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THE BEAT!!!-Texas R N'B show (Color)

Some great stars and unknowns...Sort of like an R N'B Bandstand...WFAA Dallas, Texas...All roughly 26 minutes long...

#1 Taped: 1/31/66

-Little Milton (We're Gonna Make It)

- Little Milton (Interview)

- Frank Howard And The Commanders (Shotgun)

- Esther Phillips (Interview)

- Esther Phillips (I Could Have Told You)

-Beat Boys (?)

- Little Milton (Blind Man)

- Little Milton (Who's Cheating Who)

-Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown (Okie-Dokie Stomp)

-Esther Phillips (Just Say You're Mine)

#2 Taped: 2/1/66

-Joe Tex (A Sweet Woman Like You)

-Etta James (Only Time Will Tell)

-Etta James (Interview)

-Little Milton (We've Got The Winning Hand)

-Beat Boys (?)

-Etta James (Something's Got A Hold on Me)

-Frank Howard And The Commanders (It Didn't Work Out That Way)

-Joe Tex (Hold On To What You've Got)

#3 Taped: 2/1/66

- Esther Phillips (And I Love Him)

- Latimore Brown (I Feel Good)

- Latimore Brown (I'm Not Through Loving You)

- Beat Boys (?)

- Etta James (I'm So Sorry For You)

-Rosco Shelton (Money)

-Rosco Shelton (Interview)

-Rosco Shelton (Easy Going Fellow)

-Etta James, Latimore Brown, Esther Phillips, Gatemouth. Brown And Rosco Shelton (What I Say)

#4 Taped: 2/14/66

- Shot Williams & Gerri Taylor (Tightening Up Your Game)

- Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown (Have You Ever Been Mistreated)

- Carla Thomas (Comfort Me)

- Beat Boys (?)

- Art Grayson (When I Get Home)

- Cleo Randall (Big City Lishts)

- Mighty Joe Young (Suffering Soul)

- Beat Boys (?)

- Carla Thomas (Move On Drifter)


#5 Taped: 2/15/66

-Jimmy Church (The Duck)

-Frank Howard And The Commanders (Land Of 1000 Dances)

-Cleo Randall (I Need Your Loving So Bad)

-Beat Boys (?)

-Joe Tex (Fresh Out Of Tears)

-Carla Thomas (Another Night Without My Man)

-Carla Thomas (Interview)

-Carla Thomas (Let Me Be Good To You)

-Beat Boys (?)

-Shot Williams, Cleo Randall & Jimmy Church ( If I Had A Hammer)

#6 Taped: 2/15/66

-Jimmy Church (I Can't Turn You Loose)

-Freddie King (Hide-Away) (Great)

-Freddie King (I Love The Woman)

-Beat Boys (?)

-Gerri Taylor (Empty Arms, Bitter Tears)

Frank Howard And The Commanders (Try Me)

-Jimmy Church (Uptight)

-Beat Boys (Jamaica Farewell)

-Freddie King, Jimmy Church And Gerri Taylor

#7 Taped: 7/2/66

-Barbra Lynn (What I Say)

-Kelly Brothers (I'm Falling In Love Again)

-Little Gary Ferguson (I Feel Good)

-Beat Boys (When My Blue Moon Turns Gold Again)

-Barbra Lynn (You'll Lose A Good Thing)

-Kelly Brothers (I'd Rather Have You)

-Mighty Joe Young (Tell Me)

-Beat Boys (?)

-Kelly Brothers & Everyone (Amen)

#8 Taped: 2/16/66

-Barbra Lynn (Money)

-Kelly Brothers (Make Me Glad I'm Falling For You)

-Art Grayson (I've Got Soul)

-Beat Boys (?)

-Joe Tex (The Love You Save)

-Joe Tex (If Sugar Was As Sweet As You Honey)

-Kelly Brothers (You're Tnat Great Big Feeling)

-Beat Boys (12th Street Rag)

-Barbra Lynn (It's Better To Have It)

THE BEAT #9-12

THE BEAT #9 Taped: 2/16/

- Freddie King (San-Ho-Zay)

- Carnations (Glad To Be In Love)

- Little Gary Ferguson (High Heeled Sneakers)

- Beat Boys (?)

- Charles Hodges (There is Love)

- Charles Hodges (Interview)

- Charles Hodges (Can I Run To You)

- Freddie King (I'm Tore Down)

- Beat Boys (Polk Salad And Hokie)

- Jimmy Church (Tennessee Waltz)

- Little Gary Ferguson (I Got My Mojo Working)

#10 Taped 3/14/66

-Jimmy Church (Satisfaction)

-Wanda Rousand (Man Of War)

-Wanda Rousand (Interview)

-Wanda Rousand. (Girl From Impenema.)

-Beat Boys (Cleaver's Tune)

-Louis Jordan (Interview)

-Louis Jordan (Saturday Night Fish Fry)

-Charles Hodges (I Don't Have To Cry)

-Charles Hodges (Please Be Cold)

-Beat Boys (Soft Shoe)

-Frank Howard And The Commanders (My Girl)

-Jimmy Church (Shout)

#11 Taped: 3/14/66

-Hannibal (Jerk The Dog)

-Little Gary Ferguson (?)

-Little Gary Ferguson (Interview)

-Little Gary Ferguson (Bad Bad Bay)

-Beat Boys (?)

-Johnny Taylor (I Had A Dream)

-Wanda Rousand (Soldier Boy)

-Wanda Rousand (Interview)

-Wanda Roumand (Come See About Me)

-Beat Boys (A Hard Dayzs Night)

-Hannibal (In The Midnight Hour)

#12 1966

-Dolls (That Reminds Me Of You)

-Bobby Powell (It's Getting Late In The Evening)

-Bobby Powell (Interview)

-Bobby Powell (Do SomethIng For Yourself)

-Beat Boys (When The Saints Go Marching In)

-Rodge Martin (When She Touches Me)

-Dolls (I Can't Take You Back)

-Dolls (interview)

-Johnny Taylor (Changes)

-Beat Boys (Milestone)

-Rodge Martin (Respect)

THE BEAT #13-16

#13 1966

- Rodge Martin (They Say)

- Maurice And The Radiants (Voice Your Choice)

- Maurice And The Radiants (Interview)

- Maurice And The Radiants (Baby You Got It) V/

- Bobby Powell (?)

- Bobby Powell (C. C. Rider)

- Johnny Taylor (Rome Wasn't Built In A Dav)

- Johnny Taylor (Interview)

- Poppies (I Wonder Why)

- Beat Boys (Our Day Will Come)

- Jimmy Church (1-2-3)

#14 1966

-Freddie King (Funnybone)

-Maurice And The Radiants (You've Been Cheating)

-Maurice And The Radiants (Interview)

-Maurice And The Radiants (Shotgun)

-Beat Boys (Don't Bother Me)

-Poppies (Lullabye Of Love)

-Panthers (Beg Me)

-Panthers (A Change Is Gonna Come)

-Beat Boys (My Favorite Things)

-Freddie King (Have You Ever Loved A Woman)

#15 1966

- Louis Jordan (Caledonia)

- Louis Jordan (Interview)

- Louis Jordan (G.I. Jive)

- Louis Jordan (All I Do Is Dream Of You)

- Louis Jordan (Rambunctious)

-Louis Jordan (The Jampf)

-Louis Jordan (Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying)

-Freddie Xing (Sitting On A Boondock)

-Freddie King With Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown (?)

#16 1966

-Clarence "Frogman" Henry (Ain't Got No Home)

-Gwen Davis (Part Time Baby)

-Robert Parker (Barefootin')

-Beat Boys (Teddy Bear)

-Jimmy Church (I Don't Care Who Knows)

-Latimore Brown (I'm Going To Miss You)

-Latimore Brown (Interview)

-Latimore Brown (Treat Her Right)

-Beat Boys (Blues For Cochese)

-Clarence "Frogman" Henry (I Don't Know Why I Love, You)

THE BEAT #17-20

#17 1966

-Clarence "Frogman" Henry (Baby Ain't That Love)

-Gwen Davis (My Man Don't Think I Know)

-Joe Simon (Let's Do It Over)

-Joe Simon (Interview)

-Beat Boys (The Ballad At The K O Corral)

-Mamie Galore (It Ain't Necesary) GREAT...

-Jamo Thomas (I Spy For The F.B.I)

-Jamo Thomas (Interview)

-Joe Simon (Raise Your Hand)

-Beat Boys (Moon River)

-Robert Parker (Just A Little Bit)

-Robert Parker (Interview)

#18 1966

-Chuck Bernard (Talking About My Baby)

-Mamie Galore (Special Agent) THE COOLEST...

-Robert Parker (Where The Action Is)

-Beat Boys (Chicken Fat)

-Jamo Thomas (Arrest Me)

-Jamo Thomas (Interview)

-Chuck Bernard (Danny Boy)

-Chuck Bernard (Interview)

-Kittle Collier (Sharin' You)

-Beat Boys (Pickin' Up Chips)

#19 1966

-Freddie King (Papas Got A Brand New Bag)

-Lou Rawls (Chicago)

-Lou Rawls (How Long Blues)

-Beat Boys (I'll Remember April)

-Mittie Collier (I Had A Talk With My Man)

-Joe Simon (My Adorable One)

-Latimore Brown (Little Bag Of Tricks)

-Z. Z. Hill (Hapiness Is All I Need)

-Beat Boys (?)

-Freddie King (Sen-Sa-Shun)

#20 1966

-Frank Howard And The Commanders (I'm So Glad)

-Rodge Martin (Lovin' Machine)

-Gerri Hall (Who Can I Turn To)

-Beat Boys (Hurt So Bad)

-Earl Gaines (Tne Best Of Luck To You)

-Earl Gaines (Turn On Your Lovelight)

-Gerri Hall (You Are My Sunshine)

-Beat Boys (I Got You)

-Rodge Martin (Wasted Nights)

THE BEAT #21-26

#21 1966

-Bobby Hebb (Got You on My Mind)

-Lou Rawls (Interview)

-Lou Rawls (If I Had My Life To Live Over)

-Lou Rawls (Instant Blues)

-Beat Boys (Philly Dog)

-Gerri Hall (You Can Make it If You Try)

-Bobby Hebb (Sunny)

-Bobby Hebb (Interview)

-Beat Boys (Midnight Love)

-Jimmy Church (Day Tripper)

#22 1966

-Johnny Lorad (The Eel)

-Frank Howard And The Commanders(I Feel So Sorry For You)

-Tammy McKnight (Take Away These Chains)

-Beat Boys (Cleo's Back)

-Eva Larse (Took My Heart)

-Bobby Hebb (Playing The Spoons)

-Rodge Martin (That's How Strong My Love Is)

-Beat Boys (Satorio)

-Earl Gaines And Jimmy Church (Hold On I'm Comin')

#23 1966

-Four M's (Monkey Time)

-Joe Simon (Teenager's Prayer)

-Joe Simon (Interview)

-Joe Simon (Long Hot Summer)

- Beat Boys (Soul Drag)

- Eva Larse (All I Could DD Was Cry)

- Freddie King (You Put Your Whammy on Me)

- Freddie King(Interview)

- Freddie King (San-Ho-Zay)

- Beat Boys (Good Good Lovin')

- Earl Gaines (24 Hours A Day)

#24 1966

-Beat Boys (Night Train)

-Willie Mitchell (Sticks And Stones)

-Willie Mitchell (Interview)

-Big Amos (He Won't Bite Me Twice)

-Willie Mitchell (?)

-Venice Starks (I Got Everything He Needs)

-Little Milton (Man Loves Two)

-Willie Mitchell (20-75)

-Willie Mitchell (Interview)

-Willie Mitchell (?)

-Don Bryant (Baby Talk)

-Don Bryant (Interview)

#25 1966

- Freddie King (See See Rider)

- Little Milton (Drink Muddy Water)

- Little Milton (Believe In Me)

-Beat Boys (Apple Dumpling)

-Venice Starks (Get You Out Of My Mind)

- Joe Simon (Woke Up This Morning)

- Joe Simon (Crying In The Chapel)

- Beat Boys (Philly Dog)

- Freddie King (Funny Bons)

- Freddie King (Hide-Away)


Last Show Of The Series-Otis Redding Hosts

Otis Redding (Mr Pitiful)

Ovations (Twisting The Night Away)

Percy Sledge (When A Man Loves A Woman)

Otis Redding Band (Philly Dog)

Mittie Collier (Having A Party)

Garnett Mims (I'll Take Good Care of Vou)

Patti Labelle And The Bluebelles (Somewhere Over The Rainbow)

Otis Redding Band (Secret Agent Man)

Sam And Dave (I'll Take What I Want)


A cheesy film with lot's of obscure R&B,

Rockabilly and horrible acting. FUNSVILLE BABY!

Go, Johnny, Go! (1959)

Plot Outline:

Rock-n-roll promoter Alan Freed holds a talent search to develop a new rock star, then must find the elusive, mystery contestant (Jimmy Clanton) who doesn't know he has won.

Alan Freed ... Himself

Jimmy Clanton ... Johnny Melody

Sandy Stewart ... Julie Arnold

Chuck Berry ... Himself

Jackie Wilson ... Himself

Ritchie Valens ... Himself

The Cadillacs ... Themselves

Jo-Ann Campbell ... Herself

The Flamingos ... Themselves

Harvey Fuqua ... Himself (as Harvey)

Eddie Cochran ... Himself

Herb Vigran ... Bill Barnett

Frank Wilcox ... Mr. Harold Arnold

Barbara Woodell ... Mrs. Arnold

Milton Frome ... Mr. Martin

(75 min)

Weird Music 3 (More cheesy band clips from films)

Ladybirds - Wild World of Jayne Mansfield (Topless band!)

???Band (2 songs) - Love Commune

Del-Aires (multiple songs) - Horror of Party Beach

Canned Heat - Naked Zoo

Psychedelic Bar Scene - Weekend With the Babysitter - music by the Opposition

???band - Curious Dr. Humpp (Sax player is having trouble concentrating)

The Group (2 songs) - Mondo Mod

The Stayns - Beyond L.S.D

The Cyrkle - The Minx

Charach? (few goofy songs, 1 is listed as Teddy & Darrell

on Soundtrack lp) - Mondo Hollywood

Mugwumps - Mondo Hollywood (watch for a glimpse of Zappa)

Nymphs Annonymous opening credits with music by the garage band, Sense of Humor

The Girl, Body & Pill - Fly By Nights (60 mins.)

Scopitones collections

Johnny Hallyday

Das Süße Leben (International) (1 hour, 40 mins.)

Don't Knock The Rock [UK TV, 1964]


01. Intro

02. Gene Vincent Be Bop A Lula

03. The Animals Medley: Talkin' Bout You; Shout

04. Jerry Lee Lewis Great Balls Of Fire

05. Sounds Incorporated Wilhelm Tell (inst.)

06. Little Richard Rip It Up

07. Gene Vincent You Are My Sunshine

08. Jerry Lee Lewis High School Confidential

09. Jerry Lee Lewis I'm On Fire

10. Jerry Lee Lewis Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On

11. Little Richard Lucille

12. Little Richard Long Tall Sally

13. Little Richard Send Me Some Lovin'

14. Little Richard Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On

15. Little Richard Hound Dog

16. Little Richard Good Golly, Miss Molly (55 mins.)

Noel Harrison Is Where The Girls Are!

(A little grainy, not bad)

1. Noel Harrison Is Where The Girls Are! [23/4 1968]

01. Intro

02. Noel Harrison Intro/The Pied Piper

03. The Byrds Mr. Spaceman

04. Noel Harrison ?

05. Cher Sunny

06. The Association Windy

07. Noel Harrison ?

08. Tommy, Jimmy, Marilyn & Mitch I Dig Rock And Roll Music

09. Don Peak Big Band Up-Up And Away (inst.)

12. Barbara McNair Don't Rain On My Parade

13. Noel Harrison Gentle On My Mind

16. Noel Harrison, Barbara McNair and The Byrds – Good Day Sunshine

17. Noel Harrison and Cher ?

18. The Association Everything That Touches You

19. Don Adams and Noel Harrison – ?

20. Noel Harrison Hello Goodbye

21. Noel Harrison Outro/The Pied Piper


Episode #9 March 27, 1965

01. Intro

02. Jackie Wilson Baby Workout

03. Melinda Marx East (possibly "East Side of Town")

04. Jay & The Americans Let's Lock The Door

05. Chris Crosby ?

06. The Uniques Not Too Long Ago

07. Jackie Wilson Danny Boy

08. Jay & The Americans The Good Times

09. Melinda Marx How I Wish You Came

10. The Uniques Fast Way Of Living

Ed Sullivan Show Rarities

01. Bill Haley & His Comets Rock Around The Clock [7/8 1955;The Toast Of The Town

02. Johnny Mathis It's Not For Me To Say [16/6 1957]

03. The Everly Brothers Bye Bye Love [30/6 1957]

04. The Everly Brothers Bye Bye Love [4/8 1957]

05. The Platters The Great Pretender [27/10 1957]

06. Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps Dance To The Bop [17/11 1957]

07. The Everly Brothers All I Have To Do Is Dream [27/4 1958]

08. Bobby Darin Mack The Knife [31/5 1959]

09. Gerry & The Pacemakers I Like It [10/5 1964]

10. Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass Taste Of Honey (inst.) [7/11 1965]

11. Rick Nelson Your Kind Of Lovin' [23/1 1966]

12. Rick Nelson Fire Breathin' Dragon [23/1 1966]

13. The Animals Inside-Looking Out [6/2 1966]

14. Nancy Sinatra These Boots Are Made For Walkin' [27/2 1966]

15. Gary Lewis & The Playboys She's Just My Style [27/2 1966]

16. Gary Lewis & The Playboys Sure Gonna Miss Her [27/2 1966]

17. Petula Clark Medley: My Love; I Want To Hold Your Hand [27/2 1966]

18. Petula Clark A Sign Of The Times [27/2 1966]

19. The Young Rascals Good Lovin' [20/3 1966]

20. The Mamas & The Papas Words Of Love [11/12 1966]

21. The Lovin' Spoonful Darling Be Home Soon [22/1 1967]

22. The Lovin' Spoonful Nashville Cats [22/1 1967]

23. The Lovin' Spoonful Bald Headed Lena [19/3 1967]

24. Paul Revere & The Raiders Medley: Good Thing; Ups And Downs [30/4 1967]

25. Paul Revere & The Raiders - Him Or Me What's It Gonna Be? [30/4 1967]

26. Paul Revere & The Raiders Kicks [30/4 1967]

27. The Turtles Happy Together [14/5 1967]

28. The Doors People Are Strange [18/9 1967]

29. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Medley: I Second That Emotion; If You Can Want; Going To A Go-Go [31/3 1968]

30. Gary Puckett & The Union Gap Young Girl [12/5 1968]

31. The Jackson 5 Stand! [14/12 1969]

Compilation, Vol 3 (Mostly from YOUTUBE)

01. Roy Orbison Oh, Pretty Woman [American Bandstand, 1966]

02. The Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth [Shebang, 1967]

03. Bobby Goldsboro Watching Scotty Grow* (partial) [Larry Kane Show?, 1970]

04. Sonny & Cher A Beautiful Story* (partial) [Larry Kane Show?, 1967]

05. Neil Diamond Cherry, Cherry [Larry Kane Show?, 1966]

06. Harpers Bizarre The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) (partial) [Larry Kane Show?, 1967]

07. The Grass Roots Two Divided By Love* [Unknown source, 1971?]

08. Johnny Rivers Poor Side Of Town [Where The Action Is!, 1/3 1967]

09. Duane Eddy Rebel Rouser (inst.) [Hollywood A Go Go, 196?]

10. The Buckinghams Kind Of A Drag [Upbeat? / Promo?, 1967?]

11. 1910 Fruitgum Co. Simon Says* [Unknown source, 1968]

12. Ohio Express Yummy Yummy Yummy* [Unknown source, 1968]

13. Every Mothers Son Come On Down To My Boat* [Larry Kane Show?, 1967]

14. The Newbeats Shake Hands (And Come Out Crying) [Shivaree, 1966]

15. The Newbeats Run, Baby Run (Back Into My Arms) [Shivaree, 1966]

16. Glen Campbell It's A Woman's World [Shivaree, 1965]

17. Glen Campbell Guess I'm Dumb (incomplete) [Shivaree, 1965]

18. Steppenwolf Born To Be Wild* [Unknown source, 1968?]

19. The Left Banke Walk Away Rene* (incomplete) [Lary Kane Show?, 1966]

20. The Outsiders Time Won't Let Me* [Lary Kane Show?, 1966]

21. American Revolution Love Has Got Me Down* [Born Wild a.k.a. Young Animals / Film, 1968]

22. Steve Alaimo Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um [Where The Action Is!, 1/9 1966]

23. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Buy For Me The Rain* [Laugh-In, 1967?]

24. The Beau Brummels Don't Talk To Strangers [Memphis TV, 1965]

25. Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart I Thank You* [The Flying Nun / TV-serie, 20/3 1970]

26. The 4 Seasons Big Girls Don't Cry [Steve Allen Show, 1962?]

27. Bob Seger System Ramblin' Gamblin' Man [Happening 68?, 1968?]

28. The Standells [The Hollywood Palace, 19/11 1966]

1. Dirty Water

2. Why Pick On Me

29. The Chantays Pipeline (inst.) [Lawrence Welk Show, 1964]

30. B.J. Thomas Mama [Texas TV?, 1966]

31. Sonny & Cher Baby Don't Go [Hollywood Palace, 23/10 1965]

32. Cher Where Do You Go? [Hollywood Palace, 23/10 1965]

33. The Turtles The Battle Of The Bands* [Kraft Music Hall, 9/1968]

34. The Turtles The Story Of Rock And Roll* [Kraft Music Hall, 9/1968]

35. The Box Tops [The Mike Douglas Show, 1969?]

1. Turn On A Dream + interview

2. Soul Deep

36. The Lemon Pipers* [The Mike Douglas Show, 1968]

1. Green Tambourine + interview

2. Rice Is Nice

37. The Five Americans Western Union* [Steve Allen Show, 16/4 1968]

38. Tim Buckley ?* [Unknown Source, 196?]

39. The Electric Prunes [Cyd Carisse Something Special, 1967]

1. Get Me To The World On Time

2. I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)

3. King Is In The Counting House

4. Are You Lovin' Me More (But Enjoying It Less)

40. The Electric Prunes* [The Mike Douglas Show, 1967]

1. I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) + interview

2. Get Me To The World On Time (feat. Barbara Feldon)

3. Tunerville Trolley


Compilation, Vol 4 (Mostly from YOUTUBE)

01. The Association Never My Love* [Larry Kane Show?, 1967]

02. The Association Requim For The Masses* [The Smothers Brothers Show, 14/1 1968]

03. The Left Banke Walk Away Rene* [Larry Kane Show, 1966]

04. The Cowsills The Rain, The Park & Other Things* [Promo film, 1967]

05. The Lovin' Spoonful Darling Be Home Soon* [Ed Sullivan Show, 22/1 1967]

06. The Lovin' Spoonful Nashville Cats* [Ed Sullivan Show, 22/1 1967]

07. The Lovin' Spoonful Rain On The Roof [The Hollywood Palace, 24/9 1966]

08. The Lovin' Spoonful Summer In The City [The Hollywood Palace, 24/9 1966]

09. The Cowsills – The Rain, The Park & Other Things [Promo film, 1967]

10. The Flying Machine Smile A Little Smile For Me* [Promo film, 1969]

11. Glen Campbell Galveston* [Promo film, 1969]

12. Peanut Butter Conspiracy Back In L.A.* [Promo film, 196?]

13. Classics IV Everyday With You Girl* [Promo film, 1969]

14. The Beach Boys I Can Hear Music* [Promo film, 1969]

15. The Beach Boys Bluebirds Over The Mountain* [German TV, 1968]

16. The American Breed Ready, Willing And Able* [Promo film, 1968]

17. People I Love You* [Promo film, 1968]

18. Bill Deal & The Rhondells I've Been Hurt* [Promo film, 1969]

19. Kenny Rogers & The First Edition Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)* [Promo film, 1969]

20. October Country October Country* [Promo film, 1968]

21. ? ?* [Promo film, 196?]

22. The Shags? Hey Little Girl* [Promo film, 1967]

23. The Shags? By My Side* [Promo film, 1967]

24. Bram Rig Set I Call Your Name* [Promofilm, 1967]

25. Bram Rig Set I Can Only Give You Everything* [Promofilm, 1967]

26. The Electric Prunes I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) [American Bandstand, 6/5 1967]

27. The McCoys Hang On Sloopy [Hollywood Go Go, 1965]

28. We Five You Were On My Mind [Hollywood Go Go, 1965]

29. Tommy James & The Shondells – Mony Mony [Promo film/Beat Club, 22/6 1968]

30. The Seeds Pushin' Too Hard* [The Mothers-In-Law / TV-serie, 28/4 1968]

31. Gary Lewis & The Playboys She's Just My Style* [Ed Sullivan Show, 28/2 1966]

32. The Lemon Pipers Green Tambourine* [Upbeat, 1968]

33. The Buffalo Springfield For What Its Worth* [Live/Monterey, 1967]

34. The Buffalo Springfield For What Its Worth* [Shebang, 1967]

35. Brenda Lee Houn Dawg [Unknown source, 195?]

36. Eddie Cochran Cotton Picker [Untamed Youth / Film, 1959]

37. Richie Valens Ooh My Head [Jamboree a.k.a. Discjockey Jamboree / Film, 1958]

38. Gene Vincent Long Tall Sally [Brussels TV show/Belgian TV, 10/10 1963]

39. Gene Vincent [RAI/Italian TV, 20/5 1960]

1. Blue Jean Bop

2. Sexy Ways

40. The Monks [Beat Club, 16/7 1966]

1. Monk Chant

2. Oh, How To Do It

41. The Monks Boys Are Boys And Girls Are Choice [Beat Club, 16/7 1966]

42. The Monks Cuckoo [Beat, Beat, Beat, 1967]

43. The Ventures Hawaii Five-O (inst.)* [Promo film, 1969]

44. The Ventures Wipe Out (inst.) [The Beloved Invaders / Film, 1965]

45. The Ventures Walk - Dont Run (inst.) [American Bandstand, 1960]

46. Tommy Roe Sweat Pea [Texas TV?, 1966]

Compilation, Vol 10 (Mostly from YOUTUBE)

01. The Raiders Indian Reservation* [Rollin On The River, 30/12 1971]

02. The Renegades Un Giorno Tu Mi Cercherai [Unknown source, 196?]

03. Tammy Wynette Stand By Your Man* [Unknown source, 1968]

04. The Soul Stirrers Listen To The Angels Sing [Unknown source, 1963]

05. Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart I Wonder What Shes Doing Tonite* [Joey Bishop Show?, 1968]

06. The Supremes When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes [Unknown source, 196?]

07. The Bee Gees I.O.I.O.* [Cucumber Castle / Film, 1970?]

08. Tom Jones Its Not Unusual [Show Tom Jones / French TV-special, 1967]

09. Donna Loren Among The Young* [Pajama Party / Film, 1966]

10. Roy Orbison Oh, Pretty Woman [Live/Dutch TV, 24/4 1965]

11. Neil Diamond and Glen Campbell I Thank The Lord For The Night Time* [Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour,19/11 1969]

12. The Marvelettes Please Mr. Postman [Teen Time, 1965]

13. Dick & DeeDee Turn Around [Dick Clarks Celebrity Party, 1963]

14. Arthur Conley Sweet Soul Muisc* [Rick Shaw Show, 1967]

15. Brenda Lee Too Many Rivrs [Hullabaloo, 27/4 1965]

16. Mercy Love Can Make You Happy* [Fireball Jungle a.k.a. Jungle Terror / Film, 1969]

17. The Drifters At The Club [Shindig!, 10/3 1965]

18. Deborah Whalley Well Never Change Them* [Ski Party / Film , 1965]

19. The Monkees Take The Last Train To Clarksville (excerpt) + Nine Times Blue* [Johnny Cash Show, 19/7 1969]

20. Peter & Gordon Lady Godiva [Promo film/Beat Club, 22/10 1966]

21. The 4 Seasons – Big Girls Dont Cry [Where The Action Is!, 27/1 1966?]

22. White Plains My Baby Loves Lovin* [Promo film, 1970]

23. The Crests Six Nights A Week [Unknown source, 1959?]

24. Joni Lyman with Nooney Pickett Four King Of The Mountain* [Winter A Go Go / Film, 1965]

25. The Everly Brothers Wake Up Little Susie [Ed Sullivan Show, 6/10 1957]

26. Petula Clark My Love* [Ed Sullivan Show, 28/11 1965]

27. Paul Revere & The Raiders Featuring Mark Lindsay – Let Me [De Raiders En De Beach Boys/Dutch TV, 30/6 1969]

28. The Cowsills Medley* [Ed Sullivan Show, 29/10 1967]

29. The Crickets My Little Girl [Just For Fun / Film, 1963]

30. Lesley Gore Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows* [Ski Party / Film , 1965]

31. Roy Orbison Only The Lonely [Live/Dutch TV, 24/4 1965]

32. Dionne Warwich What The World Needs Now Is Love* [Unknown source, 196?]

33. The Fortunes Fire Brigade* [Promo film, 1969]

34. Tom Jones Its Not Unusual [Ed Sullivan Show?, 13/6 1965]

35. Marmalade Reflections Of My Life* [Unknown source, 1970?]

36. The Byrds Set You Free This Time [Shivaree, 19/2 1966]

37. Bill Haley & His Comets and Caterina Valente Viva La Rock ’n’ Roll* [Unknown source, 1960]

38. Linda Evans Fly Boy* [Beach Blanket Bingo / Film, 1965]

39. Leonard Nimoy The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins* [Unknown source, 1965?]


Francoise Hardy Une fille fantastique!

A nice collection of rare clips; quality is generally good; some compression is evident.

01. Francoise Hardy La Maison Ou Jai Grandi [Carrefour – Françoise Hardy???, 1965]

02. Francoise Hardy Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles* [Scopitone, 1962?]

03. Francoise Hardy Je Suis Daccord [Movie: Château En Suède, 1963]

04. Francoise Hardy Frag Den Abenwind [German TV, 1969]

05. Francoise Hardy Mon Amie La Rose [Carrefour – Françoise Hardy???, 1965]

06. Francoise Hardy Ma Jeunesse Fout Le Camp* [1968?]

07. Francoise Hardy Ce Petit Cœur [Age Tendre Et Tête De Bois, 1965]

08. Francoise Hardy Comment Te Dire Adieu [Jolie Poupée, 4/12 1968]

09. Francoise Hardy Devi Ritornare (Je Veux Qu’il Revienne) [Italian TV?, 1964?]

10. Francoise Hardy Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles (excerpt) [Pathé news, 1964?]

11. Françoise Hardy Pouce Au Revoir* [1974]

12. Francoise Hardy L [Carrefour Françoise Hardy???, 1965]

13. Francoise Hardy Ton Meilleur Ami [1964]

14. Francoise Hardy and Jaques Dutronc Les Garçons [Françoise Hardy Blues?, 15/10 1966]

15. Francoise Hardy Au Fond Du Reve Dore [196?]

16. Francoise Hardy Voilà [196?]

17. Francoise Hardy Peter Und Lou (Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles) [German TV, 196?]

18. Françoise Hardy La Réalité [Dents Le Lait Dents Le Loup, 11/1, 1967]

19. Francoise Hardy Comme Tant D’autres* [Scopitone, 1963?]

20. Francoise Hardy La Maison Ou J’ai Grandi [Show Tom Jones / French TV-special, 1967]

21. Francoise Hardy Même Sous La Plie* [A La Six Quatre Deux, 23/10 1971]

22. Francoise Hardy Le Premiér Bonheur Du Jour [Sacha Show, 30/12 1963]

23. Francoise Hardy Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles [Douce France, 28/9 1964]

24. Francoise Hardy Des Rond Dans L’eau [Cabaret The Cocorico, 23/12 1967]

25. Françoise Hardy and Jane Birkin Comment Te Dire Adieu* [197?]

26. Francoise Hardy Qui Peut Dire [1967?]

27. Francoise Hardy L’amour S’en Va [Eurovision Song Contest, 23/3 1963]

28. Francoise Hardy I Sentimento (Et Même) [Italian TV, 196?]

29. Francoise Hardy Pourtant Tu M’aimes [1965?]

30. Francoise Hardy Je Changerais D’avis [Dents Le Lait Dents Le Loup, 11/1, 1967]

31. Francoise Hardy Was Wär’ Ich Ohne Dich (Comment Te Dire Adieu) [German TV, 1968?]

32. Francoise Hardy Saurai-Je* [Scopitone, 1963?]

33. Francoise Hardy Mon Amie La Rose [Douce France, 26/? 1965]

34. Francoise Hardy Find Me A Boy (Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles) [196?]

35. Francoise Hardy Fleur De Lune [196?]

36. Francoise Hardy and Michel Delpech – L’amitié* [197?]

37. Francoise Hardy I Sentimento (Et Même) [Italian TV, 196?]

38. Francoise Hardy Il Est Des Choses [Show Tom Jones / French TV-special, 1967]

39. Francoise Hardy Je Suis Moi* [1974]

40. Francoise Hardy La Nuit Est Sur La Ville [Ni Figues, Ni Raisins, 1965]

41. Francoise Hardy Traume [German TV?, 196?]

42. Francoise Hardy Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles [1964]

43. Francoise Hardy Comment Te Dire Adieu* [197?]

Francoise Hardy (volume 2)

(Excellent quality)

1. Picadilly Show [1965]

01. Intro

02. Find Me A Boy (Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles)

03. Tout Ce Qu’on Dit

04. ?

05. Ce Petit Cœur

06. Le Temps Des Souvenirs

07. However Much (Et Même)

08. Je Taime

09. Et L’attendre

10. L’amitié

11. C’est N’est Pas Un Rêve

12. All Over The World (Dans Le Monde Entier)

2. Journal Londres [1965]

01. Intro

02. ?

03. ? (excerpt)

04. L’amitié

05. Et L’attendre

06. Le Temps Des Souvenirs



Everly Bros.

Francoise Hardy (60 mins.)

Weird Music 4

1. Hallucination Generation - Steve Rowland & band


2. Girl In Gold Boots (MST 3000 version) - Chris

Howard & the Third World 1969

3. Flesh & Lace - Alice Linville 1965

4. Scream of The Butterfly - The Emcees 1965

5. Girl In Gold Boots Trailer 1969

6. The Wild World of Batwoman - The Young Giants


7. The Wild Wild World of Jayne Mansfield - Rocky

Roberts & the Airdales 1968

8. Curse of Her Flesh Dance Scene with Rockin Tune


9. Wild Rebels (MST 3000 version) - Birdwatchers

(Steve Alaimo dancing) 1967

10. Cool & Crazy - ??Band 1958

11. Gruesome Twosome - Michael & Robert Lewis & Band

(Director's sons) 1967

12. Daddy-O (MST 3000 version) - Dick Contino & Band


13. Pink Pussy - ??Band serenading the girl from Pink

Pussy 1964

14. A girl doing a pretty wild dance to a good early

rockin tune in Date Bait 1960

15. Wild Guitar Trailer 1962

16. Mr. Peckinpaw on the loose to a nice rockin tune

from Jennie Wife/Child 1968 (60 mins.)


Super cheesy beach film with many frat-rock performances

by the Del-Aires

Sea creatures created from radioactive sludge terrorize a beach community.


Gangster hires down-and-out press agent to make his blonde bimbo girlfriend a singing star.

Little Richard

The Platters

Fats Domino

THE BEAT ROOM (BBC rebroadcast)

Tom Jones


Wayne Gibson & the Dynamic Sound

John Lee Hooker





BBC Sixties history of the British Blues scene.

Interviews and short clips of the Yardbirds,

Manfred Mann, Gram Bond Organization and Cream. (120 mins.)


BBC doc. with interviews and clips

"Silver Machine" (1972)


BBC doc. concerning the 60s 70s underground

Hippie Culture.





Bill Blacks Combo Yogi

Bob Luman & the Shadows The Creep

Bob Luman & the Shadows This Will Be the Night

Cousins Kana Kapila

Cousins -Parasol

Cousins- Peppermint Twist

Crazy Rockers -Carioca

Crazy Rockers-Mamma Papa Twist

Crazy Rockers - Third Man

G men - Raunchy Twist

Hap Cats - Dardanella


Jokers - Drins March

Jokers - Hully Gully

Jokers - Sabre Dance

Jokers Tabu

Les Chaussettes Nories Les Twist

Les Chats Sauvages - Hey Pony

Les Guitars - Cavalcade

Les Jags - Organ

Les Mustangs Drums

Los Sinners Rebelde Radioactivo

Real Room Rockers I'm Ready / Blackys Beat

Santo and Johnny - Sleepwalk

Spotnicks - Gypsy Dance

Spotnicks - I'm Coming Home

Spotnicks - Johnny Guitar

Spotnicks - My Bonnie

Spotnicks - Orange Blossom Special

Spotnicks - Please Say Yeah

Spotnicks - Rocket Man

Spotnicks - Spotnicks Theme

Spotnicks - Thundernest

Strangers - Two Guitars

Tielman Bros. -Bosa Nova Baby

Twangies - Anna

Twangies - FBI

Twangies - Schulefest

Violents - Alpen Rose

Bluecoats (90 mins.)



Chuck Berry


The Johnny Burnette Trio – "Lonesome Train" WOW!

(85 mins.)


Hosted by Paul Revere & the Raiders

3/15/69 ~ Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart , Guys Who Came Up From Downstairs, New Miracles

3/22/69 ~ Raiders, The Monkees (disc one)

4/24/69 ~ Raiders, Bobby Vee, Genesis, Rising Tide

4/26/69 ~ Friends of Distinction , Beach Boys promo film. (disc two)


4/26/69 ~ Friends of Distinction , Beach Boys promo film.

UPBEAT (complete show)

5/23/70 ~ Bobby Sherman, Impressions, Funkadelic, Glass House, more..


1/5/66 ~ The Who, Lulu


7/12/66 ~ Hosted by Allan Sherman, Zombies - "Got to Get A Hold of Myself"


1967 ~ (Electric Prunes segments only)


5/26/75 ~ George Harrison


(Slight upgrade of version listed earlier)

9/67 ~ Chad Allan, Guess Who

1968 ~ Chad Allan, Guess Who, The Fringe

1965-1967 ~ Classics, Tom Northcot, Jayson Hoover & the Epics


Three episodes (Rock Icons) (Excellent quality)

8/19/69 ~ Jefferson Airplane, Joni Mitchell, Stills, Crosby

7/13/1970 ~ Sly & the Family Stone

12/5/1974 ~ David Bowie

Rolling Stones interview


Jefferson Airplane - "Volunteers" era

studio performance footage.

Quicksilver Messenger Service~

Outdoor concert footage


(San Francisco Rock)

Santana, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane

LIVE concert footage


Includes a BBC documentary on the eccentric, self-made

producer of "Telstar" and other British hits.

Includes incredible clips of the Tornados,

Screaming Lord Sutch , and Honeycombs.

Tornados -"The Robot" / "Globetrotter"

Honeycombs - "Have I The Right" (Shindig!)

Honeycombs - "Have I The Right" (Pop Gear)

Honeycombs - "Eyes" (Pop Gear)

Screaming Lord Sutch - "Jack the Ripper" (Scopitones)

Eddy Vartan - "Telstar" (Scopitones)


Full episode, pro film transfer. (b/w)

Al Martino

Young Rascals - "Slow Down" / "I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore"

(41 mins.)

SOMETHING ELSE ~ 1970 (color)

~Full episode~

Stoneybrook People


Jeannie C. Riley

(25 mins.)


(2005 Re-master, uncensored)

A snap shot of American L.A. culture in 1967.

Includes a cool garage band recording studio clip and psychedelic

party scenes.

Includes lot's of cameos; Ronald Reagan,

Rodney Bingenheimer and Frank Zappa, etc.

Drop In (Swedish TV)

(Fair+ in quality) (Most is LIVE)

1. [1964]

01. Intro

02. Michael Cox Stand Up

03. Michael Cox Ive Been Thinking

04. Gals & Pals – 500 Miles

05. Monika Lind – Jag Går I Skolan

06. Östen Warnerbring ?

07. Östen Warnerbring ?

08. Gerry & The Pacemakers A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues

09. Gerry & The Pacemakers How Do You Do It?

2. [1965]

01. Intro

02. The Deejays Farmer John

03. The Deejays Long Tall Shorty

04. Git Hill Downtown

05. The Telstars Hallen ’64 (inst.)

06. Bob Asklöf I Who Have Nothing

07. Bob Asklöf ? (Gå Din Väg)

08. The Honeycombs Have I The Right?

09. The Honeycombs Is It Because

10. The Honeycombs That’s The Way

11. The Honeycombs She’s Too Way Out

3. [1965?]

01. Intro

02. The Strangers Jealous Girl

03. Shirley Ann & The Strangers – I’ll Go Crazy

04. The Renegades Take A Heart

05. The Glenners Ain’t That Love

06. The Sherrys This Little Boy Of Mine

07. Jerry Williams Last Date

08. The Iveys Bad Tough Luck Girl (An English band, but not early Badfinger)

09. The Iveys Shout (Not Badfinger)

10. Dick & DeeDee Thou Shalt Not Steal

11. The Strangers You Can't Sit Down

12. Dick & DeeDee Use What You've Got

Ola & Julia (1967) (color)

Recorded to DVD from a recent broadcast

Swedish language film.

A love story with Swedish rock band,

Ola & the Janglers on tour.

01. Intro / This Ring (live on stage)

02. Strolling Along

03. Talk To Me

04. Your Melody (live on stage)

05. Your Melody

06. Call Me Tomorrow

07. Time Will Go By

08. No One Knows What Happens ’round The Corner (live on stage)

09. Today Is The Day

10. Juliet (instrumental version)

11. Juliet (instrumental version)

12. Mary Jones (live on stage)

13. When I Whisper Your Name (inst.)

14. When I Whisper Your Name (inst.)

15. Behind Every Woman Theres Always A Clever Man (live on stage)

16. My Girl Wants To Be

17. Hands

18. Juliet (instrumental version)

19. Juliet (80 mins.)

Where The Action Is!, Vol 1

1. Pilot [2/1 1965] (POOR QUALITY)

1. Intro

2. Bobby Freeman C'mon And Swim

3. Jan & Dean (Here They Come) From All Over The World

4. Paul Revere & The Raiders Money (Thats What I Want)

5. Chad & Jeremy If I Loved You

6. Jackie & Gayle That Boys Gonna Be Mine

7. Frankie Avalon Dont Stop Now

8. The 4 Seasons Walk Like A Man

9. Bobby Freeman Never Never (Do That Thing Again)

10. Chad & Jeremy Yesterday's Gone

11. The Supremes Medley: Come See About Me; Baby Love; Stop! In The Name Of Love

12. Medley:

a. Bobby Freeman Ooh Poo Pah Doo

b. Paul Revere & The Raiders Rock & Roll Music

c. Jan & Dean Surfin Safari

d. Dick & DeeDee What’d I Say

13. The 4 Seasons Bye, Bye, Baby (Baby Goodbye)

14. Jan & Dean Sidewalk Surfin’

15. Frankie Avalon Every Girl Should Get Married

16. Dick & DeeDee Be My Baby

17. Frankie Avalon While We Are Young

18. Bobby Rydell Watching All The Girls Go By

19. Bobby Rydell – Dancing In The Street

20. All A Hard Days Night

2. Episode #65 [28/9 1965]

1. Intro

2. The Olympics Good Lovin

3. Steve Alaimo Real Live Girl

4. Del Shannon Handy Man

5. JoAnn Campbell Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

6. Paul Revere & The Raiders – Slow Down

7. Del Shannon Little Town Flirt

8. The Olympics Hully Gully (Baby)

3. Episode #173 [28/2 1966]

1. Intro

2. Paul Revere & The Raiders Uptight (Everythings Alright)

3. The Everly Brothers Cathys Clown

4. Joe Tex I Want To (Do Everything For You)

5. Steve Alaimo Crying

6. Joe Tex A Sweet Woman Like You

7. Keith Allison Mr. Tambourine Man

8. The Everly Brothers Lonely Avenue

Where The Action Is!, Vol 2

1. Episode #277 [22/7 1966]

1. Intro

2. Ian Whitcomb You Turn Me On (Turn On Song)

3. Steve Alaimo Barefootin’

4. The Grass Roots Where Were You When I Needed You

5. Keith Allison Look At Me

6. The Grass Roots (These Are) Bad Times

7. Ian Whitcomb You Wont See Me

8. The Robbs Race With The Wind

2. Episode #283 [1/8 1966]

1. Intro

2. Keith Allison Time Wont Let Me

3. Petula Clark I Know A Place

4. Goro Sakurai & The Blue Jeans Where Have All The Flowers Gone

5. Paul Revere & The Raiders Try Too Hard

6. Steve Alaimo and Tina Mason Hit The Road Jack

7. Goro Sakurai & The Blue Jeans Unchain My Heart

8. Steve Alaimo Bright Lights, Big City

9. Petula Clark Round Every Corner

3. Episode #284 [2/8 1966]

1. Intro

2. The Vogues The Land Of Milk And Honey

3. Keith Allison ?

4. Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces – We’ve Got That

5. The Robbs Younger Girl

6. The Vogues Five OClock World

7. Steve Alaimo He Don’t Love You (Like I Love You)

8. Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces Searching For My Love

4. Episode #285 [3/8 1966]

1. Intro

2. The Robbs Shapes Of Things

3. Roy Orbison Mean Woman Blues

4. Shades Of Blue Lonely Summer

5. Tina Mason You’d Better Come Home

6. Roy Orbison Dream Baby

7. Shades Of Blue Oh How Happy

8. Steve Alaimo Hey Girl

Where The Action Is!, Vol 3

1. Episode #288 [8/8 1966]

1. Intro

2. Lesley Gore Off And Running

3. The Four Tops Something About You

4. Lesley Gore - Its My Party

5. The Four Tops Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever

2. Episode #290 (incomplete) [10/8 1966]

1. The Four Tops Something About You

2. The Young Rascals You Better Run

3. The Four Tops Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever

3. Episode #292 [12/8 1966]

1. Intro

2. The Four Seasons Opus 17 (Dont You Worry Bout Me)

3. Bobby Vee Take Good Care Of My Baby

4. Steve Alaimo I Act Happy

5. Bobby Vee Look At Me, Girl

6. The Four Seasons Rag Doll

4. Episode #293 [15/8 1966]

1. Intro

2. Tina Mason I Know (You Dont Love Me No More)

3. The Happenings He Thinks Hes A Hero

4. Dee Jay & The Runaways Peter Rabbit

5. Keith Allison It’s All Over Now

6. The Happenings - See You In September

7. Dee Jay & The Runaways – Shes A Big Girl Now

5. Episode #294 [16/8 1966]

1. Intro

2. Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels Jenny Take A Ride

3. Steve Alaimo and Tina Mason You Got What It Takes

4. Keith Allison Brown-Eyed Handsome Man

5. Brenda Lee Bye Bye Blues

6. Steve Alaimo Hold On! Im A Comin'

7. Brenda Lee Im Sorry

8. Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels Takin' All I Can

Where The Action Is!, Vol 4

1. Episode #296 [18/8 1966]

1. Intro

2. The Knickerbockers – Just One Girl

3. Steve Alaimo – It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World

4. The Critters – Younger Girl

5. Paul Revere & The Raiders – There She Goes

6. The Critters – Mr. Dyingly Sad

7. The Knickerbockers – High On Love

2. Episode #297 [19/8 1966]

1. Intro

2. Keith Allison – Back In The U.S.A.

3. The Syndicate Of Sound – Little Girl

4. The Five Americans – Evol Not Love

5. The Robbs – You’ve Got Your Troubles

6. The Five Americans – Good Times

7. The Syndicate Of Sound – Almost Grown

8. Paul Revere & The Raiders – (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone

3. Episode #298 [22/8 1966]

1. Intro

2. Steve Alaimo – Hitch Hike

3. The Five Stairsteps – World Of Fantasy

4. Tommy Roe – Sweet Pea

5. Keith Allison – Colours

6. The Robbs – Slow Down

7. The Five Stairsteps – You’ve Waited Too Long

8. Tommy Roe – Hooray For Hazel

4. Episode #299 [23/8 1966]

1. Intro

2. Chris Montez – The More I See You

3. The Royalettes – It’s Gonna Take A Miracle

4. Paul Revere & The Raiders – There’s Always Tomorrow

5. The Royalettes – An Affair To Remember

6. Chris Montez – There Will Never Be Another You

5. Episode #300 [24/8 1966]

1. Intro

2. Keith Allison – Colours

3. Steve Alaimo and Tina Mason – Once Upon A Time

4. The Sandpipers – Things We Said Today

5. Steve Alaimo – Blowin’ In The Wind

6. Paul Revere & The Raiders – Get It On

7. The Robbs – Slow Down

8. Steve Alaimo – Hitch Hike

Where The Action Is!, Vol 5

1. Episode #302 [26/8 1966]

1. Intro

2. The Young Rascals – You Better Run

3. Tina Mason – Oh Lonesome Me

4. The Standells – Dirty Water

6. The Young Rascals – Love Is A Beautiful Thing

7. Koji Moriyama – Yesterday

2. Episode #303 [29/8 1966]

1. Intro

2. Bobby Hebb – Bread

3. Steve Alaimo and Tina Mason – Let It Be Me

4. The Uniques – You Ain’t Tuff

5. Keith Allison – Catch The Wind

6. The Uniques – All These Things

7. Bobby Hebb – Sunny

3. Episode #306 [1/9 1966]

1. Intro

2. The Knickerbockers – Wild Thing

3. Sandy Posey – Caution To The Wind

4. Steve Alaimo – Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um

5. The Knickerbockers – Tired Of Waiting For You

6. Sandy Posey – Born A Woman

7. Paul Revere & The Raiders – Take A Look At Yourself

4. Episode #309 [6/9 1966]

1. Intro

2. The Razor’s Edge – Let’s Call It A Day Girl

3. The Robbs – Blowin’ In The Wind

4. Major Lance – The Beat

5. Steve Alaimo and Keith Allison – Charlie Brown

6. The Razor’s Edge – True Blue Patron Of The Arts

7. Major Lance – It’s Dark And Lonely

8. Paul Revere & The Raiders – My Generation

5. Episode #311 [8/9 1966]

1. Intro

2. The Knickerbockers – I Get Around

3. Brian Hyland – Sealed With A Kiss

4. Steve Alaimo – Midnight Hour

5. The Knickerbockers – C’mon Everybody

6. The Robbs – Fun, Fun, Fun

7. Brian Hyland – The Joker Went Wild

8. Keith Allison – Koko Joe

Where The Action Is!, Vol 6

1. Episode #312 [9/9 1966]

1. Intro

2. The 4 Seasons – Dawn (Go Away)

3. Jackie Paine – The Go-Go Train

4. Paul Revere & The Raiders – Boys

5. The 4 Seasons – Let’s Hang On!

6. Jackie Paine – I’ll Be Home

7. Keith Allison – Problems

2. Episode #314 [13/9 1966]

1. Intro

2. Steve Alaimo – Happy

3. The Robbs – (I Washed My Hands In) Muddy Water

4. Paul Revere & The Raiders – The Great Airplane Strike

5. The Turtles – Grim Reaper Of Love

6. Chad & Jeremy – Distant Shores

7. Marvin Gaye – Pride And Joy

3. Episode #317 [16/9 1966]

1. Intro

2. Johnny Rivers – Secret Agent Man

3. The Birdwatchers – Gonna Love You Anyway

4. Paul Revere & The Raiders – Louie Louie

5. Tina Mason – Little Bitty Pretty One

6. The Birdwatchers – Girl I’ve Got News For You

7. Johnny Rivers – Memphis

8. Keith Allison – ?

4. Episode #318 [19/9 1966]

1. Intro

2. James Brown – Ain’t That A Groove

3. Paul Revere & The Raiders – California Sun

4. The Knickerbockers – Help!

5. Tina Mason – Any Way That You Want Me

6. Keith Allison – Sweet Pea

7. The Knickerbockers – Chuck Berry-medley: Johnny B. Goode; Roll Over Beethoven; Back In The U.S.A.

8. James Brown – I Got You (I Feel Good)

5. Episode #319 [20/9 1966]

1. Intro

2. The Four Tops – I Can’t Help Myself

3. Paul Revere & The Raiders – Ballad Of A Useless Man

4. Tommy Boyce – Medley: Peaches And Cream; Come A Little Bit Closer; Action

5. Keith Allison – I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction)

6. Tommy Boyce – Days Of Our Lives

7. James Brown – Out Of Sight

8. James Brown – It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World

9. The Four Tops – It’s The Same Old Song

Where The Action Is!, Vol 7

1. Episode #323 [26/9 1966]

1. Intro

2. Paul Revere & The Raiders – Over And Over

3. Lee Dorsey – Working In The Coal Mine

4. Steve Alaimo and Tina Mason – Hit The Road Jack

5. Lee Dorsey – Ya Ya

6. The Thirteenth Floor Elevators – You’re Gonna Miss Me

7. Tina Mason – Finders, Keepers

8. Keith Allison – Lonely Weekends

2. Episode #324 (incomplete) [27/9 1966]

1. Keith Allison – Turn Down Day

2. Paul Revere & The Raiders – Hungry

3. ? & The Mysterians – 96 Tears

4. Tommy Roe – Hooray For Hazel

5. Tina Mason – You Can’t Hurry Love

3. Episode #329 [4/10 1966]

1. Intro

2. Keith Allison, Steve Alaimo and Paul Revere & The Raiders – Land Of 1000 Dances

3. The Count Five – Psychotic Reaction

4. The Action Kids – Long Tall Texan

5. Keith Allison – Dream Baby

6. Jackie DeShannon – I Can Make It With You

7. Jackie DeShannon – Needles And Pins

8. Steve Alaimo with The Hard Times – Yellow Submarine

4. Episode #332 [7/10 1966]

1. Intro

2. Steve Alaimo & The Hard Times – How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You

3. Ray Stevens – Freddie Feelgood

4. Carla Thomas – Gee Whiz (Look At His Eyes)

5. Tina Mason (with Steve Alaimo, Keith Allison and Paul Revere & The Raiders) – Blue Moon

6. Carla Thomas – B-A-B-Y (Baby)

7. The Hard Times – I Can Make It With You

5. Episode #336 [13/10 1966]

1. Intro

2. Paul Revere & The Raiders – Hallelujah, I Love Her So

3. Bob Lind – San Francisco Woman

4. Tina Mason – Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows

5. Keith Allison – Black Is Black

6. The Left Banke – Walk Away Renée

7. The Standells – Why Pick On Me

Where The Action Is!, Vol 8

1. Episode #337 (James Brown special) [14/10 1966]

1. Intro

2. Night Train

3. Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag (Part I)

4. It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World

5. I Got You (I Feel Good)

6. Don’t Be A Drop-Out

7. Please, Please, Please

2. Episode #340 [19/10 1966]

1. Intro

2. Tommy Roe – Hooray For Hazel

3. The Left Banke – Walk Away Renée

4. ? & The Action Kids – Sukiyaki

5. Len Barry – I Struck It Rich

6. The Hard Times – Goodbye

7. Steve Alaimo – Cherry, Cherry

3. Episode #342 [21/10 1966]

1. Intro

2. Keith Allison – Jenny, Jenny

3. Paul Revere & The Raiders – Let The Four Winds Blow

4. Stevie Wonder – Uptight (Everything’s Alright)

5. Roy Head – Treat Her Right

4. Episode #345 [26/10 1966]

1. Intro

2. Gloria Jones – Heart Beat

3. Keith Allison – Mystery Train

4. Jackie DeShannon – I Can Make It With You

5. Jay & The Americans – Come A Little Bit Closer

6. The Action Kids – The Hair On My Chinny Chin Chin

7. Paul Revere & The Raiders and Steve Alaimo – Medley: Peanut Butter; Bread And Butter; Mashed Potatoes

Where The Action Is!, Vol 9

1. Episode #347 (incomplete) [28/10 1966]

1. Intro/Keith Allison – Action

2. The Classics – Polly-Anna

3. Steve Alaimo – If I Were A Carpenter

2. Episode #349 [1/11 1966]

1. Intro

2. Billy Stewart – Summertime

3. The Hard Times – I Feel Fine

4. Tina Mason – Poor Side Of Town

5. Eddie Floyd – Knock On Wood

6. Steve Alaimo, Paul Revere & The Raiders and Keith Allison – Little Richard medley

7. Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 – Mas Que Nada

3. Episode #371 (incomplete?) [2/12 1966]

1. Intro

2. Tommy Roe – Run, Run Look And See

3. December’s Children – Something Fresh

4. Paul Revere & The Raiders – All About Her

5. Peter & Gordon – Lady Godiva

6. Tina Mason – I’m Ready For Love

7. Steve Alaimo – ?

4. Episode #374 [7/12 1966]

1. Intro

2. Keith Allison – Action

3. The Hard Times – I Feel Fine

4. Tommy Roe – Sweat Pea

5. Tina Mason – A Sign Of The Times

6. Steve Alaimo – ?

7. Paul Revere & The Raiders – Maybelline

5. Episode #375 (Paul Revere & The Raiders special) [8/12 1966]

1. Intro

2. Do Wah Diddy Diddy

3. Good Thing

4. Louise

5. Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go

6. Stand By Me

7. Our Candidate

Where The Action Is!, Vol 10

1. Episode #376 [9/12 1966]

1. Intro

2. Tina Mason & The Hard Times – ?

3. The Turtles – Can I Get To Know You Better

4. Bobby Rydell – Volare

5. Bobby Rydell – She Was The Girl

6. Paul Revere & The Raiders – Something’s Got A Hold On Me

2. Episode #379 [14/12 1966]

1. Intro

2. Keith Allison – Great Balls Of Fire

3. The Hard Times – A Hazy Shade Of Winter

4. Gary & The Hornets – Hi Hi Hazel

5. Tina Mason – Coming On Strong

6. Roy Head – Treat Her Right

7. Paul Revere & The Raiders – Hungry

3. Episode #384 [21/12 1966]

1. Intro

2. Keith Allison – Lonely Weekends

3. The Turtles – Can I Get To Know You Better

4. Tommy Roe and Tina Mason – There’s Got To Be A Word!

5. Paul Revere & The Raiders – Laugh At Me

6. The Hard Times – Fortune Teller

7. The Turtles – You Baby

Where The Action Is!, Vol 11 (CLIPS)

1. The Zombies – She’s Not There [29/6 1965]

2. The Zombies – She’s Coming Home [29/6 1965]

3. The Zombies – Tell Her No [29/6 1965?]

4. Donovan – Catch The Wind [3/9 1965]

5. The Castaways – Sam [8/10 1965]

6. The Castaways – Liar Liar [8/10 1965]

7. The Vejtables – I Still Love You [22/10 1965]

8. The Vejtables – Anything [22/10 1965]

9. The Kingsmen – Louie Louie [10/1 or 5/4 1966]

10. The 4 Seasons – Big Girls Don’t Cry [27/1 1966?]

11. Marvin Gaye – Ain’t That Peculiar [15/2 or 22/9 1966]

12. Bobby Fuller Four – Let Her Dance [15/3 1966]

13. Bobby Fuller Four – I Fought The Law [15/3 1966]

14. The Temptations – Get Ready [1/4 1966]

15. Martha & The Vandellas – Dancing In The Street [6/4 or 9/5 1966]

16. Them – Call My Name [22/4 1966]

17. Them – Mystic Eyes [22/4 1966]

18. The Shadows Of Knight – Gloria [12/5 1966]

19. The Outsiders – Time Won’t Let Me [18/5 1966]

20. The Standells – Dirty Water [12/7 or 5/10 1966]

21. The Standells – Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White [12/7 or 5/10 1966]

22. The Standells – Have You Ever Spent The Night In Jail? [12/7 or 5/10 1966]

23. Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – Who Do You Think You’re Fooling [21/7 1966]

24. Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – Diddy Wah Diddy [21/7 1966]

25. B.J. Thomas – Mama [9/8 or 31/8 1966]

26. The Temptations – Beauty’s Only Skin Deep [31/8 1966?]

27. ? & The Mysterians – 96 Tears [27/9 1966]

28. ? & The Mysterians – I Need Somebody [27/9 1966]

29. The Blues Magoos – (We Ain’t Got) Nothin’ Yet [28/12 1966]

30. Keith – 98.6 (incomplete) [28/12 1966?]

31. The Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth [9/1 1967]

32. The Buffalo Springfield – Sit Down I Think I Love You [1967]

33. The Seeds – Mr. Farmer [12/1, 26/1 or 16/2 1967]

34. The Seeds – Pushin’ Too Hard [12/1, 26/1 or 16/2 1967]

35. The Palace Guard – Falling Sugar [17/2 1967]

36. Johnny Rivers – Poor Side Of Town [1/3 1967]

37. Sopwith Camel – Hello Hello [15/3 1967]

38. The Little Boy Blues – I Can Only Give You Everything [17/3 1967]

39. The Yardbirds – Shapes Of Things [15/4 1966]

40. The Yardbirds – I Wish You Would [11/5 1966]

41. The Yardbirds – You’re A Better Man Than I [11/5 1966]

42. The Small Faces – Whatcha Gonna Do About It [22/6 1966]

43. The Small Faces – Sha-La-La-La-Lee [22/6 1966]

Hollywood Á Go Go, Vol 1

1. Episode #27 [26/6, 1965]

01. Intro

02. The Challengers – Wonderful World

03. James Brown – Out Of Sight

04. The Sinners – Off The Hook

05. The Chambers Brothers – Don’t Lose Your Cool

06. Sonny & Cher – Just You

07 .Introduction by Sam Riddle

08. Aretha Franklin – Mockingbird

09. The Kimberleys – You Can’t Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd

10. Cher – All I Really Want To Do

11. The Challengers – This Little Bird

12. James Brown – I Got You (I Feel Good)

13. The Sinners – I’ve Had It

14. The Kimberleys – Four Long Seasons

15. The Chambers Brothers – Call Me

16. Aretha Franklin – I’m Losing You (No, No)

17. Sonny & Cher – I Got You Babe

18. The Sinners – Milk Cow Blies

19. Outro

2. Episode #9 [20/2, 1965]

01. Intro

02. Jackie DeShannon – When You Walk In The Room

03. Johnny Crawford – Sandy

04. Pat & Lolly Vegas – Do You Want To Dance

05. The Platters – ?

06. The Sinners – Baby Please Don’t Go

07. Johnny Crawford – The Girl Next Door

08. The Platters – ?

09. The Challengers – Fanny Mae

10. Donnie Brooks – I Can’t Help Loving You

11. The Sinners – Laugh, Laugh

12. Donnie Brooks – Mission Bells

3. Aloha À Go Go! [14/7 1965]

01. Intro

02. Jan & Dean – Honolulu Lulu

03. Sam Riddle – Hawaii

04. Introduction by Sam Riddle

05. The Challengers – Pipeline (inst.)

06. Jackie & Gayle – And That’s How It Goes

07. Jan & Dean – Surf City

08. Introduction by Sam Riddle

09. The Wellingtons – Rock & Roll Music

10. Jackie & Gayle – A Summer Song

10. (The Crickets – I Saw Her Standing There)

11. Introduction by Sam Riddle

12. The Challengers? – Surfin’ U.S.A.

13. The Wellingtons – If I Had A Hammer

14. All – ?

14. (Ray Peterson – One Lonesome Rose)

15. Introduction by Sam Riddle

16. The Challengers – That’s What I’ll Give To You

17. Introduction by Sam Riddle

18. Jan & Dean – You Really Know How To Hurt A Guy

19. Outro

Hollywood Á Go Go, Vol 2

"FOR RESEARCH ONLY" graphic in the middle of the screen.

1. Episode #26 [19/6 1965]

01. The Sinners – It’s Gonna Be Alright

02. The Everly Brothers – Cathy’s Clown

03. The Astronauts – Reelin’ And Rockin’

04. Mel Carter – The Richest Man In The World

05. Dick & DeeDee – Blue Turns To Grey

06. Jill Jackson – Here Comes The Night

07. The Everly Brothers – Gone, Gone, Gone

08. Don Grady – Little People

09. The Astronauts – I’ll Stay With You

10. Dick & DeeDee – Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind

11. The Sinners – Yeh, Yeh

12. Mel Carter – Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

13. The Everly Brothers – I’ll Never Get Over You

14. Don Grady – Summertime Game

15. The Sinners – Watusi À Go Go

16. Dick & DeeDee – Thou Shalt Not Steal

17. The Astronauts – Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day

2. Episode #43 [16/10 1965]

01. The Newbeats – Everything’s Alright

02. Brenda Holloway – When I’m Gone

03. Rick Nelson – Love And Kisses

04. The Sinners – Steppin’ Out

05. Nancy Sinatra – If He’d Love Me

06. The Astronauts – Memphis

07. The Toys – A Lover’s Concerto

08. The Newbeats – Run, Baby Run (Back Into My Arms)

09. The Sinners – Koko Joe

10. Rick Nelson – Our Own Funny Way

11. Nancy Sinatra – So Long Babe

12. The Astronauts – Ain’t That Just Like Me

13. Brenda Holloway – You Can Cry On My Shoulder

14. The Newbeats – Bread And Butter

15. The Toys – This Night

16. The Sinners – Hi-Heel Sneakers

17. The Gazzarri Dancers – Dancing segment

Hollywood Á Go Go, Vol 5

1. Episode #30 [17/7 1965]

01. Intro

02. The Sinners – Whole Lot Of Shakin’ Going On

03. Bobby Vee – Keep On Trying

04. Jackie Wilson – Baby Workout

05. The Byrds – Mr. Tambourine Man

06. Ian Whitcomb – You Turn Me On (Turn On Song)

07. The Challengers – Seventh Son

08. Lenny Welch – Darling Take Me Back

09. Bobby Vee – Sharing You

10. The Byrds – I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better

11. Jackie Wilson – No Pity (In The Naked City)

12. The Sinners – She’s About A Mover

13. The Challengers – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

14. Ian Whitcomb – Be My Baby

15. The Byrds – All I Really Want To Do

16. The Challengers – Sticks And Stones

17. Bobby Vee – Hey Little Girl

18. The Sinners – California Sun

2. Episode #47 [25/12 1965]

01. Intro

02. Bobby Freeman – Good Lovin’

03. Lesley Gore – It’s My Party

04. The Association – One Too Many Mornings

05. The Dixie Cups – Chapel Of Love

06. Simon & Garfunkel – The Sounds Of Silence

07. Donna Loren – Call Me

08. Bobby Freeman – The Monkey

09. Lesley Gore – Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows

10. The Dixie Cups – The ABC Song

Hollywood Á Go Go, Vol 6

1. Episode #34 [14/8 1965]

01. Intro

02. The Sinners – Slow Down

03. Bo Diddley – Let The Kids Dance

04. Donnie Brooks – Mission Bell

05. Carla Thomas – For You

06. John Andrea – ?

07. Booker T. & The MG’s – Bootleg (inst.)

08. Barry Young – Show Me The Way

09. Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley

10. Donnie Brooks – You Make My World Go Round

11. Carla Thomas – ?

12. The Sinners – Shakin’ All Over

13. Booker T. & The MG’s – Green Onions (inst.)

14. John Andrea – ?

15. Bo Diddley – Let Me Pass

16. Donnie Brooks – What’d I Say

17. Barry Young – One Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart)

18. The Sinners – Watusi A Go Go

2. Episode #44 [23/10 1965]

01. Intro

02. Eddie Hodges – New Orleans

03. The Turtles – It Ain’t Me Babe

04. The Sinners – Slippin’ And Slidin’ (Peepin’ And Hidin’)

05. Jody Miller – Home Of The Brave

06. Jimmie Rodgers – Bye Bye Love

07. Mel Carter – (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings

08. The Spokesmen – The Dawn Of Correction

09. Jackie & Gayle – That’s How It Goes

10. The Turtles – Let Me Be

11. Eddie Hodges – Love Minus Zero

60's and 70's Various Artists

An odd -ball collection of random pop and garage

Traits (New York) - "Just Like Me" (Amateur Hour) (Great teen GARAGE!)

Evie Sands (Playboy After Dark)

Andy Kim - "Be My Baby" (Disco '71)

Del Vikings - "Come And Go Witrh Me" 1958

G Baker Selection - "Little Green Bag" (Promo)

Kyu Sakamoto - "Sukiyaki" (Promo)

Norman Greenbaum - "Spirt in the Sky" (Promo)

Jimmy Rodgers - "Honeycomb" (Ed Sullivan)

Animals (Beat,Beat,Beat)

Rattles (")

Casey Jones & the Governors (")

Patience & Prudence - "Tonight You Belong To Me" (Perry Como 1956)

Dukes (New Abany, Mississippi ) - "Brown Eyed Hansome Man" (Amateur Hour 1966)) (Great teen GARAGE!)

Cryin' Shames (The English one) - "Please Stay" / "Long Lost Blues" (WTAI in London)


Volume One:

National Bandstand - "Sick and Tired"

Something Else - "Poison Ivy" / "Farmer John" / "I'm a Hog For You" /

"Beatles Medley"

National Bandstand - "Funny Face" / "Hello Josephine" /"Poison Ivy" /

"Danny Boy" / "Shout" / "Mashed Potatoes"

Upbeat - "The New Breed"

Flywrink Weekly - "Be Bop a Lula" /"Most people Know" / "

Happening - "CC Rider" / Promo / "Heartbreak Hotel" /"Most People I Know"


>BILLY THORP Volume two:

GTK - "Most People I Know" / "CC Rider"/ "Be Bop A Lula" /"Mama" /

"Long Live Rock and Roll"

GTK Studio Interview 1970

Concert footage - "Movie Queen" / "Time to Live"

GTK - "Mama"

Live - "Somebody Left Me Crying" / "Time To Live"

Hitscene - "Dawn Song"

GTK interview 1973

Sydney Opera House - "Cigarettes & Whiskey"


>BILLY THORP Volume Three:

TV perforance clps - 1974 - 1997

News Clips



BANDSTAND (version 2)

Bee Gees -"My Old Man's A Dustman"

Lot's campy pop singers



Sydney -1964


Volume one:

Sing, Sing, Sing - Little Patty, Max Merriot & the Meteors, etc.

Johnny O'Keefe Show (1962) - Barry Stanton, Chessmen, etc.

Sing Sing Sing Volume two:

Six O'Clock Rock (50's pop)(4 episodes)

Jimmy Griffiths


Louie Prima

Lonnie Lee

DJs - "Straight Flush"

Tons more...........

Volume three:

Johnny O'Keefe Show - (50's Rock/ Pop)

Volume four:

Johnny O"Keefe Show - Denvermen (cool, surfy rock) /

Dave Bridge - "Carioco" / "Wonderful Land"(cool guitar instros)

Pop singers

Volume five:

Johnny O'Keefe Show - DJs / Pop singers

Sing , Sing, Sing - Rajas , more.............


GO! Show - Purple Hearts

Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs

Wild Cherries - TV and LIVE in Color

Coloured Balls

Re-union concert footage


"No one Here Get's Out Alive"

1978 doc. with clips and interviews

Complete SHIVAREE episodes:

3/13/65 (#7)


3/27/65 (#9)

Jackie Wilson – Baby Workout

Jay & The Americans – Let’s Lock The Door

Uniques – Not Too Long Ago

Jackie Wilson – Danny Boy

Jay & The Americans – The Good Times

Uniques – Fast Way Of Living

4/10/65 Hondells (#11)

4 /17/65 (#12)

Reflections, Gouchos

5/1/65 (#14)

Ronnetts, Human Beings

5/8/65 Byrds / Preachers


Eddie Hodges -"New Orleans"

The Fabulous Echos -"Cry, I Do, For You"/"Candy"

The Moon Maids - "There's A Cinder In My Eye / "Twist & Shout"



Rolling Stones

6/12/65 Byrds/ Mel Carter (#20)

7/3/65 Bobby Fuller Four/ Ian Whitcomb (#23)

7/10/65 (#24)

Sir Douglas Quintet

Shivaree 7/17/65 (#25)

Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs

PJ Proby

7/23/65 Turtles/ Kinks (#27)


Rolling Stones, Dixie Cups

7/31/65 Turtles/ Kinks


Lovin' Spoonfull

8/21/65 (#30)



8/28/65 (#31)


Gerry & the Pacemakers

Del Shannon

Jackie DeShannon

9/4/65 Bobby Fuller Four

9/11/65 Great Scots/ Buddy Knox (#33)

9/25/65 We Five

10/9/65 Safaris/ Little Anthony and the Imperials (#37)

10/16/65 Byrds/ Donovan (#38)

10/23/65 Turtles / Spokesmen

11/6/65 Strangeloves / Sunrays

11/13/65 (#42)


11/27/65 (#44)

Bobby Fuller Four


12/4/65 Vogues/ Deep Six/ Marvin Gaye (#45)

12/11/65 Lovin' Spoonfull / Beau Brummels

12/18/65 Gary Lewis and the Playboys (#47)

12/25/65 (#48)

Five Americans

Mommas and The Papas

65? Castaways/ Roy Head

1/1/66 Simon and Garfunkel (#49)

1/8/66 (#50)


Johnny Nash


Mitch Rider and the Detroit Wheels/ Peter and Gordon (#51)



1/29/66 (#53)


Four Preps


Nancy Sinatra/ Knickerbockers (#54)


The Lively Set -"The Odds Against Going To Heaven"/"Get Together"

Al Martino -"Spanish Eyes"/"Think I'll Go Somewhere And Cry Myself To Sleep"

April & Nino- "Bye Bye Blues" / "I Love How You Love Me"

Sue Raney- "Now Is The Hour"/"Before The Rain"

T-Bones- "No Matter What Shape".

2/26/66 Sunrays/ Bantams


Documentary on the first psychedelic West coast

clubs with home movies, clips and interviews

with the Charlatans, Dan Hicks , etc.


Clips and interviews, nice menu.

THE SORCERERS (1967) (Nice re-master with menu)

Contains a few cool club scenes

"The Sorcerers" is the second film directed by Michael Reeves,the man behind "The Conqueror Worm"(1968).A medical hypnotist(Boris Karloff)invents the machine that enables him and his wife(Catherine Lacey)to live the experiences of Michael,a young man(Ian Ogilvy)who the machine has placed under their command.But Michael is driven to murder for their pleasure...The film is cheaply made and quite gritty-the atmosphere is pretty nihilistic and the climax is bleak.Karloff is excellent as an elderly scientist.It's really a shame that Reeves committed suicide in 1969-he could be an excellent horror director."The Sorcerers" is pretty hard to find,so if you get the chance watch it.Highly recommended.


Cool old full size clips of Cliff and the Shadows (60 mins.)

FABULOUS 50's vol. 3

High quality!



























ronnie t.

Collin Kids



FABULOUS 50’s vol. 4

High Quality!

Billy Fury



chuck berry












the chordettes












jerry lee lewis



Fabulous 50’S VOLUME 5 COLOR+S/W)

High Quality!

Neil Sedaca

Moon Mullican












lavern baker













the marcels






Cherry Walner


Connie Francis

Roy Orbison





duane eddy



















anthony NEWLEY


FABULOUS 50’s vol.11/50'5 IN S/W(B/W)

High quality!

The Tyrones

John Ashley

Duane Eddy

Alan Dale

Eddie Cochran

Louis Prima &

Keely Smith

Joe Dee & The


The Royalteens

Danny & The


Bob Luman

The Spotniks

Tommy Sands

Gene Vincent

Kenny Lynch

Louis Prima

Mamie Van Doren

Gene Vincent

Louis Prima

Freddy Cannon

The Platters

Wink Martindale

Art Baxter

Paul Anka

Susan Cabot

Cliff Richard

Chuck Berry

Gene Vincent

Jerry Lee Lewis

Tommy Steele

Alan Dale

FABULOUS 50’s vol.12/50's S/W(B/W)High quality Rare Tracks!

Tommy Sands

John Ashley

Cliff Richard

Freddy Cannon

The Ventures

Tommy Sands

Joe Dee & The


Tommy Steele

Louis Prima

Gene Vincent

Gene Vincent

Gene Vincent

Jo-Ann Campbell

The Everly Brothers

Tommy Steele

Louis Prima

The Chas McDevitt

Skiffle Group

Johnny O`Keefe

The Shadows


Tommy Steele

Tommy Adano

The Chantays

Johnny & Jo

Johnny O`Keefe

Jerry Lee Lewis

The Spotniks

The Everly Brothers

Johnny Olenn

Wanda Jackson

Louis Prima & Keely




Little Tony & His Brothers

The Collins Kids

Freddy Cannon

Mamie Van Doren

Jerry Lee Lewis

Lord Rockingham´s XLChris Andrews

Don Lang

Lorrie Collins

The DelVikings

The Platters

The Collins Kids

Freddy Cannon

Johnny & Jack

Les Anderson

Paul Anka

Jimmy Darren

Sonny James

Merle Travis

The Tielman Brothers

Coleen Hicks

Gene Vincent

Freddy Cannon

Jan & Dean

The Everly Brothers

Del Reeves

Screaming Lord Sutch

Vince Taylor

Brenda Lee

Brenda Lee



Rocco & The Saints

The Five Keys

Conway Twitty

Frankie Ford

The Coasters

Little Anthony & The Imperials

Slim Whitman

Billy Williams Quartett

Connie Francis

Chubby Checker

The Mellow Kings

The Ink Spots

The Fleetwoods

Tony Crombie & His Rockets

The Satins

Lorrie Collins

Art Baxter & His Rockin Sinners

Tony Crombie & His Rockets

Patsy Cline

Johnny Tillatson

Louise Cordell

Jet Harris & Tony Meehan

Joe Brown

Freddy Cannon

Bobby Vee

Dickie Pride

Elvis Presley

Tony Sheridan

Billy Miles

The Titans


1972 – 1990’s Interviews, clips

60's Garage Band TV

(An upgraded collection of garage faves)

Raspberries (Mike Douglas)

Moby Grape (Mike Douglas)

New Colony Six (Kiddie A go go)

Kingsmen (Shindig!)

Sir Douglas Quintet (Shindig!)

McCoys (Shindig)

Tommy James & The Shondells (Ed Sullivan)

Strawberry Alarm Clock (Happening'68)

Cyrkle (Hullabaloo)

Bobby Fuller Four (Hullabaloo)

Blue Cheer (Beat Club)

Standells (Action)

Syndicate of Sound (Action)

Five Americans (Action)

Knickerbockers (Action)

Beau Brummels (Shivaree)

Beau Brummels (Shindig)

Gentrys (Shindig)

Love (AB)

Music Machine (AB)

Shadows of Knight (Action)

Leaves (AB)

Outsiders (Action)

? & the Mysterians (Action)

Count Five (AB) (71 mins.)


The true story of Roky Erickson’s battle with drugs, the law, sanity and his family.

Includes several performance clips of Roky at various times

In his career. (90 mins.)

"WHERE THE ACTION IS" 10 /6/66 (with original ads)

Pro film transfer!

Paul Revere & the Raiders

Neal Diamond

Hard Times

Four Tops (25 mins.)


Pro film transfer!

Paul Revere & the Raiders (40 mins.)

Ray Peterson


LIVE on Austin City Limits (2007) ?

Recorded directly to DVD.


A boot from the "Storytellers" stage.

Handheld camera from the audience but close up

and good sound.


4 disc tribute to Chet Helms

Face Au Public (fair quality)

LIVE French TV with:


Cliff Richard & the Shadows

Chuck Berry (better quality)



Roy Orbison


Melborne, Australia 1964

Interviews, press conferences


Searchers - "When I Get Home" LIVE! WOW!

Peter, Paul & Mary

The Fortunes

Ricky Nelson promo

More...... (120 mins.)


Aussie press conferences

Raw newsreels with LIVE Beatles



Aussie doc., newsreel footage

BEATLES- "IT'S A GAS!" (Good quality, nice menu)

Aussie tour 1964

Beatles Sing for Shell (Only televised Aussie appearance)

Sounds INC.

Also silent newsreel footage of the Beatles


Newsreels, interviews

Excellent quality LIVE CONCERT!

GTK VOLUME 2 (RAGE Rebroadcasts - Aussie TV)

Wizzard (1973)

Michael Jackson

Ted Mundry (1973)

Gary Glitter

Daddy Cool (1971)

Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs

Slade (LIVE 1973)

Elton John

Joe Cocker

Led Zeppelin (LIVE)

Pink Floyd - "Carefull With That Axe Eugene"

Rolling Stones



RAY DAVIES BIOGRAPHY / KINKS ON BEAT CLUB (Great quality, nice menu)

Kinks doc. with Interviews and Kinks kuts.

ROLLING STONES IN AUSTRALIA (1973) (Excellent quality)

Documentry footage and LIVE clips with

overdubbed studio sound.


Excellent collection of the REAL THING BABY!

Rare clips of sixties teen bands

Good Guys (Battle of the bands film 1967 (8 mins.)





Dino, Desi & Billy



In Time Group



Palace Guard


Rising Tide



The Guy Who Came Up From Downstairs

Tony and the Tigers


Electric Prunes


Band from the film "The Game"

Various NTSC #7

Thirteenth Floor Elevators - "Your'e Gonna Miss Me" (WTAI) (Very good quality, best I've seen)

Thirteenth Floor Elevators - "Your'e Gonna Miss Me" (AB) (Very good quality, best I've seen)

Shaggs / Bram Rigg Set "The Show with the Very Long Title" (Best version I've seen)

Bewitched TV clip

Troggs - "Wild Thing" (Train Station promo)

Yardbirds - "Train Kept a Rollin'" (NME concert)

Sam the Sham - "Wolly Bully" (Hollywood a go go)

"Green Slime" movie intro

The Breed - "Green Eyed Woman" (Malibu U)

Sydicate of Sound - "Almost Grown" (WTAI)

Happening 68 "Battle of the Bands" clip

Gentrys - "Spread on Thick" (film clip)

Music Machine - "Talk, Talk" (AB)

Rolling Stones - "I Wanna Make Love to You" (Dean Martin intro, Hollywood Palace)

Beatles - "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" (poor quailty promo)

Rolling Stones - "Last Time" (UK TV)

Kinks - "Tired on Waiting" (TV)


Hermin &the Hermits (UK TV)

Rolling Stones - "Satisfaction" LIVE UK TV

Sam the Sham & the Phaorohs - "Monkey See, Monkey Do" (Film clip)

Beatles - "Day Tripper" (UK TV- Sound problems)

The Who - Kids Are Alright" (UK TV) Sound issues

Small Faces - "Tin Solder"

Rolling Stones

Pretty Things (Sindig!- Poor quality)

Velvet Underground - "Heroin" / "Tommorows Parties" (Vintage film montage)

Byrds - "Rock and Roll Star" (B/W promo)

John Lennon (Rock and Roll Circus)

CCR - "Fortunate Son" (Johnny Cash show?)

Kinks (Beat Club)

MARK"S COMPILATION # 2 (60's French TV/ Beat Club)

Soft Machine (LIVE / Interviews)

Jimi Hendrix - "Hey Joe" (LIVE)

Troggs - "Wild Thing" (Train Station Promo)

Steppenwolf - "Born to Be Wild" (Beat Club)

Animals - "Shake Rattle and Roll" (Beat Club)

Moody Blues - "Bye Bye Baby" / "I'll Go Crazy"

Marriane Faithful - "As Tears Go By"

Nancy Sinatra - "Sugar Town" (color promo)

Animals - "House of the Rising Son" (Pop Gear)

Vanilla Fudge - "You Keep Me Hanging On" (Beat Club)

Wizzard - "Xmas Day"

Procol Harum - "Hamburg" (Beat Club)

Pink Floyd - "Interstellar Overdrive" ("Let's All Make Love in London")

Deep Purple (Beat Club)

Blue Cheer- "Summertime Blues" (Beat Club)

Manfred Mann - "Ha Ha Said the Clown" (French TV)

Gerry and the Pacemakers - "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" (LIVE Beat Club)

Gerry and the Pacemakers- "How Do You Do It?" (Swedish TV?)

Move - "When Alice Come Back to The Farm" (Beat Club)

Beach Boys (TAMI)

MARK"S COMPILATION # 3 (60's French TV)

Joe Cocker

Four Tops

Soft Machine

Procol Harum


Alice Cooper (LIVE and interviews)




Creatures (Cool promo film)

Rokes - "Let's Live For Today" (LIVE Beat Club - Fair quality)

Aliigators - "The Snobs Theme" (FUCKING GREAT! TEEN COOLNESS) (Sweden)

Demons - "Hippy Hippy Shake" / "Too Much For Me" (Sweden)

Sam Bond Organization (Gonks Go Beat) (UK)

Golden Earring (Promo - Poor quality)

Sandy Coast - "You Make Me Belong"

Troggs - "Night of the Long Grass" (Promo)

Who - "Can't Explain" (B/W promo)

Pretty Things (poor quality Holland TV)


Troggs -"Wild Thing" (Train Station Promo AGAIN!!)

More ..... Beat Beat Beat


(Perfect quality, Nice menus)

(DISC 1)

5/4/65 ~ Triny Lopez , Sir Douglas Quintet, Vikki Carr, Hermin's Hermits

Martha & the Vandelas

Freddy and the Dreamers, Chuck Berry, Four Seasons

9/13/65 ~ Lovin' Spoonful, Sammy Davis Jr. ,Sonny & Cher, Supremes, Stangeloves

9/20/1965 ~ Gary Lewis & the Playboys , Barry McGuire, Paul Revere & the Raiders


Gerry & the Pacemakers, Searchers, Mindbenders, Johnny Rivers, Gene Pitney, Moody Blues,


(DISC 2)

11/29/65 ~ Byrds, Jackie DeShannon, Chad & Jill, Paul Revere & the Raiders.

12.6/65 ~ Hollies, Nancy Sinatra , Yardbirds

3/14/66 ~ Gary Lewis & the Playboys , Mamas & the Papas, Noel Harrison

4/11/66 ~ Cyrkle, Lesey Gore, Peter & Gordan


Marvin Gaye, Dusty Springfield, Young Rascals, Vogues, Miracles, Marveletts,

Turtles, Bobby Fuller Four, Four Tops.

(DISC 3)

2/16/65 ~ Kinks, Frankie & Annette, Dobie Gray, Brothers Four, Freddie & the Dreamers,

Band of Angels .

9/27/65 ~ Beau Brummels, Peter & Gordan, Brenda Lee, Animals.

!0/25/65~ Petuala Clark, Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs, Noel Harrison, Toys.


Zombies, Marrinane Faithful, Shangri-Las, Bobby Goldsboro, Billy J, Kramer & the Dakotas,

Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames, Jr. Wlaker & the All Stars, Del Shannon, Animals, Supremes,

Len Barry, Goldburg Miller Blues band, Young Rascals, Everly Bros. Mitch Rider & the Detroit Wheels.

(DISC 4)

5/11/65 ~ Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs, Peter & Gordan, Supremes, Byrds.

2/21/66 ~ Righteous Bros., Paul Revere & the Raiders, Nancy Sinatra, Bob Lind.

1/10/66 ~ Shangri-Las, Barry McGuire, Peter & Gorgan, McCoys.


Marrinane Faithful, Little Anthony & the Imperials, Nashville Teens, Hollies, Freddie & the Dreamers,

Lovin' Spoonful, Ramsey Lewis Trio, Four Tops, Beau Brummels, Hullabaloos, Bobby Fuller Four,

Hermin's Hermits, Judy Collins, Impressions, Johnny RIvers.


Cheesy California Natzi - biker movie with cool fuzztone soundtrack and

bizzaro band party scenes.

GAS.S.S.S (1970) (color)

Weird, stoned out hippy California Western road picture concerning a gov't plot

to use chemical warfare. (I think!)

Country Joe & the Fish appear.


"Midnight To Six" (4/27/66) (LIVE)

"Midnight To Six" (5/13/66) (LIVE)

" Talking About the Goodtimes" (3/17/68)

"Reincarnation" (1/11/69) (LIVE)

" ?" (7/25/69)

"Supernova" (1/30/71)

"?" (2/24/73) (no sound)

Québec Treasures, Vol 1

01. Tony Roman – Sha La La* (I) [Scopitone, 1964]

02. Muguette – Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher (These Boots Are Made For Walkin’) [1966]

03. Joël Denis – Le Ya Ya [ 1964]

04. Les Sultans – Dis-Lui (Leave Me Be) (I) [1966]

05. Renée Claude – Ce Soir Je Fais L’Amour Avec Toi* [1973]

06. Les Hou-Lops – Mais Oui Baby (Everything’s Alright) [1965]

07. Les Bel-Canto – Seul (All I Have To Do Is Dream) [1966]

08. Chantal Pary – C’est Fini (I’m Sorry)* (I) [1968]

09. Les Nouveaux Baronets – Je Reviendrais (Here It Comes Again)

10. Les Excentriques – Aide Moi, Chérie (Help Me, Rhonda) [1965]

11. Michèle Richard – La Plus Belles Pour Aller Danser [1964]

12. Les Classels – N’Attendons Pas Qu’Il Soit Trop Tard [Scopitone, 1964]

13. Margot Lefebvre – J’Ai Le Cœur Qui Danse [1965]

14. Les Azteks – On Est Pas Bien Compris

15. Les Milady’s – Sugartown [1967]

16. Michel Pagliaro – M’Lady* [1972]

17. Aglaë – On Se Quitte [1963]

18. Les Bel-Canto – Découragé

19. Bruce Huard – La Joie D’Être Aimé* [1970]

20. Les Sultans – Tout Le Monde Me Dit Qu’Elle Est Belle (I)

21. Robert Demontigny – Oublions Le Monde* [1967]

22. Les Lutins – Je Suis De Bois [1967]

23. Louise Lemire – Soleil Soleil (Soley Soley)* [1972]

24. Les Nouveaux Baronets – 1-2-3

25. Chantal Renaud – Irrésistiblement* [1969]

26. Les Bel-Airs – Cupidon (Little Arrows)

27. Serge Laprade – Une Place Au Soleil (A Place In The Sun)* [1968]

28. Les Bises – M’Aimeras-Tu Demain (Will You Love Me Tomorrow)

29. César & Ses Romains – Je T’Aime Trop [1966]

30. Anne Renée – Un Amour D’Adolescent (Puppy Love)* [1972]

31. Les Atomes – ? (Step Out Of Your Mind) [1967]

32. Les Bel-Canto – Je T’Aime Hum Hum [1966]

33. Les Milady’s – Monsieur Dupont (I) [1969]

34. Gilles Brown – Mon Ange, Mon Ange (Earth Angel) [1965]

35. Raymond Berthiaume – Le Fruit De La Vie (Windy)* [1968]

36. Michèle Richard – Ça Va Je T’Aime (I) [1964]

37. Les Sultans – Angélique

38. Les Baronets – Je Suis Fou* (I) [Scopitone, 1965]

39. Renée Martel – À Demain My Darling [1969]

Québec Treasures, Vol 2

01. Chantal Pary – Le Fer, Le Marbre Et L’Acier (Marble Breaks And Iron Bends)* (I)

02. Les Bel-Airs – Tant De Choses A Dire (Time Is On My Side) [1965]

03. Gilles Brown – C’Est Toi Que J’Aime (Only The Lonely) [1966]

04. Renée Martel – Le Bateau Du Bonheur* [1972]

05. Ginette Sage – Le Kangourou

06. Tony Roman – Hanky Panky [1966]

07. Claire Lepage – Senor Et Senorita* [1968]

08. Les Têtes Blanches – ? (inst.)

09. Les Sultans – C’Est Promis (Sloop John B.) [1968]

10. Céline Lomez – Pardonne-Moi Si Je T’Aime* [1971]

11. Michel Pagliaro with Les Chanceliers – À Paris La Nuit (How Can I Be Sure)

12. Michèle Richard – J’Aime Vivre*

13. Les Hou-Lops – Oh, Non

14. Les Baronets – C’Est Fou, Mais C’Est Tout (Hold Me Tight)* (I) [Scopitone, 1965]

15. Rosita Salvador – Mon Cœur Est En Prison

16. Les Misérables – ?

17. Anna Bell – Cendrillon* [1971]

18. Les Bel-Canto – Autant Que Tu Voudras

19. ? – Reviens, Reviens (Hello Goodbye)

20. Jenny Rock – Le Mal Que Je Te Fais (Hush) [1968]

21. Christian & Gétro – Wake Up Petite Suzie

22. Danielle Jourdain – Attends-Moi*

23. Les Bel-Airs – Chaque Jour Est Pour Moi(?) (More Today Than Yesterday)

24. Les Coquettes – La Licorne [1968]

25. Renée Martel – Nos Jeux D’Enfants (Games People Play) [1969]

26. Les Sultans – Pour Qui, Pour Quoi [1967]

27. Liette & François – Le Secret Du Bonheur* (Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa)

28. Ginette Reno – Medley [1966]

29. Steve Fiset – Je Suis Ton Ami* [1974]

30. Les Hou-Lops – Mon Secret (Treat Her Right) [1966]

31. Robert Demontigny and Claude Valade – Vin D’Été (Summer Wine)* [1967]

32. ? – Cherie (Honey)

33. Chantal Pary – L’Amour Va, L’Amour Vient (I) [1964]

34. César & Ses Romains – Splish-Splash

35. Les Alexandrins – Les Copains* [1967]

36. Les Classels – Si J’Étais Millionaire (Bad Moon Rising)* [1969]

37. Michèle Richard – Un Jour Un Jour [1967]

38. Donald Lautrec – Le Jour Du Dernier Jour (A Whiter Shade Of Pale) [1967]

Québec Treasures, Vol 3

01. Les Baronets – Twist Et Chante (Twist And Shout)* [Scopitone, 1965]

02. Jenny Rock – Douliou, Douliou, S:t Tropez [1964]

03. Robert Demontigny – Rien N’Est Impossible [1963]

04. Ginette Reno – C’Est Mon Cœur Qui Chante Clair [1969]

05. Les Hou-Lops – Vendredi M’Obsède (Friday On My Mind) [1967]

06. Tony Roman – Do Wha D’Iddy Diddy (I) [1964]

07. Michèle Richard – Les Hommes [1970]

08. Jean Nichol – Donne-Moi Un Peu De Ton Temps (Lady Willpower)* [1970]

09. Claire Lepage – Goodbye [1969]

10. Les Sultans – Apprends À Vivre (The Pied Piper) [1966]

11. Les Milady’s – Monsieur Dupont* (II) [1969]

12. Chantal Pary – C’Est Fini (I’m Sorry) (I) [1968]

13. Donald Lautrec – Action* [Scopitone]

14. Les Bel-Canto – Quand Reviendras-Tu? [1964]

15. Michèle Richard – J’Écoutais La Mer (California Nights)* [1968]

16. Bruce Huard – Je Ne Pense Qu’À Toi [1970]

17. Margot Lefebvre – Chacun Garde Dans Son Cœur [1965]

18. Michel Pagliaro – Ton Nom Imprimé Dans Mon Cœur [1968]

19. Renée Martel – Viens Changer Ma Vie [1967]

20. Pierre Lalonde – C’Est Toujours Comme Ça La Première Fois* [1970]

21. Les Milady’s – ? (To Sir With Love)

22. Les Baronets – C’Est Fou, Mais C’Est Tout (Hold Me Tight) (II) [1963]

23. Les Classels – Ton Amour A Changé Ma Vie* [Scopitone, 1965]

24. Raymond Berthiaume – Prends La Vie Du Bon Côté (Make Every Minute Count) [1968]

25. Chantal Renaud – Comme Un Garçon* [1968]

26. Les Sultans – Il N’Y A Rien Au Monde Que Je Ne Ferais Pas [1966]

27. Danielle Jordan – Comment Te Dire Adieu

28. Les Hou-Lops – Je Pleure Comme Un Enfant (Cry Like A Baby) [1968]

29. Renée Claude – Viens Faire Un Tour* [1970]

30. Les Sinners – Penny Lane [1967]

31. ? – Moi Je Cherche Un Pays (A Place In The Sun)

32. Claude Steben – Ce N’est Pas Sérieux* [1967]

33. Chantal Pary – Dis Petit Tom [1968]

34. ? – Dans Le Temps

35. Michèle Richard – Je Suis Libre (You Don’t Own Me)

36. Les Misérables – Alors Tu Peux Partir

37. Michel Pagliaro – J’Ai Marché Pour Une Nation

38. Christine Chartrand – Quatre Gouttes De Pluie* [1969]

39. Les Sultans – Dis-Lui (Leave Me Be) (II) [1966]

Québec Treasures, Vol 4

01. Claire Lepage – Bam Bam Bam

02. Tony Roman – Do Wha D’Iddy Diddy (II) [1966]

03. Dany Aubé – La Fille Du Pacha (Suddenly You Love Me)* [1968]

04. Les Sultans – Je T’Aime Bien (You Make Me Feel Good) (I) [1966]

05. Les Classels – Le Vent De La Nuit [1966]

06. Les Baronets – L’Amour Ça Fait Pleurer (It Hurts To Be In Love)* [Scopitone, 1965]

07. Donald Lautrec – Eloïse [1969]

08. Michèle Richard – Reste Avec Lui (Stand By Your Man) [1969]

09. Robert Demontigny – Un Baiser De Toi (Kiss Me Quick) [1964]

10. Michel Pagliaro – J’Entend Frapper* [1972]

11. ? – Car Moi Je T’Aime Trop

12. Renée Martel – Je Vais À Londres (Next Plane To London) [1968]

13. Jacques Salvail – Embrasse Moi* [1972]

14. Les Bel-Canto – Mon Petit Doigt [1969] alla fyra kommer in från drapeier

15. Les Alexandrins – Le Chant Du Solitaire* [1972]

16. Les Hou-Lops – Pas Besoin D’Un Doctor [1968]

17. Michèle Richard – Les Boites À Go Go* [Scopitone, 1966]

18. Hovaness Hagopian – Quand Tu Es Seule Avec Moi*

19. Chantal Pary – Je Suis Amoureuse (Corrina, Corrina) [1968]

20. Les Sultans – Tout Le Monde Me Dit Qu’Elle Est Belle (II) [1968]

21. Pierrot Les Cheveux – Le Cœur D’Une Génération* [1969]

22. Renée Martel – Quand Un Bateau Passe (Trains And Boats And Planes) [1968]

23. Les Nouveaux Baronets – Tiens Bon (Let’s Hang On!)

24. Les Milady’s – J’Ai Besoin De Ton Amour (My Love) [1966]

25. Tony Roman – Sha La La (II) [1966]

26. Claire Lepage – Bang-Bang

27. Les Bel-Air – Cheveux Longs [1966]

28. Christine Chartrand – Pourquoi Je T’Aime* [1968]

29. Les Hou-Lops – Batman [1966]

30. ? – Lumière Et Son*

31. Les Baronets – Je Suis Fou (II) [1964]

32. Michèle Richard – Il Faut Qu’Il Me Revienne [1973]

33. Les Bel-Canto – Coui Coui [1968]

34. Chantal Pary – Le Fer, Le Marbre Et L’Acier (Marble Breaks And Iron Bends)* (II)

35. César & Ses Romains – Au Koochy-Koochy Koo [1965]

36. Renée Martel – Si On Pouvait Recommencer* [1972]

37. Les Sultans – La Poupée Qui Fait Non [1966]

38. Ginette Reno – La Dernière Valse (The Last Waltz)* [1969]


(DISC 1)


7. Brenda Holloway, Connie Stevens, The Supremes, Johnny Tillotson

• The Supremes – Stop! In The Name Of Love (same appearance as on Episode #34)

• Connie Stevens – Now That You’ve Gone (same appearance as on Episode #16)

• Johnny Tillotson – Take This Hammer

• Brenda Holloway – When I’m Gone (also see Episode #39)

• Grady & Brady – Love Or Money

• Connie Stevens – Sixteen Reasons

• Brenda Holloway – Every Little Bit Hurts

• Johnny Tillotson – Angel

• The Supremes – Baby Love (same appearance as on Episode #34)

b: 13-Mar-1965 pc: 07-SHIV-65


8. Johnny Crawford, Shirley Ellis, Dobie Gray

• Johnny Crawford – No One Really Loves A Clown

• Shirley Ellis – The Clapping Song (Clap Pat Clap Slap)

• Dobie Gray – The ’In’ Crowd

• Wendy Hill – (Gary Please Don’t Sell) My Diamond Ring

• Alvin Cash & The Crawlers – Twine Time

• Johnny Crawford – Petite Chanson

• Shirley Ellis – The Name Game

• Dobie Gray – Be A Man

• Wendy Hill – Donna, Leave My Guy Alone

• Alvin Cash & The Crawlers – The Barracuda

b: 20-Mar-1965 pc: 08-SHIV-65


9. Jay & The Americans, The Uniques, Jackie Wilson

• Jackie Wilson – Baby Workout

• Melinda Marx – East (possibly "East Side of Town")

• Jay & The Americans – Let’s Lock The Door

• Chris Crosby – Unknown

• The Uniques – Not Too Long Ago

• Jackie Wilson – Danny Boy

• Jay & The Americans – The Good Times

• Melinda Marx – How I Wish You Came

• The Uniques – Fast Way of Living

b: 27-Mar-1965 pc: 09-SHIV-65


10. Donnie Brooks, Bobby Goldsboro, Sonny & Cher, The Standells Picture is Fair / Audio is OK

• Donnie Brooks – I Can’t Help Lovin’ You

• The Standells – Big Boss Man

• Sonny & Cher – C’est Le Vie

• Bobby Goldsboro – Little Things

• Mary Miller – ?

• Donnie Brooks – What’d I Say

• Sonny & Cher – Just You

• Mary Miller – ?

• The Standells –The Shake ’64

b: 03-Apr-1965 pc: 10-SHIV-65

(DISC 2)


15. The Byrds, Glen Campbell, James Darren, The Preachers

• The Preachers – Who Do You Love

• James Darren – Her Royal Majesty

• Carol Crane – What Else Do You Do For Kicks

• The Byrds – Mr. Tambourine Man

• Glen Campbell – Tomorrow Never Comes

• Carol Crane – (Mother It’s A) Frightful Situation

• Glen Campbell – ? (inst.)

• The Byrds – I Knew I’d Want You

• James Darren – Married Man

• The Preachers – Chicken Papa

b: 08-May-1965 pc: 15-SHIV-65


16. Connie Stevens

• Bruce Scott – I Made An Angel Cry

• Connie Stevens – Now That You’ve Gone (same appearance as on Episode #7)

• Jerry Naylor – It’s Only Make Believe

• Linda Carr – Girl From One-A And The Boy From One-B

• The Lively Set – Dippity-Do

• Linda Carr – Baby, Are You Puttin’ Me On

• Gene Weed – Ramblin’ Around

• The Lively Set – Try To Remember

• Jerry Naylor – Leave Him And Come To My Arms

b: 15-May-1965 pc: 16-SHIV-65


17. Cher, Eddie Hodges, Nino Tempo & April Stevens

• Eddie Hodges – New Orleans

• The Fabulous Echoes – Cry, I Do For You

• Nino Tempo & April Stevens – Begin The Begine

• The Moon Maids – There’s A Cinder In My Eye

• Cher – All I Really Want To Do

• Nino Tempo & April Stevens – Thinking Of You

• The Fabulous Echoes – Candy

• Cher – Dream Baby

• The Moon Maids – Twist And Shout

b: 22-May-1965 pc: 17-SHIV-65


18. Jimmy Clanton, The Four Freshmen, Jr. Walker & The All Stars

• Jr. Walker & The All-Stars – Shotgun

• The Four Freshmen – Nights Are Long

• Jimmy Clanton – Go, Jimmy, Go

• Kelly Garrett – Save Me From Myself

• Chuck & Joe – Feel So Fine

• The Four Freshmen – When I Stop Lovin’ You

• Chuck & Joe – You Can’t Fool Me Twice

• Jimmy Clanton – Hurtin’ Each Other

• Jr. Walker & The All-Stars – Do The Boomerang

b: 29-May-1965 pc: 18-SHIV-65

(DISC 3)


19. Jody Miller, The O’Jays, Esther Phillips, The Rolling Stones

• Jody Miller – Silver Threads And Golden Needles (also see Episode #29)

• The Rolling Stones – Play With Fire

• Rick Lancelot – A Heartbreak Train

• Esther Phillips – And I Love Him

• The O’Jays – Lipstick Traces

• Jody Miller – Queen Of The House

• Rick Lancelot – Hoo Doo Man

• The Rolling Stones – The Last Time

• The O’Jays – Girl Machine

b: 05-June-1965 pc: 19-SHIV-65


20. The Byrds, Mel Carter

• Grady & Brady – Star Of The Show

• The Byrds – All I Really Want to Do

• Mel Carter – A Sweet Little Girl

• Melinda Marx – Why Did Love Pass Me By

• Chris Crosby – Pretty Girl???

• Mel Carter – Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

• Grady & Brady – Sad September

• Melinda Marx – What Can I Do?

• Chris Crosby – Red Roses

• The Byrds – Feel A Whole Lot Better

b: 12-June-1965 pc: 20-SHIV-65


21. James Brown, Dino, Desi & Billy, Aretha Franklin, Gerry & The Pacemakers

• Dino, Desi & Billy – I’m A Fool

• Gerry & The Pacemakers – It’s Gonna Be Alright

• Gail Ganley – Runaway

• James Brown – I Got You (I Feel Good)

• Aretha Franklin – I Can’t Wait Until I See My Baby’s Face

• Gerry & The Pacemakers – Ferry Cross The Mersey

• Gail Ganley – ?

• James Brown – Out Of Sight

• Aretha Franklin – One Step Ahead

• Dino, Desi & Billy – So Many Ways

b: 19-June-1965 pc: 21-SHIV-65


22. The Beau Brummels, Glen Campbell, Lenny Welch, Jackie Wilson Picture is Fair(+) / Audio is better

• Jackie Wilson – Shake! Shake! Shake!

• The Beau Brummels – Just A Little

• Glen Campbell – A Woman’s World

• Margie Mills – All Of Me

• Lenny Welch – Darling Take Me Back

• Glen Campbell – Guess I’m Dumb

• Margie Mills – ?

• Jackie Wilson – No Pity (In The Naked City)

• The Beau Brummels – Still In Love With You Baby

b: 26-June-1965 pc: 22-SHIV-65

(DISC 4)


13. Jackie DeShannon, The Olympics, Ray Peterson, Ian Whitcomb, Glenn Yarbrough

• Glenn Yarbrough – Baby The Rain Must Fall (also see Episode #54)

• Ray Peterson – Let There Be Love

• Jackie DeShannon – What The World Needs Now Is Love (also see Episode #31)

• Ian Whitcomb – You Turn Me On (Turn On Song)

• The Olympics – Good Lovin’

• Ian Whitcomb – This Sporting Life

• Ray Peterson – House Without Windows

• Jackie DeShannon – I Remember The Boy

• Glenn Yarbrough – Come Share My Life

• The Olympics – (Baby) Hully Gully

b: 24-Apr-1965 pc: 13-SHIV-65

28. Donovan, Barbara Lewis

• The Greenwood County Singers – 108 Pounds Of Heartache

• The Astors – Candy

• Barbara Lewis – My Heart Went Do Dat Da

• Donovan – Catch The Wind

• Peppi – Skip To My Lou

• The Greenwood County Singers – My Baby’s On The Other Side

• Donovan – Colours

• Barbara Lewis – Baby I’m Yours

• Peppi – I’ve Never Danced Before

• The Astors – I Found Out

b: 07-Aug-1965 pc: 28-SHIV-65

34. P.J. Proby, Raquel Welch, The Supremes, The Temptations

• The Hollywood Persuaders – Drums A Go-Go

• P.J. Proby – Mission Bell

• The Supremes – Baby Love (same appearance as on Episode #7)

• Raquel Welch – I’m Ready To Groove

• The Temptations – My Girl

• The Temptations – The Way You Do The Things You Do

• P.J. Proby – Somewhere

• The Supremes – Stop! In the Name Of Love (same appearance as on Episode #7)

• Adam Saylor with The Hollywood Persuaders – Drive ‘Em To The Back Of The Hat

b: 18-Sep-1965 pc: 34-SHIV-65

40. The Gentrys, Johnny Tillotson, Ian Whitcomb

• Ian Whitcomb – Baby, That’s Rock ’n’ Roll

• The Gentrys – Keep On Dancing

• Johnny Tillotson – Our World

• The Contessas – I Keep On Keepin’ On

• Lyn Roman – ?

• Johnny Tillotson – Busted

• The Contessas – ?

• Ian Whitcomb – N-E-R-V-O-U-S!

• The Gentrys – Brown Paper Sack

b: 30-Oct-1965 pc: 40-SHIV-65


Hollies on Finnish TV

FINNISH TV (cool 60's Finish bands!)

Rengades – "13 Women" Sewing Factory version

43. Ronnie Dove, Gerry & The Pacemakers

• Gerry & The Pacemakers – How Do You Do It?

• Oscar Brown Jr. – Call Of The City

• Ronnie Dove – Kiss Away

• Noel Harrison –The Future Mrs. ’Awkins (also see Episode #53)

• Diane & Anita – One By One

• Noel Harrison – Barbara Allen

• Gerry & The Pacemakers –You’ll Never Walk Alone

• Oscar Brown Jr. – Brother, Where Are You?

• Ronnie Dove – Where In The World

b: 20-Nov-1965 pc: 43-SHIV-65

52. Len Barry, Mel Carter, The Spokesmen, The Turtles

• The Turtles – Glitter And Gold

• Len Barry – Like A Baby

• The Spokesmen – Michelle

• Mel Carter – Love Is All We Need

• Kelly & Gail – When You Take More Than You Give

• Len Barry with The Spokesmen – Happiness

• Mel Carter – It’s Not Unusual

• The Turtles – You Baby

• Ron Sugar – The Honey West Walk (Dancing demonstration)

• Kelly & Gail Steele – Falling Sugar

b: 22-Jan-1966 pc: 52-SHIV-66

58. Mel Carter, The Newbeats, The Temptations

• The Temptations – Get Ready

• Mel Carter – Love Is All We Need

• Cathy Taylor – Around The Corner???

• The Newbeats – Shake Hands (And Come Out Crying)

• Bud Shack – Michelle (inst.)

• The Temptations – The Way You Do The Things You Do

• Cathy Taylor – Turn Around, Look At Me

• Mel Carter – Hold My Hand

• Bud Shack –? (inst.)

• The Newbeats – Run, Baby Run (Back Into My Arms)

b: 03-Marc-1966 pc: 58-SHIV-66


A high - quality collection of

Beat Club clips and obscure promo films

with nice menus and band info....

(Disc One)

Herd (Beat Club) and (promo)

DDDMBT (Beat Club) and (Color Promo)

The Move - "Fire Brigade" / "Blackberry Way" (Beat Club)

The Family Dogg (Beat Club)

Marmalade ("Gazebo" promo)

Hollies - "Suzanne" (Beat Club)

Lou Christy ("Junkyard" promo)

More.....(60 mins.)

(Disc Two)

Sonny & Cher (promos)

DDDBMT (promo) (Beat Club)

Tremelos (BEAT BEAT BEAT) (Beat Club)

The Move - "Flowers in the Rain" ("live" promo)

Troggs - "Love is All Around" ("Train" promo)

Moody Blues - "Nights in White Satin" ("Castle" promo)

Hollies - "Dear Eloise" (promo)

Manfred Mann - "Mighty Quinn" (promo) / "Ragamuffin Man" (color promo)

Family Dogg (Beat Club)

Bee Gees - "The singer's song" ("Black woman" promo)

Aphrodite's Child (color promo)

Amen Corner - "Hello Suzie" (Disco - German TV) (60 mins.)

(DIisc Three)

Moody Blues - "Go Now" (promo)

Lucille Starr

Spencer Davis Group - "Keep on Runnin'" ("Newsprint rolls" promo)

Sonny & Cher (promo)

Herd - "I Can Fly" (promo)

Scott McKenzie - "Old Time Movie" (promo)

Kinks - "Autumn Almanac" (TOTP)

Fortunes - "The Idol" (Beat Club)

Bee Gees- "World" (promo)

Flowerpot Men (Beat Club)

Family Dogg (Beat Club)

Marmalade - "I See the Rain Again" (promo)

Reperata & the Delrons

Status Quo - "Ice in Sun" (promo)

Triny Lopez - "America" (LIVE)

Roy Orbison - "Oh Pretty Woman" (LIVE) (60 mins.)

(Disc four)

Barry Ryan (Disco 71')

Manfred Mann (promo)

Marmalade - "It's the Loving Things You Do" (promo)

Fortunes - "Fire Brigade" (color Promo)

Moody Blues - "Timothy Learys Dead" ("Castle Promo")

Small Faces - Lazy Sunday Afternoon" (promo)

Aprodite's Child - "The End of the World" (French TV)

Move - "Beautiful Daughter (Color Me Pop)

Marbles (color)

Sir Douglas Quintet - "Mendocino" ("Mini - Compact Farfisa" color promo)

Los Payos (promo)

David Bowie - "Space Oddity" ("Foggy stairs" promo)

Harry Nilsson - "Everybody's Talkin'" (Beat Club)

Hollies - "He Aint Heavy" (Disco '71) (German TV)

Andy Kim

Melanne (LIVE)

Moody Blues - "Tuesday Afternoon" ( LIVE, MELLOTRON on stage, early!)

More.........(60 mins.)

TREMELOES "Greatest Hits"

High Quality! Nice menu

28 LIVE and promo clips.

Beat, Beat, Beat / DISCO '71

Beat Club, etc. (Aprox. 70 mins)


High quality! Nice menu

Canned Heat - "Let's Work Together " (LIVE)

Byrds - "Rock and Roll Star" / "Eight Miles High" (LIVE)

Thunderclap Newman (Beat Club)

Crazy World of Arthur Brown - "Fire"

Moody Blues - "Nights in White Satin"

Blue Cheer - "Summertime Blues"

Small Faces - "Itchycoo Park"

The Who - "Happy Jack" (LIVE)

The Nice - "Hang Onto a Dream" (LIVE)

Kinks - "Muswell Hillbilly" (LIVE)

Donovan - "Atlantis" (45 mins.)


"Music videos"

Louie Louie

Steppin’ Out #1

Just Like Me #1

Louie Go Home

Kicks #1

Steppin’ Out #2

Ballad Of A Useless Man

(I’m Not Your) Steppin' Stone

Good Thing #1

Take A Look At Yourself

The Great Airplane Strike

Our Candidate

There's Always Tomorrow


There She Goes

Ups & Downs

Just Like Me #2

Good Thing/Ups & Downs

Him Or Me #1

Kicks #2


I Don't Want Nobody To Lead Me On

Good Thing #2

Peace Of Mind

Him Or Me #2

Too Much Talk #1

Kicks #3

Too Much Talk #2

Mr. Sun Mr. Moon #1

Let Me! #1

Cinderella Sunshine

Judge G.T.O. Commercial

Out On That Road #1

Mr. Sun Mr. Moon #2

Time After Time

Let Me! #2

The Original Handy Man

Mr. Sun Mr. Moon #3

Out On That Road #2

Let Me! #3

Indian Reservation

Country Wine

Birds Of A Feather

Powder Blue Mercedes Queen



All have great menus!

Volume 1

Episode #1

(Unaired Pilot – Pristine Quality!!)

The Supremes - "Come See About Me" & "Stop! In The Name Of Love"

Jan & Dean - "From All Over The World" & "Sidewalk Surfin'"

The Four Seasons - "Walk Like A Man" & "Bye Bye Baby"

Chad & Jeremy - "Yesterday's Gone" (and 1 other song)

Paul Revere & The Raiders - "Money"

Bobby Freeman - "C'Mon And Swim" & "Never Never"

Dick & Dee Dee - "Be My Baby"

Bobby Rydell

Frankie Avalon

Episode #65


Del Shannon - "Handy Man" & "Little Town Flirt"

The Olympics - "Good Lovin'" & "Hully Gully"

Jo Ann Campbell - "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?"

Paul Revere & The Raiders - "Slow Down"

Steve Alaimo--"The Shadow of your Smile"

Episode #173


The Everly Brothers - "Cathy's Clown" & "Lonely Avenue"

Joe Tex - "A Sweet Woman Like You"

Paul Revere and the Raiders - "Uptight"

Steve Alaimo--"Everyday I Have to Cry Some"

Keith Allison--"Action"

Bonus Clips:

The Birdwatchers

(I’m Going To Love You Anyways)

Jackie Paine

(The Go – Go Train)

James Brown

(Out Of Sight)

Keith Allison


The Knickerbockers

(I Get Around)

Peter & Gordon

(Lady Godiva)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(Good Thing)

Paul Revere & The Raiders


Paul Revere & The Raiders

(Stand By Me)

The Robbs

(Shapes Of Things)

Volume 2

Episode #284


The Vogues - "The Land of Milk and Honey" and "Five O'Clock World"

Bobby Moore - "We've Got That" and "Searching For My Love"

The Robbs - "Younger Girl"

Episode #292


The Four Seasons - "Opus 17" and "Rag Doll" (taped in Brooklyn, NY)

Bobby Vee - "Take Good Care of My Baby" and "Look At Me Girl" (taped at Minneapolis, Minnesota lake)

Steve Alaimo - O'Happy" (taped aboard the USS Forester)

On film: Dick Clark interviews Mark Lindsay

Episode #293


Dee Jay and The Runaways - "Peter Rabbit" and "She's A Big Girl Now" (taped aboard the USS Forester docked at Norfork, Virginia)

The Happenings - "He Thinks He's A Hero" and "See You in September"

Keith Allison - "It's All Over Now"

Tina Mason - "I Know (You Don't Love Me No More)" (taped in Huntsville, Alabama)

Paul Revere and the Raiders - "Hungry"

Episode #294


Brenda Lee - "Bye Bye Blues" and "I'm Sorry"

Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels - "Jenny Take A Ride" and "Takin' All I Can Get"

Keith Allison - "Brown-Eyed Handsome Man"

Steve Alaimo - "You Got What It Takes" and "Hold On! I'm A Comin"

Bonus Clips:

Blues Magoos

(We Ain’t Got Nothing Yet)

Four Seasons

(Big Girls Don’t Cry)


(Louie Louie)

Lesley Gore

(It’s My Party)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(All About Her)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(The Great Airplane Strike)

Paul Revere & The Raiders


Paul Revere & The Raiders

(It Must Be Love/Boys)

Roy Head

(Treat Her Right)

The Standells

(Why Pick On Me?)

Volume 3

Episode #296


The Critters - "Younger Girl" & "Mr. Dieingly Sad"

The Knickerbockers - "Just One Girl" & "High on Love"

Steve Alaimo - "It's A Man's Man's Man's World"

Paul Revere and the Raiders - "There She Goes"

Episode #297


The Five Americans - "Evol Not Love" and "Good Times"

The Syndicate of Sound - "Little Girl" and "Almost Grown"

The Robbs - "You've Got Your Troubles"

Paul Revere and the Raiders - "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone"

Plus, an interview with Jim "Harpo" Valley of the Raiders

Episode #298


Tommy Roe - "Sweet Pea" and "Hooray for Hazel"

The Five Stairsteps - "World of Fantasy" and "You've Waited Too Long"

The Robbs - "Slow Down"

Steve Alaimo - "Hitchhike"

Keith Alison - "Colours"

Episode #299


Chris Montez - "The More I See You" and "There Will Never Be Another You"

The Royalettes - "It's Gonna Take a Miracle" and "An Affair to Remember"

Paul Revere and the Raiders- "There's Always Tomorrow"

Bonus Clips:

Bobby Hebb



(Catch The Wind)

James Brown

(Ain’t That A Groove)

Keith Allison

(Catch The Wind)

The Knickerbockers

(C’mon Everybody)

Marvin Gaye

(Pride & Joy)

The Outsiders

(Time Won’t Let Me)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(Do Wah Diddy Diddy)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(The Great Airplane Strike)

Paul Revere & The Raiders


Paul Revere & The Raiders

(‘Goofing Off’!)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(Louie Louie)

Paul Revere & The Raiders


Paul Revere & The Raiders

(Our Candidate)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(Action Promo)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(Try Too Hard)

Roy Orbison

(Mean Woman Blues)

Stevie Wonder


13th Floor Elevators

(You’re Gonna Miss Me)

The Turtles

(Grim Reapor Of Love)

The Vejetables

(I Still Love You)

The Yardbirds

(Shapes Of Things)

Volume 4

Episode #300


Jimmy Hughes - "Neighbor, Neighbor" and "Don't Walk On Me"

The Sandpipers - "Things We Said Today" and "Guantanamera"

Steve Alaimo - "Blowin' in the Wind"

Paul Revere and the Raiders - "Get It On"

Episode #306


Steve Alaimo - "Um Um Um Um" (taped in Central Park, NYC)

The Knickerbockers - "Wild Thing" and "Tired of Waiting" (taped in Huntsville, Alabama)

Sandy Posey - "Throw Caution to the Wind" and "Born a Woman"

Paul Revere and the Raiders - "Take A Look at Yourself" (taped at a Minnesota lake)

Plus, a brief cameo by "Green Hornet" stars Van Williams and Bruce Lee

Episode #309


Major Lance - "The Beat" and "It's Dark and Lonely"

The Razor's Edge - "Let's Call It A Day Girl" and "True Blue Patron of the Arts"

The Robbs - "Blowin' in the Wind"

Paul Revere and the Raiders - "My Generation"

Episode #319


Tommy Boyce--"(Take The) Last Train to Clarksville" & "The Days of Our Lives"

The Four(4) Tops--"I Can't Help Myself (Sugarpie Honeybunch)" & "Reach Out I'll Be There"

Bonus Clips:

Bobby Hebb


Hard Times

(Hazy Shade Of Winter)

Keith Allison

(Great Balls Of Fire)

Left Banke

(Walk Away Renee)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(Phil Volk)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(Group Interview)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(Paul Revere)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(Mike Smith)

The Righteous Brothers

((You’re My) Soul And My Heart’s Inspiration)

The Robbs


Volume 5

Episode #332


Ray Stevens - "Freddie Feelgood (and his Funky Little Five(5) Piece Band)"

Carla Thomas - "B-A-B-Y (Baby)" & "Gee Whiz (Look at His Eyes)"

The Hard Times - "I Can Make It with You"

Steve Alaimo and the Hard Times - "How Sweet It Is (to be Loved by You)"

Tina Mason - "Blue Moon" (with Steve Alaimo and Paul Revere and the Raiders making sound effects).

The Action Kids dance to "Got to Get You Into My Life" (Beatles' record)

Episode #347


Petula Clark -"Who Am I?"

Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - "Mas Que Nada (Whatever Nothing More: Pow Pow Pow)"

Episode #384


The Turtles - "Can I Get to Know You Better?" and "You Baby"

The Hard Times - "Fortune Teller"

Keith Allison - "I'd be Happy Just to Dance with You"

Tommy Roe & Tina Mason - "There's Got To Be A Word"

Paul Revere & The Raiders - "Laugh At Me"

Bonus Clips:

December’s Children

(Something Fresh)

Elephant Men

Hard Times


James Brown

(I Feel Good)

Johnny Rivers

(Secret Agent Man)

Keith Allison

(Time Won’t Let Me)

Keith Allison


The Knickerbockers

(We Gotta Get Out Of This Place)

Martha And The Vandellas

(Dancing In The Street)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(California Sun)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(Phil Volk)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(Harpo & Keith)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(Let’s Go)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(Paul & Harpo)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(Peanut Butter)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(The Girl Can’t Help It)

The Robbs

(Fun Fun Fun)

Roy Orbison

(Pretty Woman)

Roy Orbison

(Sweet Dreams Baby)

The Small Faces

(Sha La La Lee)

The Temptations

(Get Ready)

Tina Mason

(Sign Of The Times)

The Turtles

(Can I Get To Know You Better?)

The Uniques

(All These Things)

The Vejetables


Carl & Annie Wilson


Volume 6 Various Artists

Billy Stewart


Brazil ‘66

(Mas Que Nada)

Chad & Jeremy 1

Chad & Jeremy 2

Eddie Floyd

(Knock On Wood)

Everly Brothers

(Cathy's Clown)

Everly Brothers

(Lonely Avenue)

Five Americans

(Evol Not Love)

Five Americans

(Good Times)

Four Seasons 1

Four Seasons 2

Four Seasons


Let's Hang On)

Four Seasons


Four Seasons

(Rag Doll)

Four Tops

(Can't Help Myself)

Hard Times

(I Can Make It With You)

Hard Times

(I Feel Fine)

Jan & Dean 1

Jan & Dean 2

Keith Allison

(Come On Let's Go)

Keith Allison



(High On Love)


(Just One Girl)


(Tired Of Waiting)


(Wild Thing)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(Ballad Of A Useless Man)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(Get It On)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(Harpo Interview)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

Mark & Fang Interview

(Laugh At Me)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(Mark & Keith Outside)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(Mark Interview)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(My Generation)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(Oo Poo Pah Doo

Rock & Roll Music)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(Steppin' Stone)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(Take A Look At Yourself)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(There's Always Tomorrow)

Paul Revere & The Raiders

(There She Goes)

Paul Revere & The Raiders



(Younger Girl)


(You've Got Your Troubles)

Tina Mason

(Blue Moon)

Tommy Boyce

(Monday, The Day After Sunday)

Tommy Boyce

(Song Medley)

Tommy Roe

(Hooray For Hazel)

Tommy Roe

(Sweet Pea)


(Can I Get To Know You Better?)


(You Baby)


(Five O'Clock World)


"Video Anthology"

nice menu

She’s Not There



(Ready Steady Go)

She’s Not There

(Where The Action Is)

She’s Coming Home

(Where The Action Is)

Tell Her No

(Where The Action Is)

This Old Heart Of Mine

(Dents de lait, Dents de loup)

Going To A Go Go

(Dents de lait, Dents de loup)

It’s Alright With Me




Tell Her No


She’s Not There


Come On Time

(‘Bunny Lake Is Missing’ Movie Promo)

Bunny Lake Is Missing




(Live With Original Line-up)

Time Of The Season

(Promo Video)

The British Beat

(Recent Performance)

Tonite Let’s All Make Love In London

1. Tonite Let’s All Make Love In London [1967]

01. Intro / Pink Floyd – Interstellar Overdrive (background)

02. The Marquis Of Kensington – Changing Of The Guards (background)

03. Twice As Much – Night Time Girl (background)

04. Chris Farlowe – Out Of Time (background)

05. ? – Guantamanera

06. Eric Burdon & The Animals – When I Was Young

07. Pink Floyd – Interstellar Overdrive (background)

08. Twice As Much – Night Time Girl(?) (excerpt)

09. Vashti – Winter Is Blue

10. The Rolling Stones – Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?

11. The Rolling Stones – Lady Jane (background)

12. Chris Farlowe – Paint It, Black (background)

13. The Small Faces – Here Comes The Nice (background)

14. ? – ? (excerpt)

15. Pink Floyd(?) – Nick’s Boogie(?) (background)


VH1 ~ "Classic Albums"

Interviews and short clips (50 mins.)

American Experience presents "Summer of Love"

A striking picture of San Francisco's Haight Ashbury district during the summer of 1967 -- from the utopian beginnings, when peace and love prevailed, to the chaos, unsanitary conditions, and widespread drug use that ultimately signaled the end. Academy Award-nominated filmmakers Gail Dolgin and Vicente Franco (Daughter from Danang) examine the social and cultural forces that sparked the largest migration of young people in America's history. PBS, Ex, (52 mins.)

The Doors - 09/07/68 (LIVE IN EUROPE)

("The Doors are Open")

Japanese TV version

Roundhouse, London, UK 1DVD Pro Shot

"When the Music's Over"

"Five to One"

"Spanish Caravan"


"Hello, I Love You"

"Back Door Man"

"Celebration of the Lizard King"

"Light My Fire"

"The Unknown Soldier"



Electric Prunes


Moby Grape


Beach Boys


Kenny Rogers & the First Addition

Vanillia Fudge

Box Tops


Marrianne Faithful

Nashville Teens


Freddy & the Dreamers

Lovin' Spoonful


Lloyd Thaxton Show 30m Serendipity Singers, Peter Paul and Mary 2/64


Johnny Cash

Carl Perkins

Collins Kids

Joe Maphis

Moody Blues

Rarities Vol. 3

Scottish TV ~ "This Is Your Life" Justin Hayward

"Nights in White Satin" (Beat Club)

Interviews, 80's clips. (120 mins.)

Malibu U.

Looks pretty bad :) NEED AN UPGRADE!

Hosted by Rick Nelson ("Suzanne on a Sunday Morning"), w/Lesley Gore (Sunshine, Lollipops) Don+Goodtimes, Turtles (two songs), Lou Rawls (30 mins.)


Battle of the Bands

A fantastic garage band showdown!

Good Friends & Merry Fellows (California)

Gentlemen Wild (Oregon)

Butterscotch (Arizona)

Sundown Collection (Texas)

Small Crowd (Oregon)

The Flight (California)

UPBEAT (US TV)(volume 3)

Otis Redding

Grassroots - "LIve For Today" / "Midnight Confessions"

Cowsills - "Flower Girl"

American Breed - "Bend Me Shape Me"

Georgy Fame - "Bonnie & Clide"

Animals (cuts off)

Box Tops - "The Letter"

Archie Bell & the Drells - "Tighten Up"

Iron Butterfly

Frigid Pink - "Sing a Song for Freedom"

Ides of March - "Vehicle"

Fred and The Playboys - "Judy in Disguise)

Lemmon Pipers - "Green Tambourne"

Gene Pitney - "Tulsa" / "Heartbreaker"

Amboy Dukes - "Journey to the Center of the Mind"

Steppenwolf - "Magic Carpet Ride" / "Born to Be Wild"

Yardbirds - "Heart Full of Soul"

Simom & Garfunkul - "Sound of Silence" (b/w)

Dizzie Gelspie (b/w)

Peter & Gordan - "Woman" (b/w)

UPBEAT (US TV) (volume 4)

Edwin Starr - "War"

Kenny Rogers & the First Edition - "Ruby"

Steppenwolf - "Sookie"

John Lennon & George Harrison interview

Mick Jagger & Charlie Watts interview

Ides of March - "Vehicle"

Green & Stagg

Robert MacNimarra

Glass House - "I Can't Be You"

Funkadellic - "I Got a Thing"

Boby Sherman

John Denver

Okaysions - Girl Watcher"

"SOMETHING ELSE" (US TV) ~ (Volume one)

1970 (color) (five episodes)

Dr. John

Bobby Bloom

Judy Mayhan

Marrilee Rush

Three Dog Night


Country Joe & the Fish

Noel Harrison

Freda Payne

Chairman of the Board

Kathy Smith


John Stewart

Nick Lampe


TV show, similar to "Playboy After Dark"

Blues Project - "Wake Me, Shake Me" /"?" /"?" (LIVE)

Aretha Franklin - "Respect" / more.....

Staple Singers (LIVE)

Moby Grape - "Hey Grandma" / "?" (LIVE)

DIG WE MUST - ABC Australia Music Show

(Episode 19 12/21/66) hosted By Bobby & Laurie and guests Sound of Brass(O James Trumpet

Blues), Beat Girls(These Boots Are Made For Walking), The New Chord Trio(Medley),

Bobby & Laurie(Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa (Sad Song), Ray Hoff(Bama Lama Bama Loo),

Barry Greenwood, Bev Harrell(What Am I Doing Here With You?), Tony Barber &

Cast(With A Little Bit Of Luck), The Creations(He's The Boy I Love),Idris Jones(Maria),

Tony Barber(Since My Canary Died), The Rondells(You ' d Better Run), Idris Jones,

Judy Jacques(You've Got Your Troubles), Ronnie Burns(? And Got To Get You Into

My Life), Cast(With A Little Bit Of Luck reprise) (55 minutes)

This is the only surviving episode of this show!


Peter & Gordan

Herman's Hermits

Eric Clapton

The Who





Jetro Tull

Pretty Things




Cool early rock and roll by Joe Brown

Larry Parnes

Joe Brown (120 mins.)


1)"Rain Flowers" ~ (Johnny Carson Discovers Cypress Gardens Special) (9/7/68)

2) "Come on Down to My Boat Baby"

3)"Put Your Mind at Ease" ~ (Hollywood Palace) (9/5/67)


(Cass Ellliot , Tim Rose, Jim Hendrix)

"I Know My Rider" (Danny Kaye Show) (12/4/63)

"MARY JANE" (1968)

High school kids smoke pot, drive like

maniacs and upset the old folks.

Stars Fabian


(Excellent quality - A must have , mind blowing collection!)


"Astronomie Domonie" (Bouton Rouge) (Color - LIVE)

"Flaming" (Bouton Rouge) (Color - LIVE)

"Set the Controls For The Heart of The Sun" (Bouton Rouge) (Color - LIVE)

"Let There Be More Light" (Bouton Rouge) (Color - LIVE)

"Let There Be More Light" (Smedi Et Compagine) (B/W) (LIVE)

"Remember A Day" (Smedi Et Compagine) (B/W) (Lip Sync)

"Let There Be More Light" (Tousen Scene) (LIVE) (Color- LIVE)

"Flaming" (Tousen Scene)(LIVE) (Color- LIVE)

"Let There Be More Light" (Surprize Party) Color-LIVE)

"Set the Controls For The Heart of The Sun" (B/W - Live vocals)

"Point Me at The Sky" (B/W)

"See Emily Play" (B/W promo)

"Paintbox" (B/W promo)

"Let There Be More Light" (B/W promo)

1965-1973 DVD Hits Comp

Association (Ed Sullivan)

Association (Carol Channing Show)

Box Tops (Upbeat)

Gressroots (Upbeat)

Seeds (AB) ?

American Breed

Deep Purple (Playboy After Dark)

Iron Butterfly (Playboy)

Canned heat (Playboy)


Boyce & Hart (Pat Boone Show)

Syndicate of Sound (WTAI)

? & the Mysterians (WTAI)

McCoys (AB)

Crazy World of Arthur Brown (Beat Club)

Moody Blues (Color Me Pop)

Fleetwood Mac (Monster Mash)

Shocking Blue (LIVE - Bitzen Festval)

Amboy Dukes (Ray Anthony Show)

Sha Na Na (1970 Filmore East)

Rolling Stones (1965 TOTP)

Them (RSG)

Paul Revere & the Raiders (Hullabaloo A GO GO)

Them (LIVE- French TV)

Troggs (French Promo)

Spencer Davis Group (Beat, Beat ,Beat)

Fanny (1971 Beat Club)

Joe Walsh (Midnight Special)

Traffic (1971~ Glasonbury Fayre)

Traffic (1973 Musicladen)

1965-1974 DVD Hits Comp.

Rolling Stones (TOTP)

Procol Harum (LIVE in Holland) (several tunes)

Easybeats (Beat Club)

Tommy James & the Shondels (Ed Sullivan)

Iron Butterfly (Hy Lit)

CCR (Something Else)

Vanilla Fudge (Ray Anthony Show)

Humble Pie (LIVE in Holland)

Richard Havens (Something Else)

Badfinger - "No Matter What" (Midnight Special) (LIVE)

Pretty Things (French TV) (LIVE - color)

Robin Trower (Old Grey Whistle Test0

Gram Nash (Old Grey Whistle Test)


A comprehensive 1960's & 1970's

TV and promo compilation

Swedish TV (2/28/69)

Various B/W and Color promos

Hullabaloo - "Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart"/ "Good Lovin'" / "Slow Down" /

"People Gotta Be Free" (Color)

WTAI clips

Beat Club

Mike Douglas Show

Ed Sullivan

LIVE clips from the "Phone Booth"

FLIP magazine Interviews


25 of the best of the guitar band clips from

"Quebec treasures"

Pro menu

Les Sultans

Les Hou-Lops

Les Bel-Canto

Les Excentriques

Les Azteks

Cesar & Ses Romains

Les Atomes

Les Bel-Airs

Les Classels

Les Miserables

Les Lutins


1965 - 1973

MC5 - "Thunder Express" (5/6/72)

Oblivion Express- "Don't Look Away" / "Somebody Help Us" (5/6/72)

MC5 - "Tonight" (4/11/72)

David Bowie (1972)

Kevin Ayres

Vinegar Joe

MC5 - "Empty Heart" (5/22/73)

MC5 - "High Heel Sneakers" (5/22/73)

Flamin' Groovies - "Roll Over Beethoven" ( 5/22/73)

MC5 - "Kick Out The Jams" (5/6/72)

MC5 - "Empty heart" (5/6/72)

Yardbirds - "Shapes of Things" Music Hall De France (7/22/66) (LIVE)

Yardbirds - "Over, Under Sideways, Down" ~ Music Hall De France (7/22/66) LIVE

Yardbirds - "Train Kepta Rollin" ~ Music Hall De France (7/22/66) (LIVE)

Yardbirds - "Train Kepta Rollin'' / "Dazed and Confused" / "Josephine" ~ Bouton Rouge (3/9/68)

Pink Floyd - "Arnold Layne" ("In the woods" promo)


1963 - 1968

Spotnicks - "Spotnicks Theme" / "Orange Blossum" / "Telstar" / "Johnny Guitar"

"Unknown Instrumental" / "?" / "?" / "Up Down, Spin Around" /"I'm Comming Home"

Spencer Davis Group (live concert clips)

Spencer Davis Group - "I'm a Man" / "Keep on Runnin'"


Re-mastered with pro menu and chapters for each song.

Absolutely great!

Insane, Rockin’ and RAW!

"Bye ,Bye Johnny" /"Louie, Louie" / "You Really Got Me" /

"Got Love" / "Long Tall Shorty" / "All Day and All Night" / "Are You Ready"


"Oh. Carol" (11/5/64)

"It's All Over Now" (11/5/64)

Newsreels - Airport arrivals

Silent concert footage

"Standing in the Shadows"

"Let's Spend the Night Together"


"Jumpin' Jack Flash" (BBC promo)


"Jumping Jack Flash" (Promo , alternate vocal version)

"Satisfaction" (BBC TV)

"Sympathy For the Devil" (LIVE in the studio version) (1969)

Johnny Halliday sings Rolling Stones in concert

Concert footage

"Little Queenie"

Newsreels of concert goers

"The Beginning" (Weird film trailer; Jagger plays an 1880's American settler)

Jagger speaks French in interviews

Charley Watts interviewed

"Ladies & Gentleman, the Rolling Stones" (37 min Color concert) (UK - Marquee club)

Newsreel / concert footage


"Age tendre et Tete De Bois" (7/6/63)

Cool surf, pop and rock and roll!

Oeuvres- L'EVENING QUARTET interprete "What I'd say".

- Les LIONCEAUX jouent "La chasse a l'homme",instrumental.

- Les KIDS CATS jouent "Night Train", instrumental.

- Alice DONA ~ "Les Garçons".

- Jean Pierre & Nathalie ~ "Sur l'herbe tendre".

- Dick Dale & the DEL-TONES ~"Miserlou". (US LIVE promo film)

- Peter KRAUS "Ce que demandent les jeunes".

- SPOTNICKS ~ rock instrumental.

Les Mustangs (italian garagy rock)

Cliff Richard & the Shadows – Movie clip

Les Chaussettes (several rock and roll tunes!)

Guitars Unlimited (Cool guitar JAZZ)

French TV 1962- 1972

Shadows - "Apache" (1962) (promo)

Ballet dancers dance to a Shadows tune

Cliff Richard & the Shadows appear in a newsreel

Cliff Richard & the Shadows - "Marie"

Cliff Richard & the Shadows - "Out in the Country"


Cliff Richard & the Shadows - "Gotta Funny Feeling"


Cliff Richard - "Marie" (1972)

Cliff Richard - "Shout" (1972)

Cliff Richard - "Bachelor Boy"

Cliff Richard - "Congratulations"

Fourmost - "Hello Little Girl" (1963)


Fourmost (1972)


U.K. Black & white and color film clips and promos of British rock n roll acts.

Cliff Richard and the Shadows, The AppleJacks, Johnny B. Great, Tommy Steele, Frankie Vaughan,

The Springfields, Billy Fury, Shane Fenton & the Fentones, Lulu, The Hollies, Spencer Davis Group, Freddie & the Dreamers, The Three Bells, King Brothers and many others. 60m (Excellent quality)


An out of this world experience!

TV, film and promos by

this Swedish, spacesuit -wearing instro and vocal band

similar to the "Shadows".


The DVD version

Live clips, interviews (60 mins.)


A documentary on the influence of TV on society.

All My Loving 1968

BBC 4 re transmission featuring The Who, Cream, Donovan - an artistic examination

of the social pop culture of 1968 1 Hr color EX

TEENAGE REVOLUTION - (10/31/65) - Special report on teenagers. With guests Phil Spector and rock & roll band The Bushmen. 1 hour 7_

AMERICAN BANDSTAND - (4/27/68) - With guests on film, The Rascals (Easy Rollin'/I'm Gonna Love You/Please Love Me medley), and People (I Love You). w/o/c 1 hour 7_



Dave Edmunds-I Hear You Knockin’ (UK-TV 1971)

Eric Burdon & The Animals - C.C. Rider/When I Was Young (Mike Douglas Show)

Amboy Dukes - You Talk Sunshine, I Breathe Fire (Hy Lit)

Druids Of Stonehenge - Mumsy/int./God Bless The Child (1968 Joe Franklin Show)

Every Mother's Son - No One Knows (Hy Lit)

Ancestors - "School's Out" party – (June 1966 silent home movie footage from Dublin, GA with Ancestors music dubbed on)

Cheerful Earful - Five Foot Two (Upbeat)

Daily Planet - Chase The Night Away (Sounds Of 68)

Group Image - Hi Ya (Hy Lit)

HP Lovecraft - White Ship/I've Been Wrong Before (Hy Lit)

Joystrings - unknown song from UK group (Salvation Army film)

Kak - Everything's Changing (Color promo)

Music Explosion - Little Bit O’ Soul/What You Want (AB 2/17/68)

The Palace Guard - Calliope/Fallen Sugar (Action)

The Prophets - You Wonder Why/It's All Over Now (dubbed home movies - GREAT 60s garage!!)

Sounds Of Time - Sometimes (Sounds Of 68)

The Train - For Your Love (Sounds Of 68)

Unknown Band - Shake Me, Wake Me (Hy Lit)

Wayds - Peter Rabbit/Fever/Long Tall Texan/Little Latin Lupe Lu/House Of The Rising Sun/Louie Louie (UN-believable 1966 sound home movie footage from Oregon!)

Wildflower - Baby Bear/Wind Dream (dubbed home movies-late 60s)

Yellow Payges - Never Put Away My Love For You (Bandstand 4/12/69)

Dale Hawkins – Lil Liza Jane/Suzie Q/Class Cutter/Little Pig (Beech Nut Show)

Animals – Around And Around (Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On 1964)

Todd Rundgren – Hello It’s Me (Midnight Special)

Badfinger – No Matter What (TOTP – YT)

Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band – Canyons Of Your Mind (Colour Me Pop 1968)

The Trashmen (Steve Wahrer) - Surfin' Bird (American Bandstand 1/4/64)



Raw teen garage!

Les Celtiks (LIVE on Quebec TV)

Tol – Puddle Martyrs (Promo film)

Corduroys (LIVE on Quebec TV)

Les Saxons (LIVE on Quebec TV)

Les Mousses (LIVE on Quebec TV)

Les Napoleons (LIVE on Quebec TV)

Les Sinners (LIVE on Quebec TV)


Luv’d Ones (Photo montage)

Bluecoats (Home movies/ photo montage)

Hello People (Teen Time L.A.)

The What Four (Photo montage)

Jennie and the Big Guys (Photo montage)


A fantastic collection of surf, instrumentals and

Rock and Roll from early 60’s French TV with:

Beach Boys

Johnny and the Strangers

Chaussettes Noires



Faux Freres





Fourmost 1964 LIVE "Hello Little Girl" WOW!


Kit Kats

Cliff Richard and the Shadows


A high quality, comprehensive collection of Doors videos

Nice menus!

Volume 1:

Dance On Fire‚

Toronto 1967

Europe 1968

The Doors In Europe‚

The Doors Are Open‚

Jim Morrison‚s ŒHWY‚

The Doors Talk‚ 2000

Volume 2:

Live At The Hollywood Bowl

Feast Of Friends‚

Live On The Ed Sullivan Show

The Soft Parade‚

New York 1969

John Densmore‚s One Man Play

Robby Krieger ŒThe End‚

Ray Manzarek‚s ŒEvergreen‚

Ray Manzarek‚s Induction‚

Dance On Fire‚ Promo

Live In Europe‚ Promo

The Doors in 2002

(Toronto 1967, Europe 1968, New York 1969)



Volume 3:

(Stereo & Mono Audio)

Break On Through‚

(Promo Video)

Break On Through‚

(Shebang 1/1/67)

Mt. Tamalpais Theatre


The Crystal Ship‚

Light My Fire‚

American Bandstand


People Are Strange‚

Light My Fire‚

The Ed Sullivan Show


Moonlight Drive‚

Jonathan Winters Show


Hello, I Love You‚

(Promo Video)

People Are Strange‚

(Promo Video Taping)

The Unknown Soldier‚

(Promo Video)

The End‚

Live In Toronto


Not To Touch The Earth‚

(Promo Video)

Dallas Memorial Stadium Footage

Sam Houston Coliseum Footage


Saratoga Springs, NY Backstage Footage


Wild Child‚

Touch Me‚

Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour


1968 Concert Footage

Discussion with Pastor Fred L. Stagmire

Land Ho!‚

(Promo Video)

San Francisco Footage


Wild Child‚

(Recording Session)

Madison Square Garden


The Soft Parade‚

(Live, 1969)

Auditorium Theatre, Chicago Footage


When The Music‚s Over‚

The End‚


30 mins. 1/12/08

Billy Gibbons joins Roky and his band for a Texas

Blow out!


(More like "progressive" IMO)

"The Ultimate Collection"

Atomic Rooster

Bonzo Dog band

Curved Air

Amon Duul II





Lusifer's Friend



Soft machine


Van Der Graff Generator (Ex quality)


For hardcore fans only; you have been warned... :)

R K Barrett "A Day So Dark, So Warm" (HBO film)(fair quality)

Includes shots of Cambridge and a sad film of Syd in the last years of his life.

Early Pink Floyd home movies (Includes "Lucy Leave" / "Kingbee" single . DEMO or alternate version of "Lucy Leave")

Poor quality promo clips

"Psychedelic SF" - 1968 art film

1957 Digital BBC 4 re transmission 2008

Introduced by Pete Murray - Weekly Skiffle and Rock and Roll show

playing live before a participating studio audience plus special features

includes Spike Milligan.

Features horn band playing early "Rock and Roll" that sounds like swing music.

61 min B/W EX

George Harrison

A Beatle In Benton, Illinois DVD

The Story of George Harrison's first trip to USA in September 1963 to visit his sister and play a Beatles record on radio for the first time in the

States. Interviews with the musicians he played with whilst on holiday five months before US Beatlemania! 90 min EX colour

George Harrison (Two Discs)

Concert For George Tribute concert at

The Royal Albert Hall in 2002 with artists including Eric Clapton, EX

John Lennon

The Definitive Video Clips promo films etc from 1970 until 1980


"Instant Karma"


"Jealous Guy"

"Power to the People"

"Cold Turkey"


"Mind Games"

"Whatever Get's You Thru the Night"

"#9 Dream"

Imagine (Film) 1971

John Lennon

In My Life - mostly US and UK

news reports from December 1980

Ringo Starr

The All Star Band Concert - Ringo in concert with friends in the late 1990's


The Ultimate 1980's Clip Collection

40mins EX


Two DVDs

Includes Moody Blues story with interviews

Includes original promos:

"Go Now"

"Stepin' In a Slide Zone"

"The Wildest Dreams"

"I Know You're Out There Somewhere"

"No More Lies"


Excellent quality collection of promos

Volume 1

1. Intro: Testament Van De Sixties - The Inmost

2. Apache - The Shadows

3. Calendar Girl - Neil Sedaka

4. Little Ship - Blue Diamonds

5. Telstar - The Tornados

6. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes - Bobby Vee

7. Summer Holiday - Cliff Richard

8. Ritme Van De Regen - Rob De Nijs & The Lords

9. You'll Never Walk Alone - Gerry & The Pacemakers

10. Dakota - The Jumping Jewels

11. If I Had A Hammer - Trini Lopez

12. Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles - Francoise Hardy

13. Spiegelbeeld - Willeke Alberti

14. Vous Permettez Monsieur - Adamo

15. Shout - Lulu

16. My Boy Lollipop - Millie

17. House Of The Rising Sun - The Animals

18. Do Wah Diddy Diddy - Manfred Mann

19. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' - Righteous Brothers

20. Go Now - The Moody Blues

21. The French Song - Lucille Starr

Volume 2

1. It's Not Unusual - Tom Jones

2. Oh Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison

3. Concrete And Clay - Unit 4 + 2

4. Wooly Bully - Sam The Sham & The Paraohs

5. Mr. Tambourine Man - The Byrds

6. Little Man - Sonny & Cher

7. Aline - Christophe

8. Yesterday Man - Chris Andrews

9. This Strange Effect - Dave Berry

10. Uptight - Stevie Wonder

11. These Boots Are Made For Walking - Nancy Sinatra

12. You Were On My Mind - Crispian St. Peters

13. Homeward Bound - Simon & Garfunkel

14. Sloop John B. - The Beach Boys

15. Substitute - The Who

16. Welterusten Mijnheer De President - Boudewijn De Groot

17. Here It Comes Again - The Fortunes

18. It's A Man's, Man's Man's World - James Brown

19. Ring Ring I've Got To Sing - Ferre Grignard

20. Summer In The City - The Lovin'Spoonful

Volume Three

1. Monday, Monday - The Mamas & The Papas

2. No Milk Today - Herman'S Hermits

3. Release Me - Engelbert Humperdinck

4. Spicks And Specks - Bee Gees

5. The Happening - The Supremes

6. Silence Is Golden - The Tremeloes

7. Sammy - Ramses Shaffy

8. A Whiter Shade Of Pale - Procol Harum

9. San Francisco - Scott Mckenzie

10. Excerpt From A Teenage Opera - Keith West

11. Ode To Billy Joe - Bobby Gentry

12. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - Dusty Springfield

13. Love Is All Around - The Troggs

14. Hole In My Shoe - Traffic

15. Autumn Almanac - The Kinks

16. From The Underworld - The Herd

17. Distant Smile - Cuby & The Blizzards

18. Nights In White Satin - The Moody Blues

19. The Mighty Quinn - Manfred Mann

20. It's The End - Buffoons

Volume four

1. The Legend Of Xanadu - Beaky, Mick & Tich Dave Dee Dozy

2. Delilah - Tom Jones

3. Cinderella Rockefella - Esther & Abi Ofarim

4. Simon Says - 1910 Fruitgum Company

5. Il Est Cinq Heures, Paris S'eveille - Jacques Dutronc

6. Congratulations - Cliff Richard

7. Lazy Sunday - The Small Faces

8. If I Only Had Time - John Rowles

9. Young Girl - Gary Pucket & The Union Gap

10. Wonderboy - The Kinks

11. Rain And Tears - Aphrodite'S Child

12. Mony Mony - Tommy James & The Shondells

13. Hurdy Gurdy Man - Donovan

14. Callow La Vita - Raymond Froggatt

15. Dong Dong Di Ki Di Gi Dong - Golden Earrings

16. Alouette - Gilles Dreu

17. Alice Long - Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart

18. Ice In The Sun - Status Quo

19. With A Little Help Of My Friends - Joe Cocker

20. Eloise - Barry Ryan

21. Thanks (Video) - J.Vincent Edwards

Volume five

1. Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da - The Marmalade

2. Blackberry Way - The Move

3. Sorry Suzanne - The Hollies

4. Son Of A Preacher Man - Dusty Springfield

5. Where Do You Go To My Lovely - Peter Sarstedt

6. Daydream - The Wallace Collection

7. Boom Bang-a-bang - Lulu

8. Je T'aime_Moi Non Plus - Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg

9. Don Juan - Beaky, Mick & Tich Dave Dee Dozy

10. Venus - Shocking Blue

11. Hawaii Five-o - The Ventures

12. Something In The Air - Thunderclap Newman

13. In The Year 2525 - Zager & Evans

14. Scarlet Ribbons - The Cats

15. Space Oddity - David Bowie

16. I'm Gonna Make You Mine - Lou Christie

17. Pastorale - Liesbeth List & Ramses Shaffy

18. Air - Exseption

19. Little Green Bag - George Baker Selection

20. Thanks - J. Vincent Edwards

21. Ma Belle Amie - Tee Set

Hard Rocking

Compilation of classic televised European 1960‚s/1970‚s US and UK Rock Groups

Featuring Pacific Gas & Electric, New Riders of The Purple Sage, The Byrds, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper,

Mountain, MC5, Steppenwolf, Deep Purple, Spencer Davis Group, Poco & Black Sabbath


The Dutch Collection A superb collection of full length promo films, television performances and interviews with the band. Many of the clips wiped by the BBC have been saved by European companies

Being presented here for the first time in decades colour & black and white 87 min EX track listings


Hugh Hefner introduces and interviews late 60‚s stars to perform

in his rumpus room surrounded by an audience (thankfully all fully clothed!)

Deep Purple, Grateful Dead, Linda Ronstadt, Joe Cocker, Sonny & Cher, Canned Heat, Ike & Tina Turner, Doug Kershaw, Smokey Robinson (Direct Digital)

1968 -70 85 mins Ex

Cliff & The Shadows concert 1978(?)

and archive from The Performance Channel 55 mins EX-


"The South American BEATLES"

A few nice quality TV clips

Los Shakers documentary (In Spanish)

Interviews, TV clips and promos (60 mins.)


"Los Legendarios"

Fair quality TV clips

"Break it All" plus other promo films.

Lot's of interesting "Beatlesque" songs. (53 mins.)


A recent German ART CHANNEL TV broadcast.

Super clean , excellent quality films!

"Be In" San Fransisco Golden, Gate Park ~ 7 mins. Blue Cheer, Greatful Dead (Jerry Abrams)

"Beatles Electronic" 3 mins. 1966-1969 (Kenneth Werner)

"San Francisco" ~ 15 mins. 1968 Pink Floyd (Anthony Stern)

"Exploding Plastic Invevitable" (Andy Warhol)

"Eyetoon" 8 mins. USA 1967-1968 (Jerry Abrams)

V/A - Pop made in England

Nice collection of promos and UK TV clips

; 60's early 70's

billy j. kramer,




kinks (Live)


manfred mann

Small Faces


Hermin's Hermits

Searchers (LIVE NME)

T. Rex

Moody Blues

Eastbeats (Beat Club)

Troggs (Train Promo)

Bay City Rollers

Peter & Gordon


V/A Beat made in the UK

60's -early 70's

A high quality collection of clips and

promos. Some from Beat Club and British Big Beat

w/the moody blues, esther and abi ofrarim, fleetwood mac,

the scaffold, mary hopkin,the applejacks etc.

The Lovin' Spoonful

Great quality collection!

28 TV, promo and film clips (over 2 hours)

Golden age of rock'n roll disc 4

"Hard Rock" and "Guitar heros"

High quality rare clips!

Nice menu

Mitch Rider & the Detroit Wheels (Swingin' Time)

Steppenwolf (Beat Club)

Vanilla Fudge (Beat Club)

Blue Cheer (Beat Club)

Pacific Gas & Electric (Beat Club)

Canned Heat (Beat Club)

MC5 - "Kick Out the Jams" (edited) (Beat Club)

James Gang (Beat Club)

BTO (Live promo)

Grand Funk Railroad (promo film)

Deep Purple (Beat Club)

Black Sabbath (Beat Club)

Alice Cooper (Beat Club)

Chuck Berry (Hollywood a Go Go)

Bo Diddley (TAMI show)

Duane Eddy (Hollywood a Go Go)

Yardbirds (LIVE NME 66)

Cream (Live Albert Hall)

Led Zeppelin (Live 1969 TV)

BB King (Live TV)

Amboy Dukes (Ray Anthony Show B/W)

Ten Years After (Beat Club)

Mothers of Invention ("Montana" LIVE)

Jimi Hendrix (LIVE Montery Pop ~"Wild Thing")


"The devil made us do it"

35 years and 27 clips

That Day

Daddy, Buy me a Girl ,etc.

Golden Earring

"Eight Miles High" tour film

Life on the road with the band.....



MALIBU U ~ 7/28/67

Good quality B/W with timer

and "UCLA Not for licensed use" graphic

Robby Rydell

Englebert Humberdinck

Leonard Nimoy - "Bilbo Baggins" (What the hell!?)

Mrs. Miller

Buffalo Springfield (30 mins.)

MALIBU U ~ 8/4/67

Good quality B/W with timer

and "UCLA Not for licensed use" graphic

James Darren

Harpers Bizarre

Frankie Randall

Robie Porter (30 mins.)



MALIBU U ~ 8/25/67

Good quality B/W with timer

and "UCLA Not for licensed use" graphic

at top of screen.

The Doors

Chad and Jeremy

Lou Christie

Robbie Porter

Marvin Gaye (30 mins

MALIBU U ~ 1967

Good quality B/W no timer or graphic

Peter and Gordan

Marvin Gaye

The Breed

Sandy Posey

Robie Porter

Dionne Warwick (30 mins.)


TV Arts special

Nice quality, color

Serendipity Singers

Ramsey Lewis Trio


Woody Hermin (60 mins.)

American Bandstand - 1968

Full Show (11th Anniversary) Original Commercials

from film kinescope.

Flashback 50's dance footage.

and American Breed perform. (60 mins.)

American Bandstand (Two Shows)

Strawberry Alarm Clock 9/23/67

Steve Alaimo

Grass Roots

Question Mark and Mysterians,Mark Lindsay, Freddie

Weller 1967


Disc One

Merilee Rush - "San Francisco and I Never Was That Kind Of Woman"

John Hartford - "Gentle On My Mind"

Three Dog Night - "Feelin' Alright"

Mephistopheles - "Listen To The Crickets)"

and Jimmy Webb

Noel Harrison - Show Me the Way to Go Home"

Vic Dana - "If I Never Knew your Name"


Country Joe and The Fish - "Sing, Sing, Sing".

Freda Payne -"Band Of Gold"

John Hartford, Chairman Of The Board - "You've Got

Me Dangling on a String"

Kathy Smith

Steppenwolf - "Snowblind Friend"

Freda Payne - "Deeper and Deeper"

John Stewart - "Clack Clack"

John Hartford

Nick Lampe - "Flower Garden"

Motherlode - "When I Die"

Hank Thompson - "Humpty Dumpty Heart"

Ferlin Husky - "OnThe Wings Of A Dove"

Roy Clark - "Yesterday When I Was Young"

Something Else - Disc Two

Poco - "Think Twice"

Linda Ronstadt- "Baby You've Been On My Mind"

Flying Burrito Brothers- "The Older Guy",

Mark Lindsay - "Miss America"

Crabby Appleton -"Go Back"

Bobbi Martin - "Reason For Living"

Jack Wild- "Wonderful In My World"

Ides Of March - "Vehicle"

Denny Brooks - "Can I Touch The Rain"

John Hartford

Kathy Smith - "The End Of The World"

Richie Havens - "Strawberry Fields Forever" + 1

Gary Puckett - "Who Do I Turn To and The Beggar"

Evie Sand- 'Anyway That You Want Me"

Taj Mahal

Pete Fountain

Johnny Mathis - "Long And Winding Road + 1),

John Hartford,

Iron Butterfly(Easy Rider),

Ami Rushes - "Look On Up, Look On Down"

Something Else - Disc Three

Bobby Bloom - "Montego Bay"

John Hartford - "The Davidson County" / Flash and The


Judy Maynan - "Dream Goin' By

Dr. John -'"Where You At, Mule? "+ 1

1910 Fruitgum Co - "The Train"

Lou Rawls

Cathy Green

Andy Kim - "So Good Together"

Rick Nelson - "She Belongs To Me"

The Cufflinks - "Tracy" / "When Julie Comes"

Susan Barrett - "Sunny"

Hamilton Camp

Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Looking Out My Back Door" Get Back instrumental w/Bush"

Carla Thomas

Cold Blood

Bush(Youngstreet Patty)

Something Else - Disc Four

Show #22 5/19/71 From Malibu Beach and featuring

The Blues Image- "Ride Captain Ride"

Smith - "Feel The Magic and What Am I Gonna Do"

Shocking Blue - "Venus"

Jeannie C. Riley - "What I'd Give To Be A Country Girl Again"

The Sandpipers - "Come Saturday Morning" / "Guantanamera",

Stoneybrook People


Romp (4-21-68, LA, color, 60 min.):

music by Cream "Sunshine of Your Love"

Harper‚s Bazarre "Feelin Groovy"

Celebration; more, Laugh-In type show with variety hosted by Ryan O‚Neal and Michelle Lee, w/ Steve Allen, Jimmy Durante, James Darren, Barbara Eden, Joey Bishop, Sammy Davis,etc. Rob Reiner among the writers; ABC TV special; VG quality


Unique British Invasion rarities!

7 shows from the UK ABC series called "Pop Spot". Each show focuses

on one particular group.

3 or 4 tunes by each group!

Interesting, "off the cuff" song intro commentary by band members.

Dusty Springfield



Gerry and the Pacemakers


Manfred Mann

Fourmost (75mins.)

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