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Magic Trip: "Ken Kesey's Search for a Kool Place" (2011)
A wonderful documentary exploring the original footage from the "Merry Pranksters"
stoned - out bus trip across the US in 1963!
Contains extra scenes and director interview. (EX. 90 mins.)

"LOVE and other Tidbits"
Rare video clips from LOVE
Pleasure Seekers, etc. (60 mins.)

Tonight Show (full episodes) 1966
Chad & Jeremy
Tonight Show 1967
Gary & the Hornets (not great quality but rare! B/W 120 mins. )

Happening 68/69 "best of" compile
Best of the guest star bands from US TV hosted by Paul Revere and the Raiders
(120 mins. Mostly 7+ quality, promo films ,etc.)

American Bandstand Full episodes
6/l0/67 ~ M. Lindsay
10/5/68 ~ Iron Butterfly
Rock N Stock 4/73 (French TV)(listed previously)
Flamin Groovies, Gary Glitter (EX, B/W)

WTAI 9/26/66:
Lee Dorsey, 13th Floor Elevators (upgrade)
American Bandstand 12/12/64
Freddy Cannon, Neil Sedaka, Arthur Prysock 40' (opening cut)

"History Detectives" (2012 PBS)
Experts explore Sixties Rock and Roll related items:
Andy Babiuk from the Chesterfield Kings examines the 1964 Fender
guitar Bob Dylan played at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival.
Beatles autographs
Frank Zappa artwork
(EX color, 55 mins.)

"Magical Mystery Tour Revisited" (2012)
A new doc. concerning the creation of the film.
Outtakes and interviews with the Beatles and actors.
Disc also includes the re-mastered full length version
of the original film. (2 hours, EX)

Beatles / The Who
Beatle interviews and newsreel footage
"Beatle's Biggest Secrets" - The seedy side
of the Beatles!
Interviews with club owners' etc.
The Who - "Quadraphenia - "Can You See The Real Me"
Townsend discusses the inspiration for and production of the "Quadraphenia" LP .
(BBC TV ~ 3 hours EX )

American Bandstand complete episodes
6/17/67 ~ Don and the Goodtimes / Johnny Rivers
10/7/67 ~ Merry Go Round (Emmitt Rhodes)

American Bandstand complete episode
8/2/69 ~ Underground Sunshine (Garage pop)

LEMMY (2005)
Recent Motorhead concert plus documentary
on Lemmy and his history in bands.
Interviews with friends and band members.
Guest stars Metallica, etc. (EX Color ~ 2 hours, 30 mins.)

Happening 68 (3/25/68)
Paul Revere and the Raiders
Lee Hazelwood Promo film
Battle of the bands

American Bandstand complete episodes
2/11/67 ~ Jimmy Castor / Mojo Men
4/29/67 ~ Brenton Wood / Yellow Balloon

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