Arm
Lee Ranaldo
Bad Brains
Babes in Toyland
Foetus INC.
David Atherton
Afghan Whigs
Halo of Flies
Buffalo Tom
Big Trouble House
Adrienne Altenhaus
2 hours of "Alternative" videos
Art /Punk /Rock /Noise bands from the 1990's

"Bandstand Clips"
Bobby Rydell
Major Lance
Jimmy Clanton
Tommy Roe
Jimmy Castor
Mojo Men - "Sit Down I think I Love You"
Brenton Wood
Electric Prunes - "Get Me to the World on Time"
Brenda Holloway
Merry Go Round - "Live" / "On Your Way Out" / "Lovely Woman"
Jerry Butler
Don and the Goodtimes - "I Could Be So Good To You"
Johnny Rivers
Grassroots - Promo film
Box Tops - "Neon Rainbow" / "The Letter"
The "Village Square" clips (1966-1967)(color)
(Atlanta, USA local 60's show)

Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs - "Stay"
Box Tops - "The Letter"
Tommy Roe - "Hurray For Hazel"
Tams - "What Kind of Fool"
Jackie De Shannon
Cliff Nobles ("1968 Groove-In")
Turn -On '72
Bob Segar System
"Beechnut" clips
Chuck Berry
Connie Francis
Frankie Ford - "Sea Cruise"

Dean Martin Show
2/16/67 A.West, S.Caesar, T.Lopez, P.Munsel

This Is Tom Jones
02/07/69 Richard Pryor, Mary Hopkin, Joey Heatherton, The Moody Blues 58min EX-

Ramones "RAW"
Tons of LIVE and TV clips from around the world!

Ramones - Early Years
1974 video from CBGBS!Tons more.....
Amazing early footage.

PUNK - Early Years
British punk bands snarl for the cameras
Sex Pistols, X-Ray Specs, Generation X, More..........(ex 56 mins.)

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