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All DVDs are $15.00 each, includes shipping and printed track list!
Please E-mail me for additional info and options
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Beach Boys - "Sounds of Summer"
Includes "TAMI" clips , Ed Sullivan
and COMPLETE "Pet Sounds" promo film! (Color / BW 30 mins. EX)

One For the Money -" 50's Rock"
The story of how 50's rock emerged and influenced popular culture.
Interviews, newsreels and music clips.
Includes cool complete clips of Bill Halley and the Comets, Little Richard, etc.(B/W 90 mins. ex)

Dean Martin Show - 2/16/67
Trini Lopez (color , good quality)

Tom Jones Show - 2/7/69 and 10/9/70
Aretha Franklin
Bob Hope
Flip Wilson
Moody Blues - LIVE! (color, fair quality )

Playboy After Dark (two episodes)
Deep Purple, etc.(EX. 90 mins.)


Disc 1

New Years Eve Party Mix (1960’s-90’s)

PETULA CLARK: Downtown; SHOCKING BLUE: Venus; THE KINKS: You Really Got Me; ROLLING STONES: Emotional Rescue; CYNDI LAUPER: I Drove All Night; M.A.R.R.S.: Pump Up The Volume; S’EXPRESS: Theme From S’Express; Mantra For A State Of Mind; BLACK BOX: Ride On Time; INNER CITY: Good Life; TECHNOTRONIC: Pump Up The Jam, Get Up (Before The Night Is Over); THE KLF: Justified & Ancient; BETTY BOO: Doin’ The Do; PRINCE: My Name Is Prince, 7, 1999; BILL WITHERS: Use Me; SPLIT ENZ: Message To My Girl; THE POLICE: Can’t Stand Losing You; MADNESS: Our House; THE STYLE COUNCIL: Shout To The Top; STEVIE WONDER: Do I Do; Sub SUB: Ain’t No Love Ain’t No Use; PULP: Disco 2000; BLUR: There’s No Other Way; JIMI HENDRIX: Crosstown Traffic; LAURYN HILL: Doo Wop (That Thing); PHILIP BAILEY & PHIL COLLINS: Easy Lover; POINTER SISTERS: Jump (For My Love); POWER STATION: Some Like It Hot (2 hours)

Disc 2

The 1960’s

THE EASYBEATS: Wedding Ring; NILSSON: Everybody’s Talkin’; VELVET UNDERGROUND: Sweet Jane (Live); TDT: Teen Activities / Discotheque Adelaide Scene (April 3, 1967) featuring The Notions: Dimples / Pushin’ Too Hard (Live at Big Daddy’s); PYTHON LEE JACKSON: I Idolise You (Be Our Guest); HIT SCENE (May 24th, 1969): BARRY RYAN: Love Is Love; CAM-PACT: Potion Of Love; PETER SARSTEDT: Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)?; Australian Hit List; RUSSELL MORRIS: The Real Thing / Interview; BONZO DOG DOO DAH BAND: I’m The Urban Spaceman; LP Reviews, JEANNIE C. RILEY: The Girl Most Likely (FAB!); DAISY CLOVER: Butterflies / Interview; HIT SCENE (May 31st, 1969): THE GATHERING: Lovely Loretta / Interview; HELEN SHAPIRO: Today Has Been Cancelled / Interview; JOSE FELICIANO: High Heel Sneakers; GLEN CAMPBELL: Galveston (HS promo); Hit List; DOUG ASHDOWN: The Day They Freed The Noise / Interview; SAMMY DAVIS Jnr: Rhythm Of Life; LP review; DOUG PARKINSON IN FOCUS: Interview / Dear Prudence / THE ALLUSIONS: The Dancer, Gypsy Woman (Be Our Guest, 1966) (1hr, 45 mins)

Disc 3

The 1960’s #2

FUSIONS (ABC-TV Live program with Psychedelic light show featuring the Cheetah Dancers, July 1969 – all episodes were thought to be lost until this showed up!): TULLY: Ob La Di, Ob La Da; WENDY SADDINGTON: God’s Song; TULLY: Hey Joe; WENDY SADDINGTON: Barefootin’; TULLY: Tully’s Bicycle

APROXIMATELY PANTHER – Documentary on youth culture in Melbourne, 1967. Hosted by Doug Panther. Lynne Randell Interview; Normie Rowe pandemonium; Loved Ones: Everlovin’ Man, The Loved One 3AK promo; The Running Jumping Standing Still: That’s All Right, Mama (Live at the Thumpin’ Tum); Bobby and Laurie interview / THE BLACK DIAMONDS: See The Way; I Want, Need, Love You (Be Our Guest, 1966)

HIT SCENE (July 12th, 1969): THE CHECKMATES: Black Pearl; THE STRANGERS: Lady Scorpio / Interview; BARRY RYAN: Love Is Love; Hit List; CREEDANCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL: I Put A Spell On You; RONNIE CHARLES: You Gotta Live Love / Interview; Street Talk re: Mick Jagger’s acting role as Ned Kelly; LP review; THE VALENTINES (w/ Bon Scott): Interview / Knick Knack Paddy Whack

GTK: Frank Zappa rehearsing at the Horden Pavillion, Sydney;

HIT SCENE (July 26th, 1969): THE FLYING CIRCUS: La La; DAISY CLOVER: Tell Me; Hit List; RUSSELL MORRIS: The Real Thing; GARY KESEKER: Interview / Columbine; SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET: Mendocino (U.S. TV kinescope); IRENE PETRIE: Does Your Mother Know?; LP review; STEPPENWOLF: Sookie Sookie; World Hit List (1hr, 53 mins)

Disc 4

The 1960’s #3

HIT SCENE (August 2nd, 1969): BOB DYLAN: Subterranean Homesick Blues; THE MANX: I’m On My Way Home / Interview; JIMMY DURANTE: Those Daring Young Men In Their Jaunty Jalopies; State Top 3 charts; THE STRANGERS: Sweet September; BOOKER T & THE MG’s: Time Is Tight (HS concept audio-visual); CHIFFONS: Interview / Little By Little; LP review; HAWKING BROTHERS: Man Has Landed On The Moon / Interview

GTK: Interview with Ravi Shankar (1969)

HIT SCENE (August 16th, 1969): TOWN CRIERS: Love Me Again; NINA SIMONE: Revolution; RIM D. PAUL: Little Green Apples / Interview; State Top 3 charts; RUSSELL MORRIS: Gold record presentation for “The Real Thing” from EMI; LEE CONWAY: Forty Coats / Interview; LP review; MARTY RHONE: Interview / Ruby With The Red Hair

LITTLE RICHARD: Operator; THE TEMPTATIONS: All I Want From You; MARVIN GAYE: Can I Get A Witness; Sexual Healing

HIT SCENE (November 8th, 1969): LEVI SMITH CLEFS: Road Runner; BEE GEES (without Robin Gibb): Don’t Forget To Remember (“Cucumber Castle”); LP review; RONNIE CHARLES: Interview / Katy Jane; JEFF PHILLIPS: Interview; THE KINKS: Wonder Boy (Top of the Pops); EARTH OPERA: Home Of The Brave (fantastic promo clip!); MATT FLINDERS: Interview / Picking Up Pebbles / RICHARD WRIGHT GROUP: Miss Hargreaves; No No No No (Be Our Guest, 1966) (1hr, 50 mins)

Disc 5

HIT SCENE (December 20th, 1969)

Winning Movie excerpt; DAISY CLOVER: Penny Brown Girl / Interview; ROLLING STONES: Jumpin Jack Flash (Popcorn); State Top 3 charts; JOHNNY O'KEEFE: Shes My Baby / Interview; TAMAN SHUD: Evolution (Excerpt of the opening titles of the Paul Witzig surf film Evolution); LP review; SOLITUDE: Linda Sue Dixon / Interview; RONNIE BURNS: Smiley; DELANEY & BONNIE: When The Battle Is Over

THE ATLANTICS: It’s A Hard Life; Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do (Be Our Guest, 1966); GTK: RENEE GEYER: Interview / Born Under A Bad Sign;

SANDY EDMONDS: Sunny (Be Our Guest); JULIE DRISCOLL & TRINITY: Indian Rope Man (Video-taped ABC unknown TV appearance. RARE!);

THIS DAY TONIGHT: Dancing (August 19th, 1977); ABC NEWS Excerpt “Babe’s Disco” (October 1st, 1978); IAN DURY & THE BLOCKHEADS: Reasons To Be Cheerful; THE MANHATTAN TRANSFER: Twilight Zone; PORTSMOUTH SINFONIA: Classical Muddly; TED MULRY GANG: Jamaica Rum; NOOSHA FOX: The Heat Is On; TELEX: Rock Around The Clock; DONNA SUMMER: This Time I Know It’s For Real; SYLVESTER: Mighty Real; THE POINTER SISTERS: I’m So Excited (1hr, 32 mins)

Disc 13

RAGE: From The Vault

Marvin Gaye: Can I Get A Witness; Checkmates w/ Sonny Charles: Black Pearl; Nina Simone: Revolution; King Harvest: Jumping Jack Flash; Rolling Stones: Brown Sugar (Live at Kooyong, Melbourne, 1971, dubbed audio); Led Zeppelin: Communication Breakdown; The Who: Pinball Wizard; The Loved Ones: The Loved One; The Easybeats: I'll Make You Happy; Love Story: Neanderthal Man; Jigsaw: How Do You Do?; Sherbet: You’re All Woman; The Easybeats: Sorry; The Hollies: Jennifer Eccles; Small Faces: Itchycoo Park; The Doors: When The Music’s Over; The Changeling; CCR: I Put A Spell On You; Tony Joe White: Polk Salad Annie; Johnny Cash: The Orange Blossum Special; Russell Morris: Rachael’s Coming Home; Doug Parkinson: Then I Run; The Animals: Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood; The Who: My Generation; Rolling Stones: It’s Only Rock and Roll; Bob Dylan: Subterranean Homesick Blues; The Who: The Kids Are Alright; Ray Columbus & The Invaders: She’s A Mod; Easybeats: Friday On My Mind; Small Faces: Lazy Sunday; Manfred Mann: Mighty Quinn; The Move: Flowers In The Rain (2 hours)

COUNTDOWN: June 27th, 1982 (Special guest hosts: The Go-Gos)

The Go-Gos: Our Lips Are Sealed; Chartbusters; Prince: Controversy; Huey Lewis & The News: Do You Believe In Love; Joan Jett & The Blockheads: Crimson & Clover; DD Smash: The Devil You Know; Altered Images: See Those Eyes; Rick Springfield: Interview w/ Molly via telephone; Motorhead: Iron Fist; Iron Maiden: Run To The Hills; Australian Crawl: Shut Down; Humdrum; Debbie Harry: Interview w/ Molly via telephone; Blondie: Island Of Lost Souls; The Go-Go’s: Vacation; Top 10; Go-Go’s interview; Charlene: I’ve Been To Paradise / Rick Springfield: Million Dollar Eyes; GTK: Interview w/ Split Enz (1975)


Rare show recorded from Archive source - never re-aired.

Original broadcast: November 13th, 1976

Top 30

SUPERNAUT: Too Hot To Touch

THE COLE NOLAN QUARTET: Theme From Picnic At Hanging Rock

SHIRLEY STRACHAN: Every Little Bit Hurts

FOX: Only You Can

SQUEEZE: Falling Apart At The Seams

SHERBET: Rock Me Gently


THE CHANTAYS: Pipeline (Flashback w/ Satin Profile)

THE EXECUTIVES: Did You Boogie With Ya Baby

BRYAN FERRY: The Price Of Love

DAVID ESSEX: Thank You Very Much

LITTLE PATTIE: Only If You Want To


ABBA: Money, Money, Money

(52 mins) Excellent quality

WHO IS HARRY NILSSON And Why Is Everybody Talkin About Him? (80 mins)
Excellent doc on Nilsson's career.


Interviews from 1968 unaired for 40 years! (2 discs)
BBC TV ~ Sixties scene makers let all hang out!

MUSIC FOR LONG HAIRS! Vol. 1 Euro-Beat 1965-68

The Mascots: A Sad Boy (Swedish Tv, 1965); The Shanes: Hey There, Sunbeams (promo); I Don’t Want You Love (promo); Los Shakers: Thinking (1965 Uruguay movie clip); Break It All (promo, 1966); Sandy Coast: We’ll Meet Again (promo, 1966); Micky y Los Tonys: El Problema De Mis Pelos; Pretty Things: Road Runner (Live, Dutch TV, 1966); The Hep Stars (w/ Benny Andersson): No Response; Sunny Girl (Live, 1966); The Lords: Greensleeves; Don’t Mince Matter (Live, 1966); Renegades: Thirteen Women (promo, 1966 – Wow!); The Outsiders (w/ Wally Tax): Thinking About The Day (1966); Q65: The Life I Live (promo, 1966); I Rollini: Se Batte Forte (“Tiger & The Pussycat”); The Sorrows: Verde, Rosso, Giallo & Blue (Italian movie scene); The Action: Shadows and Reflections (1967); The Klan: And I Love It So (audio-visual, Belgium group, 1967); The Koobas: Face (French TV, 1967); Kaleidoscope: Flight From Ashiya; Holiday Maker (French TV, 1967); The Pebbles: You Better Believe It (Live at Bilzen festival, 1967); The Tages: In My Dreams (Beat, Beat, Beat, 1967); Les Irresistibles: Lands of Shadows; My Year Is A Day (French promos, 1968); The End: Cardboard Watch (scene from Spanish movie filmed in Madrid) *most clips from YT (100 mins)

RONNIE BURNS: Exit, Stage Right (1965-68)

Rare collection including - Beatles pseudo group The Flies performing live on Bandstand, 1965; Breakaways special "Young Men In A Hurry" (ABC, June 1967)

Coalman (Live), I Feel Fine, The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore (rehearsal), Long Tall Sally (Live), If I Fell (recording session) / Kommotion clips (1966) / Coke ads (1968) VG/VG+

The Beach Boys and Satan
An excellent documentary covering the history
of California 60's Hippie and Surf culture.
The Beach Boys "Pet Sounds" is explored.
Lot's of home movie footage and short vintage clips.
Interviews are from 1996
Beach Boys
Dick Dale
Brian Wilson
Greg Shaw
Kim Fowley
Chris Darrow
Charles Manson (EX. German TV ; COLOR / 60 mins.)

Playboy's Penthouse (Two episodes from 1959)
An early version of "Playboy After Dark"
Joe Williams
Count Bassie
Tony Bennett
Pete Seger
Sara Vaughan (US TV ex B/W 120 mins.)

Muddy Waters LIVE on German TV
Lot's of TV clips (55 mins.~ Color/B/W, EX)

Pink Floyd on TOTPS 1967
Ultra rare and long thought lost video
Pink Floyd - "See Emily Play" (Re-edited and sound restored)
Also includes
Tom Jones
Procol Harum
Beatles promo
Monkees promo
More ......(B/W bad glitches throughout 40 mins.)

"Where the Action is" 9/2/66
Paul Revere and the Raiders perform the entire 30 mins.
Various 60's
Johnny Nash
Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders ~ 3 songs (Mike Douglas 9/9/65)
Simon and Garfunkel (Mike Douglas) ~ 1/10/66
Guess Who (Promo films) (1969)
Lovin' Spoonful (Promo)
Santo and Johnny (Beechnut 8/1/59)
Ronnie Hakins - "40 Days" (Beechnut 5/9/59)
Lemmon Pipers (1968 Village Square)
Everly Bros. LIVE on Aussie TV more..........(Color / B/W Ex- almost 2 hours)

Sixties Trash Volume 20
Shags - "Meet Me at Bergners" (Local TV from Ill.)
Pink Floyd - "See Emily Play" (restored 1967 Ultra rare BBC )
Larry Kane Show "Home Movies" - Outsiders, Sonny and Cher, more..
Dave Bridge - Aussie TV
Barry Richards Collection - Clips from local TV show~ late 60's
Yellow Payges - Slide Show
The Lyrics
Velvet Underground - Recently discovered live footage!
(60 mins. color/ B/W mostly 7plus)

Seize Millions De Jeunes (French TV 1966)
LIVE from England with:
The Merseys
Georgie Fame
The Who - AMAZING!
(40 mins. SUPER SHARP! B/W)

Big Brother and the Holding Company
"Janis" (1974)
Big Brother / Janis Joplin (Ovation Channel)
2 hour disc of rare clips and interviews (Color / B/W EX.)

Paul Revere and the Raiders (LIVE, Paris 6/16/69)
American Bandstand (5/27/67, 9/30/67)
Buckinghams, Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band (Ex, B/W)

US TV hosted by Paul Revere and the Raiders
5/3/69 - Soul Symbol , Misirlous

8/4/68 - Raiders' Special
3/29/69 - Zarathustra , Paula and the Pip Sqeeks, New Miracles

3/9/68 - Split Ends , US Male
5/25/68 - Lee Hazelwood promo film

3/16/68 - Bare Facts , Buster Brown Rhythm and Blues Band
Complete 30 min. shows with original commercials, (EX B/W)

Le Petit Dimanshe Illustre - complete 50 min. French TV shows with:
Small Faces
Dead Sea Fruit (UK),(Color episode)
Kaleidoscope (UK)
The Nice (UK) / Electric Prunes
The Herd (UK). / Francoius Hardy
Pretty Things
Each episode also includes various French Pop singers
6 discs, 6 complete episodes..........

Music Hall De France
11/20/65 LIVE!
Chuck Berry
Shawn Elliott
Nana Mouskouri
Jimmy Fontana,
Leny Escudero (EX 40 mins.B/W

Music Hall De France
12/18/65 LIVE!
Georgie Fame
Jean Ferrat
Guy Mardel
Jean Jacques Debout (Ex 40 mins. B/W

Music Hall De France
4/14/67 LIVE!
Procol Harum
Hugues Aufray
Anne Vanderlove (Ex 40 mins.B/W)

Music Hall De France
8/13/67 LIVE!
Jimi Hendrix
Spencer Davis Group
The Kinetics (Ex B/W 40 mins.)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - American Bandstand Special,
VH1 Rebroadcast (1969)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Rare Video Collection (1970)
Original promo film tranfers! First three are in color
"I heard it Through the Grapevine"
"I Put a Spell on You"
"Lookin' Out My Backdoor"

The Byrds - "Under Review"
Two discs
A detailed account of the Byrds recording career.
Interviews and short clips (EX color, B/W 90 mins.each)

The Velvet Underground - "Under Review"
The history of this ground-breaking band is
explored in detail.
Interviews, film clips, song clips,etc.
Visit some the clubs the Velvets played as they appear now.
(EX 90 mins.)

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